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Trump Is Bananas and the US Will Pay the Price

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Nour Rida 

Iranians do not seem like they are worried about weathering the sanctions' storm. People are a bit concerned about the economy, but that has been the case since things changed and Iran turned from being a US-ally into being its foe, after the Islamic Revolution in 1979. 

Donald Trump

Last week, US President Donald Trump announced that he has withdrawn from the Iran nuclear deal and is set to renew sanctions on Iran. His decision will have implications for the global oil market and multi-billion dollar business deals.
 However, the Iranians, other than the growing despise towards Trump in their hearts, seem to care less. 

Iranians seem to think their country should not make any concessions, and many, even though they acknowledge the economic situation is not the easiest; they do believe that Iran will remain steadfast. 

Dr. Saeedi of Beheshti University told al-Ahed news that even though people are worried about the economic situation; however they can cope with the situation. 

"People in Iran have been dealing with sanctions for decades, and this is not a new matter to them. Many now understand the reality of the Trump administration and this is prompting the Iranians to unite even more than ever." 

Azar, a PHD student at Tehran University for her part thinks that Trump is the dumbest president America has seen. She believes that many of her American friends do not see him as resembling them or their beliefs. Azar herself is a dual citizen; she was born in the US and she decided to come to Iran a few years ago. 

"My friends have the blues for having such a president. They tell me that they think it would have been a lot better if he minded his own business and never came to office," said Azar, adding "We as Iranians will not yield to pressure or propaganda and our country has been surviving under harsher circumstances." 

Mr. Saeed Shah Mohammadi, an engineer who works as a driver during his free time believes that no matter how bad things get, the majority of people will still understand what people like Trump never get; the fact that Iran has been defending its independence, sovereignty and dignity and it will not let go these values.
"I might come back sometimes home with little food to put on the table, however, what my family, the Iranian people and I have is worth feasts of food. We have dignity and we have proved that we have an independent identity. We are lackey to no one." 

Matin, who works as a waiter and pursues his education in medicine, says that Trump's withdrawal from the deal was an "off the hook" action. Matin thought that Trump is bringing America to isolation, and that with more hostile policies he is showing the real face of what it means to be so-called "democratic". He also thought that Iranians will not get bent out of shape because of Trump and the deal, he rather says "Trump is bananas and I think the US will pay the price in the coming few years." 

It is interesting to read that Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that leaving the deal isolates the US and Trump should have extended it for at least another six months to work with allies. As it is now, at least for the time being, we're the country that's isolated."

Trump has to admit he has made a big mistake. He must understand that he has put America in check. He must also understand that Iran is not another client country that can be bought or sold easily. 

Source: Al-Ahed