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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech at «Loyalty to the Martyrs» Festival in W Bekaa, April 15, 2018

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech at «Loyalty to the Martyrs» Festival in W Bekaa, April 15, 2018
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I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan. In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our master and Prophet, the Seal of the Prophets Abi Al-Qasim Muhammad Bin Abdullah, and his good and pure family and all his good and chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers.

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech at «Loyalty to the Martyrs» Festival in W Bekaa, April 15, 2018

Peace and God's mercy and blessing be upon you all

I welcome you to this blessed gathering, and I thank you for this great attendance. To begin with, I congratulate you on the two religious and cherished occasions marking: Al-Mabath Al-Nabawi [the anniversary of the day Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received his first revelation and was chosen as Allah's final messenger] and the Isra and Mi'raj. In this festival and electoral celebration, I would firstly like to talk about the electoral matter related to the western Bekaa- Rashaya region or constituency. Then I will address the events that took place in our region at dawn on Saturday - the triple aggression against Syria. We will understand this aggression and its repercussions.

First: The aim of this celebration is to express our political, moral and popular support for the ‘Better Future' electoral list in the western Bekaa - Rashaya constituency, which includes respected, dear, friendly and harmonious political figures and forces.

With respect to the electoral matter, allow me to begin with our circle. I will first address Hezbollah then the broader electoral constituency.

Usually during the election season, a party, a group, or a movement holds an electoral rally for its candidates in the list or for the list, which includes one of its candidates, i.e. those belonging to its party, organization, or formation.

What we are doing today is uncommon in Lebanon. Hezbollah is holding an electoral rally in support of the ‘Better Future' List, in which it has no apparent candidate from its party, formation and organization. All these people and supporters have come to express their backing and presence. We are holding this electoral rally in support of the ‘Better Future' List, which includes in its essence and heart as well as in each of its members hope and loyalty. We hold this festival, first, to express our loyalty to our friends, brothers and allies, to express our love for them, to express our support for them, and to tell them that we are interested in their success. We believe that their participation in the Parliament is a national interest that transcends parties, organizations, sects and geography. Their success, with your support, is power for all those who believe in the resistance and support it as well as those who adhere to the golden formula: the army, the people and the resistance, to protect Lebanon.

Second, we consider ourselves directly represented in the list. The leaderships of the Amal movement and Hezbollah agreed with His Eminence Mr. Nabih Berri. We agreed that in all the constituencies, including constituencies where the agreed upon candidate by the Amal movement - as is the situation in the Western Bekaa-Rashaya and the Zahrani constituencies - is in fact the candidate of the Amal movement and Hezbollah. In the districts where the candidate is from Hezbollah, as in the districts of Zahle and Jubeil, the candidate is for Hezbollah and Amal. The popular base of Hezbollah and Amal is responsible for dealing with these candidates. So, it is not new in this celebration for the ‘Better Future' List to say that Hezbollah is also named and represented in this list by dear brother Hajj Abu Jaafar Nasrallah. He represents the Amal movement and Hezbollah.

On the other hand, I would also like to thank all of my brothers and sisters in Hezbollah in the West Bekaa and Rashaya, both in the organization and among the supporters. I express my personal gratitude and the gratitude of the leadership of Hezbollah for their responsible position, loyalty, honesty, and distinctive tolerance on all issues, matters, and files especially the election file. And this is not the first time. During the last elections, too. Naturally, every group, party, organization, or movement aspires that the candidate representing it in a certain constituency belongs directly to its organization, its own group. This is normal. When the candidate is not a member of the organization but from another organization - us and him are one spirit, one spirit in two bodies, a friend, or ally - of course, the base of this party may face a bit of coldness or weak vigor. But as in previous elections, we testify to our brothers and sisters in the western Bekaa that they never acted with a partisan background or fanaticism. They always started from the spirit of resistance, the culture of resistance, the responsibility of the resistance, and the national responsibility in which they offered their dearest and most precious loved ones as martyrs.

