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Iraqi Unrest: Saudi, US Hands Clear, Iraq won’t be a Milking Cow, Arbaeen won’t be Affected – Political Analyst

Iraqi Unrest: Saudi, US Hands Clear, Iraq won’t be a Milking Cow, Arbaeen won’t be Affected – Political Analyst
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By Zeinab Daher

Beirut – As far as the protests engulfing Iraq has turned violent, something suspicious appeared to the surface as the timing seems more or less fishy since the anticipated date of the annual massive Arbaeen visit to the country’s holy cities approaches.

Iraqi Unrest: Saudi, US Hands Clear, Iraq won’t be a Milking Cow, Arbaeen won’t be Affected – Political Analyst

Commenting on the latest development, Iraqi expert and political analyst Mohammad Sadeq al-Hashemi told al-Ahed News that the worsening situation is definitely pushed by foreign intervention, yet Iraq won’t be like Saudi Arabia and won’t submit to the pressures exerted by Saudi Arabia that eyes Iraq’s oil with much greed.

Situation on ground

According to the political analyst, there are a few protests taking place now in Iraq, in which protesters claim that they have rightful demands such as improving services, ending corruption and the political parties’ control of power. The protests, however, are serving other ideologies in favor of the US interests. In fact, what protesters have done, violence, and the slogans they raised don’t reflect that the rallies demand reforming the situation and obtaining services as much as they show how connected they are to foreign agendas.

The protests, in fact, aim at reversing the situation and the political regime in the US favor, Sayyed al-Hashemi noted.

“They also stress the fact that the US is not satisfied with the Iraqi government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi after he rejected being part of the ‘Israeli’ and Gulf plots, rejected the ‘Deal of Century’ and many contracts with the United States.”

This happens as Iraq rejected being part of the US mechanism to pressure Iran and the Popular Mobilization Units [Hashd al-Shaabi]. This is why the US mobilized its tools to infiltrate among people who took to the streets to really demand their rights.

Sayyed al-Hashemi didn’t rule out that the Iraqi government derelicts in its duties, and this is confessed by the Iraqi religious leadership on the levels of services, spread of corruption and nepotism. And the responsibility of this is on the political parties that allow the US make use of the already existing gaps inside Iraq.

Protests and the Arbaeen Walk

Asked about the suspicious timing of the breakout of protests ahead of the annual Arbaeen visit for Shia Muslims who walk from the holy city of Najaf to the Holy city of Karbala to visit Imam Hussien [AS] on the 40th day of his martyrdom anniversary, an event that is described as the modern world’s biggest pilgrimage as it gathers millions of Muslims from many countries, Sayyed al-Hashemi said the the Arbaeen visit would never be affected.

“What is happening will never affect Iraq,” he said. The Iraqi people, according to the expert, really want to change the current situation. They want to improve services, pressure the government and the political parties, stop stealing the Iraqi money, move the industrial and agricultural cycles, but at the same time they don’t want to destroy their country,” the Iraqi political analyst said.

Iraqis, he said, don’t believe that their will can be imposed by certain mechanisms. There is a group of youngsters who are burning banks, governmental buildings, cars and block roads. The government, however, is ready to surround them, as they are few.

“I believe that things will be better in the few coming days although some individuals who are instructed by foreign embassies will remain. In all, the situation is under control and the Arbaeen visit will take place amid a stable security situation,” the Iraqi expert stressed.

Foreign hands behind the situation

Sayyed Mohammad Sadeq al-Hashemi didn’t rule out that the foreign role will continue its efforts, adding that it aims at spoiling the country’s political process. “It aims at destabilizing Iraq to be a field for struggles and a platform for the ‘Israeli’ and American existence, yet the power of internal resistance, the state, the political and security institutions, the presence of the religious leadership, and the cohesion among the Iraqi people and the rejection of the western schemes will definitely thwart them.”

Targeting the PMU

The Popular Mobilization Units are part of the governmental body as provided by the law and the resolutions of the Iraqi Parliament. They are targeted by ‘Israel’, the US and even the Gulf countries, which reject the fact that the PMU are part of the governmental institutions.

However, al-Hashemi noted, the applied Iraqi resolutions provided this and the PMU take orders from the General Commander of the Iraqi Armed Forces and will remain part of the forces that protect Iraq also from the internal riot, by the side of the army and the federal police, adjust the institutions and protect the state.

Is Iraq exporting oil to Saudi Arabia?

There are unofficial narrations and rumors in Iraq that the chaos caused in the country was moved by Saudi instructions in response to the strike against Saudi Aramco Company, al-Hashemi explained. Another official narration is that Saudi Arabia is asking Iraq to supply it with oil to compensate the 50% deficit caused by the Aramco strike. This is because the company has binding obligations with foreign companies in the west and the US that Saudi Arabia shall stay committed to. Until now, Iraq still didn’t accept, but also didn’t refuse. Iraq is not a milking cow that would offer its milk for free and without conditions. Iraq is a sovereign country and has its parliament, and offering 500 million barrels, which represent 50% of Saudi Aramco’s Company, is a process that needs approvals, agreements and something in return.

Saudi Arabia, however, cut off all oil supply lines to the Gulf and turned it in its favor, while it is used with Iraqi money. Saudi Arabia until now finances terrorism. Iraq has so far signed 16 memorandums with Saudi Arabia but it still didn’t implement any of them. There are in Iraqi prisons thousands of Saudi terrorists. Saudi Arabia hasn’t until the moment condemned Daesh [the Arabic acronym for terrorist ‘ISIS/ISIL’ group] officially. It didn’t compensate our victims and losses. Hence, it is impossible to open to such level of economic cooperation without guarantees.

Abdul Mahdi’s China visit

The US is not satisfied with the performance of the Iraqi PM as he supports the PMU and the resistance. The US was not satisfied with our premier’s visit to China and Russia because he wants to buy an S-300 system because he wants to secure the Iraqi airspace from violations. An added cause is that he frankly accused ‘Israel’ of bombing Iraqi camps and weapons warehouses as this is considered an international condemnations that is registered at the United Nations.

Additionally, Mr. Abdul Mahdi refused to be a part of the ‘Deal of the Century’ and the US scheme to starve the Iranian people and pressure them, in addition to the blockade against them.

All the stated reasons push the US scheme to topple the current Iraqi government.

Media’s role in the entire situation

It is well-known that the media outlets related to the US and UK embassies, the Gulf, the Baathists and the betrayers don’t want a stabilized Iraq. They want to provoke the situation inside the country, Sayyed al-Hashemi concluded.