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Al-Houthi to Al-Akhbar: We are ready to fight alongside Hezbollah against ’Israel’

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Interviewed by al-Akhbar Newspaper

In his first interview with a non-Yemeni newspaper since the outbreak of the Saudi war on his country, the leader of "Ansarullah" Sayyed Abdul Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi made no mention of politics. No trace of politics in the Arab sense and one that can change a leader and confine him behind positions full of contradictions and calculations. The man, who does not "live in the caves", possesses rare courage towards local and foreign issues. His courage addresses the "revolutionary purity" as he remains what his followers describe as "the leader of the Qur'anic march".

Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi

"The young leader goes against the expectations and does not hesitate to clearly criticize Moscow. He does not hesitate to issue replies that have consequences with calculated and studied positions for the sake of narrow interests.

He answers the most difficult questions with a language that resembles the chants of his barefooted fighters on Yemen's mountains. The commander of the battle against the heaviest aggression on his country today confirmed that his promise to the leader of the resistance in Lebanon is not a compliment and that "thousands of tribal fighters are eager to fight against ‘Israel' if it committed any foolishness. He revealed the direct role of Tel Aviv in the war on his country and "Israel's" interests concerning the fronts overlooking the Red Sea. Despite three years of fighting, siege and heavy sacrifices, the leader of the Yemeni movement still has faith in victory even if it was too late and that Saudi Arabia's efforts will only fail similar to what happened to the Saudi policies in Syria and Iraq. He is keen on the battle he is fighting in the context of confronting the US-Western attack on the region. He insists on "unifying the nation" and its resistance. He intensifies the use of his "revolutionary" terms in his speeches, as if confirming that the Arab and international "letdown" of the Yemenis did not change their resistance identity. He tells al-Akhbar that this identity was one of the causes of the war against them. At the same time, he does not care about the accusations prepared by the Arab regimes about [Ansarullah's alleged] dependency on foreign powers. The young leader mocks Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman's "illusions" of isolating the Ansarullah movement in Yemen's political and popular map, while addressing the rest of Yemen's components in a modest language that does not claim the monopoly of the country and its destiny. He calls for partnership in building the state.

1. Three years after the outbreak of the aggression, how do you describe Saudi Arabia's situation on the one hand and the situation of Ansarullah and Yemen in general on the other? Hasn't the movement become isolated in Yemen as Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said days ago?

Three years have passed since the beginning of the American-Saudi aggression against an independent Arab Muslim country called Yemen. The talk is fraught with many aspects, foremost of which is the injustice against the Yemeni people, which is unprecedented at this stage, and that has reached the point where international institutions - the United Nations and other organizations loyal to the US - have been known to be deaf, mute, and blind to the grievances of our nation. Today, it recognizes the great injustice of the Yemeni people. It represents today the greatest catastrophe and disaster on the face of the earth. Proscription was the hallmark of the American-Saudi aggression as it was reassured by international and regional positions that they will turn a blind eye due to its well-known considerations. They will turn a blind eye to the lack of the aggression's human values. Because of its failure to achieve its military objectives in a clean manner, it resorted to monstrous practices as a style in its aggression, hoping that it will help in winning the battle and achieving its goal in the occupation of Yemen, all of Yemen. It did not hesitate to brutally kill thousands of children, women and civilians in cities and villages, which was characterized as genocide. It targeted markets crowded with shoppers, civilian gatherings for social events such as weddings and condolences gatherings, densely populated neighborhoods, schools, mosques, and so on. Our media in Yemen as well as those that are free in the region have published documented accounts of the enormity of the tragedy and the horror of the crime. However, the conscience of some has failed to provoke a single word of truth regarding the injustice of a people of the region that has humanitarian, religious, nationalist, and geographical links with the rest of the people of the region.