Today I am well acquainted, as in previous elections, with Hezbollah's electoral machine in the Western Bekaa-Rashaya as well as your high humility, enthusiasm and sincerity. I would also like to assure you that, God willing, after winning this election - this is a personal promise from me and a promise from Abu Jaafar - you will find that Abu Jaafar will represent you well as he represents your brothers and sisters in the Amal movement. You will find him the best representation for your choice, your region, your demands and your goals, God willing. This is also our hope, to be loyal to all these lists, including the heads and members who we know closely and put a lot of hopes on.

This is directly related to Hezbollah. Therefore, God willing, what we expect from Hezbollah's electoral machine and from all the brothers and sisters in Hezbollah as an organization and as supporters is the strongest, largest and most important presence on May 6 at the ballot box. That is our big hope always.

I move to the broader. The people of the Western Bekaa and Rashaya are an essential part of the resistance and the battle of the resistance in the defense of their direct area - I will speak about this later - in the defense of their homeland, and in the defense of their sacred cause. They were an essential part of the resistance. They are and will remain so, God willing. The proof of this sincere, courageous and solid commitment to the resistance are the martyrs of the Western Bekaa, the wounded, the families of the martyrs, the prisoners, the operations that unfolded at the sites of the occupation and the agents surrounding you. You have presented a large number of martyrs, men and women, young and old, both in the offensive or defensive resistance operations, or in enduring the "Israeli" aggression and the daily "Israeli" bombing - the artillery and aerial bombardment - or enduring the massacres, that took place in numerous wars. What is remarkable about the Western Bekaa martyrs ... In organizational names, we use ‘sector' while the brothers in the Amal Movement use ‘area'. We say the Western Bekaa sector. But in military terms, we say the Western Bekaa axis. It is remarkable that we find no or a few sectors or axes that have offered martyred leaders who held various responsibilities and fought for years within the ranks of this resistance and were martyred as the people of Western Bekaa did. [We are] talking about the personalities and the numbers of these martyrs. If we take any sector and divide it into a sector, sector, sector, axis, axis, axis, and name the martyr leaders from this sector or from that [sector], we will find a quality in the Western Bekaa. The quality is in the number of martyred leaders who advanced to the front lines and were martyred at the front lines. This is the second quality. The leaders were not martyred in the operating rooms, but were killed at the front lines and mostly during direct confrontations. The martyr leaders are: Hajj Abu Hassan Muhammad Bjaiji, martyr leader Rida al-Shaer, martyr leader Nassar Nassar, martyr leader Hussein Meri, martyr commander Abu Ali Ahmad Shahla, martyr leader Hassan Hashim, and martyr leader Samir Melhem. The last of the martyrs who was present in every battlefield and concluded his martyrdom championing the oppressed Iraqi people in the face of the savage aggression by Daesh in Iraq was Hajj Ibrahim, known as Haj Salman. This is the number of the martyred leaders. I apologize if I forget anyone. If I have forgotten anyone, I apologize to his family. In fact, all the martyrs in the Western Bekaa were a title for this battle. Your men, heroes and martyrs, all your martyrs, your wounded and your Mujahideen have presented unforgettable days and great sacrifices. All the sites starting from Taomat Niha to Abu Rashid to al-Jabbour to Jossi to al-Ahmadiya, Bir al-Daher, al-Daydaba and al-shahba, etc. testify to these unforgettable days and great sacrifices. Culminating in the heroic confrontation and martyrdom that your Mujahideen fought in the town of Maidoun. The resistance fighters of this region are still everywhere. We must be there. All these years, they have presented martyrs in their towns, cities and villages.

