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Despite Peace Initiative, Saudi Coalition Targets Yemeni Provinces with More than 39 Aerial Strikes

Despite Peace Initiative, Saudi Coalition Targets Yemeni Provinces with More than 39 Aerial Strikes
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By Staff

Some 24 hours after Yemen suggested a reciprocal end of military action against Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesman Brigadier General Yehya Saree reported that the Saudi-led coalition of aggression's strikes against Yemeni provinces over the past 12 hours recorded more than 39 airstrikes.

A day earlier, President of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council and Commander of the Yemeni Armed Forces Mahdi al-Mashat called all parties of the war to get involved in serious and true negotiations that lead to an inclusive national conciliation, which doesn’t exclude any single party, reminding that they have already suggested the formation of an open-membership team for those willing, including the parties deceived with the foreign aggression, to save the Yemeni blood as well as the remaining brotherly ties and favor the supreme national interest.

Al-Mashat’s remarks came as he delivered a speech on the fifth anniversary of the September 21st anniversary.

He further urged the party to continue its efforts to communicate with all Yemeni components.

Al-Mashat renewed the general remission and called all those deceived by the aggression, including members and leaders, to take advantage of this chance and return to the nation and the correct path.

He further announced the end of targeting Saudi territories with drones and missiles, as well as all other means of targeting the Kingdom, hoping for a similar response that stops all airstrikes and targeting the Yemeni territories.

Al-Mashat’s initiative included stopping all kinds of operations that use drones and missiles against Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. From a strong position, the initiative granted the enemy a chance to stop the unjust war against Yemen.

However, in this case that the enemy is not responding well to the initiative, then any qualitative operation that targets the aggression forces’ interests will be justified.