In addition to the military aggression, the economic aggression was jut as grave in its unjust siege aimed at strangling and restricting the movement of our people, including patients who want to travel to countries allied with the aggression such as Egypt and Jordan for treatment. Restrictions on humanitarian supplies such as food, medicine and fuel were also imposed. There was a conspiracy against the Central Bank to devaluate the currency and to dry up the salaries of state employees. All forms of targeting aimed at starving the Yemeni people were used. Factories, many shops and service facilities were destroyed. Despite all of this, the Yemeni people, including the free from all constituents and their supporters, remained steadfast and unwavering with the help and support of Allah. They sought to confront the aggression in all its forms and aspects. They astonished the forces of aggression who were confident that the magnitude of the aggression and its consequences on the people of Yemen is enough to push the people to surrender within weeks. Our people succeeded in internal political cohesion. The institutions of the state, the political structure, and the social components were not destroyed. They also succeed in resisting militarily in the face of tens of states and mercenaries brought by the aggression to invade the country, including armies, groups and organizations. They also withstood the military machine, modern warfare techniques and the sophisticated capabilities that the Americans have brought to the region and used them in battles in which the forces of aggression use internationally banned weapons, openly and with the testimony of many organizations, including Western organizations. 

Today, three years later, our dear people resist with great vigor and effectiveness, confront this brutal aggression with great perseverance and steadfastness, and develop its military capabilities to such an extent that the enemies who declared at the beginning of the aggression that they have destroyed the total military capabilities of our country. The media documented their declaration. As a result, as they continue their aggression, our country's military capabilities developed. Whenever they conspired against it at home, they contributed to correcting its internal situation and cleansing it from the rest of the traitors. God willing, our people will succeed in turning the threats into opportunities and challenges to accomplishments. As for the Saudis, because of their foolish aggression, they have entangled themselves in a labyrinth that first led to a moral and humanitarian fall, then to the crises and the political, economic, security and military problems which are exacerbated every second of the day. The same way they failed in Syria and Iraq, the result will be the same in Yemen and Bahrain, God willing. The will of God is in favor of his oppressed followers, and the consequence is for the righteous. As for the Saudis, they are facing a stage of unprecedented attrition by those who work for them in order to get close to them in everything. In their eyes, they are no more than a dairy cow as Trump expressed. They milk it until its milk is dry and then they slaughter it. Is there such a situation and fate worse than this? As for Ansarullah, the aggression does not concern it alone. It is the entire Yemeni people's problem. It is not an isolated organization. It is a large popular movement that is connected with the rest of the people within one direction and one position. When were the Yemeni people ever isolated in Yemen as Bin Salman said? This is an empty saying.

2. Most indicators indicate preparations by the coalition of aggression to launch new military operations on the west coast. As Ansarullah, do you have the same estimates? What are your preparations for facing such possibilities?

The battle in the coast came with an American desire. The Americans are known for their great focus on the seas and coastal areas. They focus on areas on the Red Sea, Bab al-Mandab [Mandeb Starit] and Gulf of Aden is well known. They are aware of their geographical and strategic importance. They have seen in the current aggression against our country a golden opportunity to seek control on it with a Saudi and Emirati mask and Yemeni gloves including the country's traitors and mercenaries. In the past few days, statements have been made by US military personnel that reveal the nature of the US role in the battle at the coast. I also want to clarify the "Israeli" focus on Bab al-Mandab and the Red Sea. Many researchers and observers of the "Israeli" affairs know this. We have monitored activities and participation by the "Israelis", including aerial bombing of the coast. They also played a key role with Emirati officers in planning. They also take part in other activities and contribute to this aggression.

On the part of our Yemeni people, these operations by the invaders only heightened their awareness to the reality of their ambitions and evil goals. They [the operations] also increased their conviction of their position and the inevitability of their resistance and struggle against the occupying invaders and aggressors. They will carry on with the battle for freedom, liberation, and independence. They will defend their freedom and dignity and the independence of their land in the entire country, in the coast and in different directions from east to west, north to south. They also seek to liberate the country from the occupier with the support of the people of the occupied territories and assist them until the foreign occupier is expelled, God willing. Day after day, the facts unfold to some of the fools who were involved in treason or those who were dreaming and got lost behind the mirage. They think that the foreign invaders have come only to serve them and take care of them. Today, what is the reality they have? It reached a point where some of the so-called "ministers" were arrested. Abd Rabbu was subject to detention and humiliation. The aggression and the full control over airports, ports, military bases, oil and economic installations, etc. in the southern provinces by foreigners have been exposed. These agents became strangers in their country totally submissive to the foreign occupiers.

3. As for the border front with Saudi Arabia, is it possible to talk about a permanent and fixed control over areas in Najran, Jizan and Asir? How do you plan to invest your achievements on that front?

