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Sensitive Zionist Sites in Golan under Fire

Sensitive Zionist Sites in Golan under Fire
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Local Editor

With two batches of missiles, some very sensitive Zionist sites in the forefront of the occupied Syrian Arab Golan fell under fire. In further details:

Sensitive Zionist Sites in Golan under Fire

At 12:10 midnight of Wednesday May 9, 2018, several Zionist military sites in the occupied Syrian Golan were targeted by dozens of missiles over two launching times. The missiles hit some sensitive targets related to human and technical reconnaissance, data gathering and leadership headquarters.

The targeted "Israeli" sites are as the following:

- Main military center for technical, electronic reconnaissance
- Border brigade headquarters: Photo gathering 9900 unit
- Main military site for electronic interference
- Main military site for ears-dropping on wired and wireless networks in the western mountain range
- Telecommunication centers for communication and transmission systems
- Observatory for precision weapons unit during ground operations
- Military helicopters heliport
- Regional headquarters for the military leadership of Brigade 810
- Headquarters of the leadership of military brigades in Mount Hermon
- The winter headquarters of the special ice unit

Consequently, the Zionist missile force responded with rockets targeting the area surrounding Quneitra, and other missiles targeting the Syrian capital city of Damascus, but were immediately intercepted and downed by Syrian air defense forces.

The enemy confessed soon after that all of its sensitive sites in the Golan have been hit.

It was also learned that the Iron Dome in the Golan failed to confront the missiles.

Immediately after the strike began, settlers in the Golan rushed to shelters for more than an hour until they were told by their leadership at 02:00 in the morning that they can exit the shelters but still in a close area until further notice. Settlers discovered also that the shelters are not readied for use.

Meanwhile, Zionist media outlets were really confused as some of them reported a meeting of the small ministerial council, the cabinet, while other outlets denied any meeting being held. Soon, it was found out that the enemy's northern leadership was meeting to follow up the field situation.

Source: Al-Ahed