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Imam Khamenei Slams West’s ‘Shameless’ Human Rights Pose

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Leader of the Islamic Revolution His Eminence Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei strongly condemned the West for pretending to be advocates o
f human rights while supporting terrorist groups and acts of terror.

Imam Khamenei

Addressing the staff of Iran's Judiciary branch during a Wednesday meeting, Imam Khamenei highlighted the United States' human rights atrocities in various parts of the world as well as France and Britain's crimes of the past decades in Africa and the Indian subcontinent.

Over the past years, the Imam added, the West's support for Daesh [the Arabic acronym for ‘ISIS/ISIL'] terror group in Syria and the atrocities being committed in Myanmar and elsewhere "is indicative of the repeated lies of shameless claimants of human rights support."

Imam Khamenei said when it comes to the issue of human rights, it is actually the Islamic Republic that stands in the position of "the claimant" in the face of "the criminal Western pretenders."

He further expressed satisfaction with the Judiciary's work in restoring the Iranian nations' rights in the face of "the enemies' bullying."

Separately, Imam Khamenei advised that the judicial branch's officials cooperate with the government towards resolving the country's economic problems.

The Imam criticized remarks by some who seek to create the impression among the public that there is "systemic corruption" in Iranian state institutions.

Corruption does exist in some "governing, popular, and business" apparatuses, "but systemic corruption is not true," the Imam said. "This wrong impression should not take shape in the public opinion."

Imam Khamenei further said foreign enemies and certain oblivious elements at home have made the Judiciary the target of the most severe propaganda and media pressure.

"Effectual promotional work in the judicial system and confrontation with this massive media operation requires a strong and skillful media team," the Imam added.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team