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Al-Assad: US ‘Losing Its Cards’ In Syria, Should Leave Our Soil

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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said the United States "is losing its cards" as the militant groups it supports have lost significant ground on the battlefield against the army, emphasizing that the Americans "should leave" the Syrian soil.

Bashar Assad

In his Thursday interview with Russia Today [RT] TV network, al-Assad said that following the liberation of the cities of Aleppo, Deir Ez-Zor, Homs, and Damascus, the US is actually "losing its cards."

"The main card was al-Nusra that was called ‘moderate.' But when the scandal started leaking, that they are not moderate, they are al-Qaeda ..., they [the Americans] looked for another card. This card is the [so-called Syria Democratic Forces] SDF now," he said, referring to the Kurdish-dominated alliance of militants operating near the Turkish border.

Al-Assad further stressed that the Syrian government has two options in dealing with the SDF issue.

"The first one: we started now opening doors for negotiations. Because the majority of them are Syrians, supposedly they like their country, they don't like to be puppets to any foreigners," he said.

"If not, we're going to resort... to liberating those areas by force," al-Assad stressed.

"We don't have any other option. So, this is our land, it's our right, and it's our duty to liberate it, and the Americans should leave, somehow they're going to leave," he said.

Al-Assad further urged the US to "to learn the lesson" from Iraq, saying, "People will not accept foreigners in this region anymore."

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