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Shamkhani: ’Israel’s’ ’Golden Days’ Over after Terrorists’ Defeat

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Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said there is a link between the Zionist entity's stepped-up threats against Tehran and the defeat of Takfiri terrorists in Iraq and Syria, which has made Tel Aviv angry. 

Ali Shamkhani

Shamkhani told Shargh daily in interview published Saturday that the emergence of Takfiri terrorism and bloodshed in the Middle East gave "Israel" "incredible golden years of security."

"Now, with the defeat of Takfiri terrorists in Syria and Iraq, which "Israel" sees the result of Iran's role, those golden days have ended and once again Palestine has turned into the first issue in the Muslim world," he said.

"Israel" claimed to have hit Iranian military targets in Syria in recent weeks and Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tel Aviv would not allow Iran to establish any military bases in Syria. 

The Islamic Republic says its role in Syria is limited to advisory assistance to the Syrian government, stressing that it does not have any military bases in the Arab country. 

Shamkhani said, "While we understand this anger [by "Israel"], we will be taking any necessary action or measure to preserve our interests and security against any aggressor."

Shamkhani further stated that the time for "hit-and-run" by "Israel" is over, citing Syria's retaliatory rocket attacks on "Israeli" targets in the occupied Golan Heights last month. 

The Syrian army and government, he said, gained "high self-confidence and power" to shoot down "Israeli" planes, destroy its missiles in the sky and target the "Israeli" bases from where assaults are launched.

"This issue is an honor for the Arab and Muslim world. It also has another message that the era of 'hit-and-run' has ended and the regime should be responsible for its behavior," the Iranian official pointed out.

Shamkhani said Iran regards Syria's security as its own and thus preserving stability in the Arab country is also an achievement for the Islamic Republic.

Iran's advisory help will continue as long as the Syrian government requests it, Shamkhani stressed. 

"Contrary to the unlawful presence of the US and some regional countries in Syria, Iran's presence is not imposed and is not the result of an illegal military aggression." 

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team