Based on the Western Bekaa's and Rashaya's distinctive position in the history of the resistance and its present, we say that the natural position is to be with these lists in the elections. We go back to the elections. Based on everything I said last Sunday at the Nabatieh festival, so as not to repeat, I assume that the brothers and sisters have followed this address or know the summary. I reassure you that the strong presence in the Parliament, the strong presence in the government, and the strong presence in the state institutions is a true guarantee for the resistance and the golden equation and to preserve this equation. The resistance not only needs its direct weapons capabilities and popular environment, but it also always needs a safe back, someone to protect its back, someone who prevents those who collude or stab it in the back with swords and daggers. Hence, the subject and position of the resistance is part of these elections and in this particular constituency.

Secondly, through cooperation and solidarity between the head and the members of this list, specifically between the Amal movement and Hezbollah, all the winners will be in the service of the people of this region, at the level of services, development, raising the voice, representation, the transfer of the demands and the follow-up of the needs. There are achievements that were accomplished recently. The candidates spoke about them on several occasions. They are also familiar with the needs and priorities of this region. That is why I do not repeat these issues as I do in other rallies. There are needs at the national level. The winning MPs from this constituency will be part of the national concern campaign. When we talk about the national concern, it means the economic issue because this does not break up into districts and areas. Regarding the issues of living, infrastructure that connect the country together, unemployment and poverty, these are national files. They can be dissolved and fragmented and reflected on in the districts and geographical areas. The needs of each area is associated with its specificities.

God willing, after their victory the candidates will shoulder the national concern and this area. I usually choose a certain issue. I specifically think that the issue of the Litani River, the Litani project, the Lake Qaraoun and its cleanliness, clarity and pureness, and the preservation of this water resource, which is the greatest of Allah's blessings on us, must be the absolute priority, while the enemy across the border has its eye set on it, and we waste it. The Western Bekaa, Rashaya, and each area are the first beneficiaries of this river and from it remaining clear, clean and flowing, at the drinking level, agricultural level, economic level, or at the level of tourism.

"We made from water every living thing". This is a responsibility. Of course, the MPs will take responsibility for this. In the 2017-2018 budget and with a joint effort between the Development and Liberation as well as the Loyalty to the Resistance blocs and in cooperation with other MPs, budgets for the Litani project were approved. This matter needs a definite follow-up in the coming months and years. There are also towns that still suffer from the water issue and need water alternatives. This should constitute priorities for action.

Thirdly, still related to the Western Bekaa and Rashaya residents - the residents of this area. One of the qualities of this area is the diversity. It is a beautiful painting formed of different religious affiliations. Muslims, Christians, Sunnis, Shiites and Druze have been living together for hundreds of years. If you go back in history, yes, for hundreds of years. These communities are authentic communities. They have their history, figures, scholars, families, political forces, and houses. What are the interests of the residents and people of this area? I will speak from three angles:

The first angle is the existential interest; that is their interest to remain on their land, in their villages, cities, towns, fields and farms. I call this the existential interest.

Who is threatening this existential interest? Who poses a danger to it? The "Israeli" enemy - the "Israeli" enemy that has its project, aggression, ambitions and greed. We all know that the Western Bekaa area and Rashaya as well as the south are desired by the enemy's greed. They have always been. The Litani is a special part of this.

The Western Bekaa and Rashaya have another advantage when it comes to confronting the "Israeli" enemy. This advantage is its geography. You saw this during the 1982 invasion. The "Israelis" came and entered. This means that the first thing they think about when they want to invade is entering through Hasbaya, Rashaya and the Western Bekaa for two reasons or for one of two reasons. Either to go around Damascus, to go around through Lebanese land onto Damascus, or to go around Beirut, by reaching the plain to Dahr al-Baidar. Thus, this is a geographical advantage. Rashaya and Hasbaya in geography. In any "Israeli" aggression attempting to surround Damascus or Beirut, this valley and this plain are used. Of course, this issue is far fetched but still stands. We cannot fully cross it out of the equation. I tell you with all honesty, after all the resistance's experiences in Lebanon; the "Israeli" enemy is too much of a coward to deploy its tanks and men to Rashaya, Western Bekaa, and the South.