There is continuous control at the border fronts to pressure the Saudis to stop the aggression. There are also military operations to respond to its crimes against our people. The military operations at the Jizan, Asir, Najran and southern Dhahran fronts have contributed to confronting the aggression in an effective manner. The Saudi army reached total collapse along some axes. The operations also inflicted enormous losses in terms of human strength as many of its leaders and officers and members were killed, wounded and taken prisoners. It reached a degree of inability to confront in most of the border axes. The military media has documented excellent heroism scenes of the army and the popular committees storming the military sites of the Saudi army, chasing its officers and soldiers, and destroying its military equipment. Many of the members of the Saudi army are not convinced with the aggression against our country. This is one of the main reasons for their lack of enthusiasm to fight. The stupid ones, who are passionate about the aggression, failed to withstand in the confrontation despite their hatred and arrogance. US officials even ridiculed the Saudi ground force's weakness of. Our assessment of the situation and the reality of the reasons is this classification that we explained. Finally, the Saudi regime intended to bring mercenaries from several countries, including Yemeni, Sudanese, Pakistani and other mercenaries, to post them on the border fronts after suffering real failure and total inability to rely on its army in the battle there. This indicates the great effectiveness and the certain success of our operations there. And Allah is the best of helpers.

4. Regarding your missile capabilities, can we expect new surprises if the war lasts longer? What is the standard that you time your ballistic strikes on?

The development of missile capabilities is continuous considering it a strategic force that reaches distant targets deep in the enemy's areas. It has great impact. It has reached Riyadh and Abu Dhabi. More importantly, it has succeeded in penetrating the American protection system that was trusted. "Volcano 2" reached the Yamamah Palace in Riyadh and can reach further. The Americans themselves recognized this. Finally, no thanks to them, they have set up an exhibition for the "Volcano 2" missile in the United States. This impact and concern - from their part and their tools in the region - regarding our defensive capabilities is good for us. With God's help, we hope that someday its effectiveness, accuracy and momentum will reach the defensive level. It is important for us to do everything we can to defend our country and protect our people from the murderers of children and women. It is important for us to have the necessary capacity to confront every aggressor and occupier of our land and our people. This is our natural right, especially since it turns out that there are those who seek and have sought to destroy our country and occupy our land. The timing of the strikes varies depending on the timing of political and military reasons, as well as in retaliation to the civilian losses following the major crimes of aggression. The objective is one: to pressure the aggressors to stop their aggression against our country.

5. Are you optimistic about reactivating the political process? Is there a serious initiative presented to you today?

We do not have any indications of a serious approach by the outside towards a political solution. There is the possibility of some moves like a cosmetic operation for the ugly face of the United Nations, whose role of providing cover for the aggression and trying to legitimize and justify it has been revealed. Sometimes, some shy and weak efforts and movements as well as (media) statements to cover up the negative collusion and bias to the aggression kicks off. The truth is, America and Britain both benefit from the aggression, making hundreds of billions of dollars, in addition to political, geopolitical and other gains. They are unwilling to stop the aggression after it has become a very attractive source to attain those interests.

6. What is the ceiling of concessions that you can accept, especially in relation to weapons? In other words, are you prepared to hand over your weapons, at least to a third party, which can be agreed upon through negotiations?

It is strange to ask the army and the people of Yemen, whose large parts of its territory is occupied, to hand over its weapons. This is a totally irrational demand. In terms of the internal situation of the country, we have presented a fair vision. All local parties must hand over their weapons to the state. The state should be an institution representing all the Yemeni people amid peace, stability and a just and equitable political settlement.

The problem today with regards to arms is that the forces of aggression have armed "Daesh", "Al-Qaeda", Takfiri groups, and militias they called the "resistance". These militias fight with the aggression and help occupy the country. The forces of aggression have provided other components under different names with different kinds of weapons that the army, the free forces, free tribal fighters fighting the aggression and resisting the invasion and occupation do not possess. This should be seen as a major problem for the security and stability of the country and for neighboring countries such as the Sultanate of Oman and others. Therefore, the focus on stripping the Yemeni army which is defending its country from its weapon, while at the same time arming "Daesh", "Al Qaeda" and other Takfiri groups and militias loyal to the aggression is an aggressive demand only.

7. How do you read the performance of the new US administration regarding the Yemeni file? Is it true that President Barack Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry had a different view than that of Donald Trump's, a vision that is less involved in this conflict?

