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When the Graves Disturb Al-Saud Tyrants

When the Graves Disturb Al-Saud Tyrants
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By Latifa Al-Husseini

Members of Saudi Arabia’s security services crept into the cemetery at Awamiyah like thieves and desecrated graves. 

Last Friday evening, authorities took advantage of the quarantine that kept Awamiyah residents in their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic. They demonstrated their inexhaustible blind hatred at the cemetery where the martyrs of the peaceful movement are buried. Its members were ordered to destroy the tombstones showing the names of the heroes who were unjustly killed by the security forces.

Local sources from Qatif told Al-Ahed News what happened.

“On Wednesday, March 24, 2020 – Shaaban 1st – the Awamiyah Charitable Society closed the town’s cemetery due to the coronavirus pandemic until further notice. However, it kept its doors open in case of any deaths. The authorities took advantage of the absence of people on the streets because of the quarantine imposed on the governorate since March 8.

The quarantine was initially partial and limited to a specific timeframe. But the area was placed under full lockdown on April 3. That is when the authorities decided to carry out the aggression via its assets and those conspiring with them at night," one source said.

The cemetery reportedly includes 22 tombstones belonging to residents of the governorate who are martyrs of the popular movement in Qatif. Meanwhile, 49 bodies of activists who have been assassinated or executed are still being held by the authorities.

The sources link the desecration of the cemetery with a campaign that authorities launched more than a month ago against Qatif residents returning from visiting holy shrines in Iran. The residents were accused of spreading the coronavirus.

The desecration would not have occurred under normal circumstances because streets are packed with people. The coronavirus made it easier for the authorities to carry out their crime. There are no witnesses, and it’s dark. No one would notice.

Those who keep pace with the attacks by Saudi authorities against the people of the Eastern Region are well aware that the local population is collectively oppressed. The state imposes whatever measures it wants, accuses them of whatever it wants, executes and jails whoever it wants, and fabricates whatever charges it wants. There is no one to prevent it from committing injustices. It detains, violates, tortures, and steals the wealth if innocent people with no end in sight.

This is what happens to those who do not submit to the Saudi regime’s logic. It pursues them even after death where they lay in peace. Didn’t the founders of the Wahhabi state do the same to the Imams of al-Baqi [PBUT] when they destroyed their holy shrines? We offer condolences and sympathy to the people of Awamiyah for their affliction.