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Norwegian Politicians Nominate Trump for Nobel Peace Prize after N Korea Summit!

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Norwegian politicians nominated US President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize after the historic meeting he had with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to discuss nuclear disarmament.

Kim Trump

The nomination came from two members of Norway's Progress Party, the third largest political party in the country which is generally considered left of center with libertarian leanings.

The nomination missed this years' deadline for the prize, so Trump's nomination would only make him eligible for the award next year.

A record 330 people were nominated for the 2018 award.

The prize - one of the most prestigious honors in the world - is open to leaders, academics, and researchers anywhere in the world.

Trump's nomination places him alongside other prominent nominees in the past, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, and former Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Trump was in Singapore this week where he became the first sitting US president to meet with Kim or anybody in his family, which has ruled over North Korea for decades.

The two countries parted way after a day of negotiations there, and Trump touted those efforts and a joint statement they produced as showing his deal making abilities and diplomatic prowess.

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