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Ashura 2021


Hezbollah Deputy SG: US Direct Intervention in Our Region Proves «Israel’s» weakness

Hezbollah Deputy SG: US Direct Intervention in Our Region Proves «Israel’s» weakness
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Translated By Staff, Hezbollah Media Relations

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary-General His Eminence Sheikh Naim Qassem confirmed that the US direct intervention in the region is a clear indication of “Israel's” weakness.

In his speech delivered in an al-Manar Channel Iftar [breaking the fasting in Ramadan], Qassem highlighted that “‘Israel’ is unable to alter the region's equations and to implement its schemes, given its failures in Gaza and Lebanon.”

On another level, the Hezbollah official wondered: “Did it [the US] succeed in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, so that it succeeds now?”

He further added: “The threat and the intimidation do not benefit those who uphold their right, land and independence, and are ready to offer the greatest sacrifices to achieve their goals and confront the unjust and aggressive US.”

“Power isn’t the source of rights … and the resistance will triumph over darkness and aggressors,” Qassem stated.

On the regional level, he stressed that sanctions are a repetitive but unsuccessful form of war. However, he underlined need to be faced by patience.

“The US followers and financial tools in our region, especially in the Gulf, are not immune from being discharged by America, as it did with Daesh [Arabic acronym for ‘ISIS’ / ‘ISIL’] when it became a burden and failed to fulfill the task of bringing the region to ‘Israel’s’ service,” Qassem concluded.