In our opinion, the difference is that Trump's administration is clearer and tends to exploit more than the Obama administration, which was keen to cover the nature of the US role with a veil of diplomacy. Trump came to be more frank and clear. Given the nature of the American agenda and its stages, the behavior of the administration is proportional to it. Trump is distinguished in his success in milking the cow more than the Obama administration. Otherwise, the US's management of the aggression and the pursuit of American interests would have been from its inception, and neither the Saudi nor the Emirati authorities would have been involved in the war and aggression at this level without American desire, supervision, as well as political and military protection.

8. Unlike the Syria file, Moscow is not in rivalry with the American project in Yemen. The relationship of Ansarullah in Russia seems ambiguous. Where do the Russians stand in this war in your view? Are there any contacts with them? Have you been informed of the embassy's return to Sana'a?

The Russians have their calculations, interests and policies. We are not betting or relying on them. Perhaps one day they will realize that their disregard for the aggression against Yemen, their support for the forces of aggression, and handing the Yemeni people's money to the mercenaries was not a position in their favor. The American fire may awaken the Russian bear from its winter dormancy that has extended to the summer. We wished from the Russian to at least be neutral.

9. How do you describe the accelerated convergence between the Gulf States and "Israel"? In your view, what is required today regarding the "Deal of the Century" project that Trump wants to impose on the Palestinians and the Arabs?

The relations and links between some Gulf States and "Israel" were neither new nor surprising. But what was hidden has been revealed. What was under the table is on the table. According to roles drawn up by the Americans, this stage was required to appear in public, to carry out the dangerous steps that lead to them being agents following introductions and preliminary steps. Today, all of us, as Arab and Islamic people, must realize that they will not shy away from doing anything and offer anything in the interest of the "Israeli" enemy. They seek to adapt the peoples of the region to accept it. They seem to be rushing to offer this service to America and "Israel" in liquidating the Palestinian cause and sacrificing Al-Quds and the Palestinian people. What is required from the free people of the Ummah [nation] and the people of the region is an active and joint action coordinated in a unified position and to benefit from the unveiling of facts and exposition of the forces of treason. The truth has come to light and the options have become clear. There is a great positive. Deception in the previous period was affecting some entities and people, and even the Palestinian people saw in some a warm noon. They showed their true color by stabbing them in the back and being linked to the American position. There is a very important point which is the position towards America. The dangerous steps called the "Deal of the Century" rely mainly on America, with a supporting role by some Arab countries. The American role is against the Islamic Ummah and the Palestinian people and with "Israel's" interest. The hostility and conspiracy are clear. This is while some still see America as a friend during a stage where the danger is clear in the American position itself in moving the US Embassy to al-Quds and what American and "Israeli" steps will follow. Everyone should work to steer the compass of hostility and responsible attitude toward "Israel" and toward "Israel" and America as two sides of the same coin. America has benefited greatly from the separation of some between its position with it and "Israel". It does everything the enemy does and is still counted as a friend!

10. You have spoken before about your willingness to send fighters to Palestine? Will you actually accept Hezbollah's Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's invitation to send fighters if needed to fight ‘Israel'? Or is it only emotional support? How could something similar happen?

Our position in declaring our readiness to send fighters in any "Israeli" war against Lebanon or Palestine is a responsible, serious, sincere and springs from our principles. It is also the very natural position. We are one nation according to the Islamic affiliation and all considerations and links. The "Israeli" enemy is a real danger to the whole nation. It is a real enemy to all Arab and Islamic countries. Even if our country was geographically located on the border directly with Lebanon or Palestine, we would have participated in the fighting alongside the Lebanese or Palestinian resistance without hesitation. Our Yemeni people are very responsive to the issues of their Ummah. They are aware of the "Israeli" threat to the entire nation. God willing, the circumstances will help it play a major role in supporting the brothers in the nation. If "Israel" was involved in a new war, we will not hesitate to send fighters. There are large numbers of Yemeni tribesmen who aspire to fight against "Israel" and wish for the day they participate alongside their free brothers of the Islamic nation in the face of the "Israeli" enemy. His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, has been previously informed of this. We would like to point out that our principled position in enmity towards "Israel" and opposing the American hegemony is the most important reason for the aggression against us. Therefore, they use the same descriptions they use against all the free people standing against "Israel", and the American hegemony. Thus, they name us Iranians.

11. What is the nature of your relationship with Iran and Hezbollah? Is it just a consensus in strategic visions? Or a political alliance? Or operational cooperation? Or what?

