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Hezbollah Comments on the Syria Strike: War against Resistance Won’t Achieve Its Goals

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Local Editor

Hezbollah issued the following statement:


Hezbollah strongly condemns the trilateral treacherous American-British-French aggression against sister Syria, and considers it a bold violation against the Syrian sovereignty and the dignity of the Syrian people and all peoples in the region. The aggression clearly continues the latest Zionist aggression against Syria and represents a frank and direct support to the criminal gangs of killing and terrorism that it has long been sponsoring and financing, providing all means of materialistic, political and media support, and intervening to help them every time they are defeated by the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army in the battlefield.

Such claims and pretexts of the three parties of the new aggression are fake and couldn't challenge reason and logic. They are based on failed plays which they ordered to prepare to serve the criminal aggression machine. It represents the utmost humiliation of the rest of the United Nations, the Security Council and the so-called international community.

As Hezbollah announces clear support to the Syrian people, its leadership and brave army, and hails the confrontation of the Syrian Arab Army's air-force to the aggression, it also stresses that the war waged by the United States against Syria and the peoples of the region, and the resistance and liberation movements won't achieve its goals; however, the nation will come up stronger, more determined and insisting to confront and achieve victory.

Source: Hezbollah Media Relations, Translated by website team