Following the Merkava massacres, before 2000, during 2000, in 2006, and after the development of the resistance's capabilities - in its will, its mind, its understanding and its experiences - ["Israel"] is too much of a coward and too weak. But we must expect the worst.

So, we are in an adjacent area. The Western Bekaa and Rachaya's advantage is just like the South's. The south is divided into governorates and an administration. But in confronting the enemy, in the face of aggression and occupation, in the face of the 1982 war and in 2006 - during the years of the resistance - the south, the Western Bekaa and Rashaya were one front. Who is our guarantee? Protecting this area is part of the protection of Lebanon. The truth is the golden equation. There is no other option. If we want to speak logically, reasonably about the interests and away from intolerance, yes, there is no other option. If they re-open the defense strategy tomorrow, let us see if there are new ideas in light of all the experiences. But all the experiences that we gained from 2006 and before 2006 confirm that this type of equation - as was the case in Syria, Iraq, and in other places - the harmony between the national Lebanese army, the popular Resistance and the people embracing both the army and the Resistance is the only strategic response for our people and homelands in confronting the material and military superiority of our enemies, including America, "Israel", and others.

So I ask the people of this region - the address is not only for those present at the rally - it is for all the people of the region, how long will the incitement of some against the Resistance continue in the Western Bekaa and Rashaya? Now, they have nothing to say. I've seen the other lists' addresses: the Future Movement's list. I tried to understand something in politics, something in strategy, and something in patriotism. I saw someone saying, "its more than they can handle". Another one says, "sitting on their heart". It was full of incitement. Now, I will get to the Syrian issue soon. How long will this continue? Is it in the interest of the Western Bekaa's Muslims, Christians, Sunnis, Shiites and Druze? Is it in their interest that incitement against the Resistance continues when it stands as the guarantee for their survival and existence? When the resistance does that, it does not need anyone's gratitude. It does not ask for gratitude from anyone. This is the first dimension. Yes, in emphasizing this option, comes the importance of the Better Future List.

The second dimension is the Syrian dimension. It is known now the borders have been disconnected. Otherwise, the people of the Western Bekaa, the people of the Central Bekaa, and the people of Baalbek-Hermel are all the people of the North. They were all the same. Now, let us talk here about the people of the Western Bekaa, Rashaya and the Central Bekaa, about their social relations, economic relations, and commercial relations. They go back and forth to Syria. They have relations with Damascus and the Damascus countryside. There is a permanent connection. This was part of the life in the area. This is an essential part of the life in the region. It is part of its economic, social and family life. It is also part of its security because it could not be dismantled.

As a result of the developments and events that took place in the region for seven years, people were divided and made choices. There is a political team in the Western Bekaa-Rashaya that chose the anti-Syrian option. It adopted speeches, positions, and incitement, even on the security or military issue in one way or another. I do not want to delve in this detail. But today, I want to tell our people in the Western Bekaa and Rashaya as well as our people in the Central Bekaa, God willing, if anyone is still betting or building on his previous positions you must reconsider. You have to think and ponder. That is, during the election season, it should not only be about slogans and enthusiastic speeches. We must also think with reason, logic and responsibility. If there is anyone still betting that the situation in Syria will collapse, fall, or change to the benefit of America, "Israel", for this regional state or that - today I will not mention names - he is delusional. He is waiting for a mirage. Accept this matter from me, as a person present on the battlefield and following-up in details. This matter is strategically and tactically over. It is in its final stages. Therefore, it is in the interest of the people of the Western Bekaa and Rashaya, with all their affiliations and sects as well as in their economic, social, security and political interests is to return to coexistence with this environment. I mean Syria. At least, stop this incitement and stop taking wrong and desperate choices. This will not lead to a result. It will only lead to losses.