We consider the responsible, correct and natural position according to our Islamic affiliation, according to the supreme interest of our nation and according to the real challenges, threats and dangers to our nation and our countries, is in the unity and cooperation of all. We see in Islamic unity and Islamic brotherhood an Islamic duty, and that the right situation is in the brotherhood and cooperation of all the people of our nation. The real interest is in that. The abnormal position of any party or group - whether it is a government, a power or a group - is the one who sees America and "Israel" as a friend and sees the sons of his nation as the enemy. Therefore, our relationship with the Islamic Republic and Hezbollah is in the context we mentioned. We call on all the nation's people to seek to strengthen brotherly ties and revive them among the nation and not to listen to the advocates of division, hatred, and sedition. The advocates of hostility and rivalry among the people of the nation are real criminals and perpetrators of the nation. Their position is wrong and improper. It is bewildering how Islamic brotherhood and the links required by law among the people of the nation becomes a crime and reckoning on it is big! While the exposed connection and openly being an agent for "Israel" and America is something natural, political cleverness, and authentic Arabism. We extend the hands of brotherhood and cooperation to all those who accept from the sons of our Islamic nation. We see our brothers in the Islamic Republic and Hezbollah as brothers who have won the honor of liberation and carried the banner of the nation in the face of American hegemony and stood sincerely with the Palestinian people in one of the most important and most dangerous stages. This is one of the reasons for the strong hostility by some towards them. The Saudi and Emirati authorities were not hostile to Iran during the days of the Shah, despite his desire to be America's policeman in the region. And when the Islamic Revolution under the leadership of Imam Khomeini, may Allah have mercy on him, came and extended the hand of Islamic brotherhood sincerely, warmly and with great friendliness, made supporting the Palestinian people its priorities, and supported the most important Arab and Islamic cause, they directed all their animosities at it and under all the titles unfortunately. They did not shy away from seeking to stir sectarian strife and exceeded all the legitimate, moral and humanitarian regulations. What they want today is a coalition and an alliance of forces loyal to America and "Israel", and in turn to divide the rest of the people of the Islamic nation and criminalize any cooperation between them even for the truth. This is what we consider illogical despite the anguish suffered by our people from the unjust aggression. The responsibility of the rest of the nation is to cooperation with our country and not to cooperation against it.

12. Nearly three months after the death of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, can you say that you have overcome the repercussions of the crisis that was generated by your disagreement with him? How do you describe your relationship with the General People's Congress Party today as well as the tribes that have been split by Saleh's death?

The state succeeded in normalizing the situation to a great extent. There are good activities for social reconciliation and our relations with the conference (part) are normal. Their position was honorable, and the aberrant ones were exposed more after they clearly sided with the aggression. As for the tribes, there were no divisions within them. They stood by the state with all strength to resolve the battle quickly after the December 2nd betrayal. The enemies failed clearly in hitting the internal front and causing its fall.

13. The differences between the Islah Party and the coalition finally surfaced. Do you think that the Islah is changing its political position? Are there contacts between you and them? As well as between you and this party's main Arab ally of, ie Qatar?

The targeting of the Islah Party today reached a situation of expulsion in the true sense of the word from most of the southern provinces. In addition, alternative entities are being formed. The UAE is working to build and strengthen them in Taiz and the eastern regions. All these attest to the validity of our warnings that the real objective of the forces of aggression is only exploitation of any party that chooses to stand beside foreign invaders against its own country. The problem of some in the Islah Party is their Takfiri doctrine against the Yemeni people, especially those who are not from their sect. Politically, they did not need to run into the arms of the forces of aggression. Partnership is available in the country as it is currently with the anti-aggression forces. It was better for them to be free partners with the rest of the components in the country rather than being subversive and exploited by the foreigners that will lead them to no result. I am amazed at God failing them. Their exploitation in the field is so shocking that sometimes the jets kill large numbers of them if they hesitate to crawl. They bombard their positions in multiple areas. However, the rest of the agents did not lose as much as they lost at a time when there was no future for them under the aggression. O Allah, make good on us and do take rationality from us. My advise to them or to those who do not have the Takfir complex to review their calculations. Nothing will compensate them for their country and their people. Their real interest is to return to the homeland to enjoy freedom and to be partners in defending and building it. This is the real future. And if they insist on continuing to offer unacceptable sacrifices to the forces of aggression, that is the eye of humiliation.

