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Russian Mod: 28 «Israeli» Jets Fired About 60 Rockets in Overnight Strikes on Syria

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Some 28 "Israeli" aircraft fired around 60 air-to-surface rockets in a massive overnight strike in Syria, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. Syrian air-defense systems managed to intercept more than half of the missiles.

"Israeli" fighter jet

A total of 70 projectiles, including 60 air-to-surface rockets and more than 10 surface-to-surface missiles, hit Iranian military targets and Syrian air-defense systems near Damascus and in the south of the country on Thursday morning, the Russian military said in a statement.

"28 ‘Israeli' F-15 and F-16 planes were involved in the attack," the ministry said. "Syrian air-defense systems shot down more than half of the rockets as they repelled the ‘Israeli' attack."

"Israeli" forces bombed the Syrian territory for two hours between 1:45am and 3:45am local time on Thursday. The attack was carried out under the pretext of allegations that Iranian forces had earlier hit "Israeli" targets in the Golan Heights.

The damage inflicted on Iranian military and Syrian civilian infrastructure by the airstrikes is being evaluated.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team