I return to the second dimension and tell you. A few days ago in the Western Bekaa and Rashaya, the Better Future List was attacked and accused of representing Syria. No one is representing Syria in this election. No one is representing Syria, and Syria did not name anyone in these elections, not in this list or any list. But yes, this list includes allies and friends of Syria as well as the visionaries who had enough awareness to understand what is happening in Syria and in the region and maintained friendship with Syria. Naturally, this list through its MPs who will win and through its political forces and figures are the most capable of connecting with those who left to fulfill the interests of the people of the Western Bekaa and Rashaya.

The third dimension is the internal dimension. It is the issue of living together, coexistence this region. We have always said and today I want to emphasize - as we are in the midst of an electoral competition and we were and still are in the midst of a political competition and political rivalry - to you, brothers and sisters, that the interest of the people of the region is to live together, to communicate, to meet, and not to disconnect and move apart. They must not allow any political conflict to be transformed into a sectarian conflict. It is the politically weak who turns his political struggle into a sectarian one because he has no argument, no logic, no evidence. So he resorts to sectarian fanaticism. History is always like this. Any leadership, faction, movement, party, or group with a clear political project and a clear and logical political cause is strong. It does not need to resort to fanaticism. However, the weak, who has no reason or credibility, is the one who resorts to sectarian fanaticism. I tell you, take it as a rule with the others or us. Once you find a leader, a president, an MP, a party, or a group speaking the language of sectarian fanaticism, know that he is weak and is resorting to the devil's weapons.

It is in the interest of the people of this region to live together, even if there is a political dispute. Why should we hate each other? There should be a spirit of convergence and not a spirit of distancing and hate. People should sit with each other and comfort one another. They should share the joys and sorrows of each other. They should buy from each other, sell to one anther and visit each other. The people of the area should not be isolated as some are trying to. There are isolated Shiite, Christian, Durzi, and Sunni villages. This is wrong. It is a sin. This is dangerous. The list here forms this fabric and expresses the spirit of communication.

This is in the electoral aspect and in what concerns the Western Bekaa district. Allow me in the remaining time to comment on what happened in our region and then conclude.

Over the past few days, as we said on Friday the world and the region were in a state of anxiety due to President Trump's threats and tweets. Before dawn on Saturday, the world and the region were anxious. Why was the world worried? Because nobody in the world knew the size of the strike and the size of the aggression and to what extent it will lead to a US-Russian clash. This will not remain in Syria but might spread across the world.

In any case, there was a great deal of concern in the world and in the region. There was also a great level of hope and dreams for "Israel", for some regional states and for the armed Takfiri terrorist groups in Syria, which failed and lost the war in the last seven years. There were big hopes.

I mentioned earlier that we have a new example and credibility and a new experience with the American administration. The American arrogance appoints itself as an investigator, but of course does not realize that it is only an investigator, a prosecutor, a judge that issues the verdict and an executioner who executes the sentences.

Why did it act quickly at dawn on Saturday? One of the reasons is that on Saturday - that is yesterday - the first part of the delegation from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons arrived. And today, Sunday, the second part will arrive and head to Damascus. The UN's OPCW delegation was supposed to enter Douma on Saturday and Sunday to examine the soil, the place and the people who were allegedly exposed to the chemical and submit its report. Since Trump knows that what happened in Douma is a real play, the president of France knows that this is a play - it is strange that the French today admitted that their evidence is the social networking sites and films they saw on the social networking sites - because they know that this is a play, they quickly launched the aggression before the OPCW delegation arrives in Douma. They did not wait for the Security Council. This is another proof of the level of American condescension, tyranny, oppression and arrogance. Of course I'm talking about the Americans. I will not talk about the French and the English because these two are the subordinates of the Americans. In this aggression, they were followers. They were not independent decision makers. They were brought for coloring, so as not to say the Americans. So that it will be said an important part of the international community. The size and number of the targets that were hit on Saturday do not need the US, France and Britain. It was just coloring. So, let my speech be about the Americans.

The aggression took place. We were all waiting for this aggression, and we were assuming all the possibilities. I mentioned all the possibilities, which appeared. That is why on Friday I will no longer hypothesize because as they say what is worth money today, will be free in a couple of days.

The issue is clear. We wait a few days and it will be unveiled. But of course, the axis of the resistance - Syria, Iran, the resistance movements, Hezbollah and the Russian ally -was acting in Syria with the assumption that anything can happen because this is Trump and you do not know what decision he will eventually take. It ended with a triple aggression that took place at dawn on Saturday. A specific set of targets were struck, three targets not more. Four targets at the most. There was even a target that was said to be a target but was not hit by the rockets, either because the missile was destroyed, or because it was not a target. We do not want to get into this debate. The aggression occurred against a specific set of targets. They gave it a title that has nothing to do with chemical weapons. I will return to this a little later. Of course, the excellent and distinctive performance of the air defense forces in the Syrian Arab Army must be accredited. There are people who do not want to exaggerate when it comes to this subject. But I tell you, quoting your brothers, the men of Hezbollah in Syria, from eyewitnesses who tell the truth, yes, the Syrian air defenses managed to intercept a large number of rockets and prevent them from reaching their targets. This is a major and very important military achievement. Whether the missiles were destroyed or not, these Syrian officers and soldiers, remaining with their weapons on their platforms under this air aggression that lasted for almost an hour, is an expression of the level of courage, discipline, spirit of sacrifice, courage and challenge that the officers and soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army possess. Some always try to undermine its morale and level of will. We commend this performance, this spirit, and this courage.

Thus, the spectacle is over. Some of the rockets were taken down. Some targets were bombed. Some of these targets were empty. All of them might have been empty. Some of these targets had been previously bombed, that is it was not only empty but had been previously bombed. It is over.

We say a couple of words regarding this event. Let us quickly take all the supposed objectives that were mentioned by the American, French, British, and Arab medias - especially the Gulf media - even the hopes and ambitions built on this aggression. What are the supposed objectives? Was victory achieved the way they tried to portray it? Or are there inconsistencies?

First, the intimidation for submission, blackmail and concessions; this did not happen, not before the strike and not after the strike. If this was the objective, then this objective has not been achieved.

Second, terrorizing and breaking the morale of the Syrians and their allies, the Syrian people, the Syrian leadership, and the Syrian army. That is, we will strike you, cross you out, and break you. Thus, we will shake and break your morale. What was the result? Today, after looking at the results of the strike, the Syrian people, the Syrian army and the Syrian leadership's morale are higher and greater. Their self-confidence, their confidence in their leader, in their army, in their officers, in their soldiers, in their weapons is stronger than ever.

Third, if the objective is to raise the morale of the terrorist groups, so that after the strike, for example - and this was being seriously prepared for - to launch an attack against more than one front, either from the south in the Daraa area, towards Palmyra from the Tanf base, from the seam line in Deir ez-Zor and Abu Kamal or from the north of Hama or Idlib or western Aleppo. What was the result? There was no morale, but vice versa, more frustration. I was following the media and the battlefield, all the details from start to finish. I saw the disappointment expressed by the leaders of the armed groups and the leaders of the so-called Syrian opposition staying in hotels and abroad. They were frustrated. This was the result. This was also the condition of some states.

Fourth, if the objective was to change the equation in favor of "Israel" or to change the equation for in favor of some regional countries, this is a disappointment. I quote a short statement by the "Israelis": ‘Trump's threats and beautiful missiles - the "Israelis" are making fun of him - we saw the beautiful and new smart missiles as beautiful missiles but with zero result. This is the "Israeli" assessment. The "Israelis" and some regional countries were betting that the American, French, and British planes will destroy the Syrian Air Force and air defense and hit the positions and places where the Revolutionary Guards, Hezbollha and the rest of the allies are present.

If the objective was to hit the infrastructure, this did not happen. Striking the structure of the troops, this did not happen.

I will leave the chemical weapons as the last remark. If the objective was to pressure Syria and its allies into accelerating the political solution, I think that what happened at dawn on Saturday will complicate the political solution. I will stress on this word. It will complicate the political solution. It will complicate international relations. It will complicate the Geneva process, if it has not already destroyed it. This is the opposite result of the objective.

In the end, what did they end with? They said, ‘no, our aim was not to hit the government or the army. We do not want to take revenge. We want to hit the chemical weapons infrastructure in Syria.' There is no infrastructure. It is a given. These are illusions. These are false accusations. I tell you that this accusation will persist for every coming victory. It is possible that we might see a chemical play and an aggression of this kind. We do not rule this out in the future.

This is similar to Iranian nuclear weapons. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) attests that Iran is not working to produce a nuclear weapon. His Eminence Imam Khamenei who has a religious and political credibility always says that ‘we believe that the production of a nuclear weapon is haram [forbidden]'. All the data, indicators and evidence confirm that Iran has not sought and will not seek to own or produce a nuclear weapon. They have no evidence, yet Iran is besieged and punished in the world and in the Security Council and in the US administration as a result of false accusations. This accusation today is directed at Syria. It will also continue to haunt the government, the army, the state and the Syrian ability to fight back.

Thus, this is an objective. It is a given. This is over because there is nothing. You are coming to strike the air.

The most important point I want to get to in the conclusion is the limit of the strike. Why is the strike limited? We know, and we are certain that the Gulf countries have been over the past days and hours exercising the highest instigation on the American administration and offering large sums of money for a large military operation in Syria, to hit the army, the air force, and the ministry of defense and the Presidential Palace and others. Why is it so limited even though we know that the Zionist lobby in the United States was working night and day so that the strike would be as harsh and severe as possible and could change the equations of the conflict in Syria?

Why didn't the US leadership opt for a wide-range operation and decided only on a limited strike? Because of the debate and the discussion that is going on between the politicians and the advisers and the Pentagon and the Department of Defense. Pay attention to this point of importance and we will conclude. What is the point? The American soldier knows very well that going to a broad and large-scale confrontation against the government, the army and the allied forces in Syria cannot end and cannot pass.

The Department of Defense and the US military commanders are responsible for the security of their officers, soldiers and bases in the region. They know full well that such a large-scale aggression will inflame the entire region and will ignite the whole region. So they were working with reason. The result was the limit that the Pentagon, the Department of Defense, and the military agreed on. Otherwise, if it were left to Trump, Bolton, some Gulf States, "Israel" and the lobbies operating in the United States, we would have been facing a different aggression.

What am I getting at? I want to reach a conclusion that says that this is a true American military and security recognition of the strength of the resistance axis and its ability to confront: at the very least, to inflict great harm on anyone who thinks of launching an aggression against this region or cause defeat as what happened in all the previous battles.

This experience, which took place at dawn on Saturday, must increase our confidence in our strength, in our existence, in our axis, in our ability to confront, and in the limited options of the enemy, even though it has enormous capabilities. It is possible for a person to have enormous capabilities, but his options are limited.

We are beyond this, but this war is not over, this battle is not over, although its course is the path of victory.

Dear brothers and sisters, God willing, we will meet again on May 6 to express at the ballot boxes our convictions, our political choices, our wishes, our aspirations and choose our representatives in the Parliament, who will shoulder these goals the same way they are and were shouldered by the martyrs with their blood, the wounded with their wounds, the martyrs' families with their sacrifices, and all the resistance fighters who are willing to sacrifice their blood.

You are the people of loyalty to the martyrs, the people of loyalty to the promise, the people of loyalty to victory, and the people of loyalty to the resistance.

Peace and God's mercy and blessings be upon you.

Source: Hezbollah Media Relation, translated by website team