14. Some believe that the Salvation Government formed in Sana'a failed in what was hoped from it. Do you agree with this view? What is your assessment of the government's performance, particularly in relation to the salary crisis?

There is a clear failure in the performance of the government that requires review and addressing. There are many obstacles and difficulties, especially in the economic situation. God willing, we hope to strive to improve the work of the government on the basis of evaluating performance by the president. In light of that, the necessary action will be taken, even if it required the changing of a minister who is not fulfilling his duties. It does not matter if he was a supporter of Ansarullah or the Conference or from any of the other components. God willing, we hope to improve the government's performance.

15. You are accused of not giving the salaries of employees and diverting them to the war efforts. There are also accusations of corruption and looting of state funds directed at the Government of Salvation which you are part of. How do you respond to that?

The accusations by the forces of aggression and their mercenaries are in the context of their aggression against the Yemeni people. Their war on Yemen is not only military, but economically, politically and through the media. It is a comprehensive war with all the meaning of the word. It has been clearly established that those who sought to target employees in their salaries were the forces of aggression and their mercenaries. The Central Bank used to pay salaries regularly from Sana'a to all provinces, even the occupied territories. The salaries reached all state employees and the registered people in the payroll even in those provinces to Aden, Taiz, Marib and others until the conspiracy against the bank. Revenues were prevented from reaching it. Its assets abroad were frozen. All revenues from gas, oil and land and seaports turned to the forces of aggression and its mercenaries. In addition, Russia handed over the Yemeni people's money, which had already been contracted to be printed. Under such a situation, the free zones that the forces of aggression could not occupy are besieged. The enemy is destroying all the service and economic establishments in it systematically and continuously. So you see, who is to blame!?
As for the war effort, the country today has completed 3 years of countering the biggest aggression in the biggest war in the region and the confrontation with an international and regional alliance in which the richest countries in the region with less than a tenth of the cost of the 1994 war which was at home and lasted for only two months. Who are the thieves? Those heroic steadfast men at the battle fronts whose conditions force them to fight barefoot most of the times? Or the sacrificing families that offer martyrs and suffering from difficult living conditions? Or those who stole the people's money for decades and then ran to the arms of the aggression, shedding crocodile tears on the people they wronged twice - once the day they stole their money and his goods, and the second when they aligned themselves with the invaders and foreigners.

16. Southern voices rejecting the existence of Saudi Arabia and the UAE are increasing. Do you consider that an indication of popular rebellion against the coalition? Are there communications between you and those forces and figures? What can you offer them?

We are confident that the conviction that the sons of the southern provinces will reach is the inevitability of freedom and resisting the occupation after being exposed by its criminal practices. Unfortunately, some were deceived. As a result of the large media and cultural disinformation campaign, they believed that the forces of aggression came to do good and provide services. Today, everyone saw with their own eyes the airports, ports, oil installations, military bases and the UAE's practical control militarily, politically and economically as well as its criminal practices. The model there is occupation in its true sense of the word. There are many free and honorable people in the southern provinces, and we will support them and cooperate with them to confront the occupation and liberate the country as it was liberated from the British occupation, but God willing much faster.

17. What is your position regarding the new formations that emerged in the south after the war, especially the Southern Transitional Council? Are you ready to accept it as a political partner?

The UAE has created various and varied formations and supported them to benefit from their contradictions and to instigate competition among them as to who provides a greater service to support the occupation's control there. As for our acceptance of partnership with the other Yemeni parties, we have no objection to it. We call for this. The problem is with some is that they are dreamers and disillusioned in achieving their political choices through foreigners, while the goal of the foreigners is to exploit and invest the country's problems and benefit from differences and variations to employ them in the conflict. Meanwhile, the others do not have any political cause or project. They are merely mercenaries whose only goal is to get money at all costs, even if was betraying their country.

18. How do you read the future of the South after this war is over? What format can you accept in this context? A federal state of two regions, separation, or what?

The situation in the southern provinces requires understanding, addressing and solutions under the cooperation and concern of all. Until today, we see a great division between the political forces in the southern governorates, different options and different entities. In our opinion, it requires an appropriate atmosphere and away from external interventions to reach to fair, equitable and satisfactory solutions for the people of the southern provinces.

19. Was your entry into the south, specifically to Aden, a mistake instigated by the former president, as some believe?

It was a necessary after we asked the brothers in the southern provinces to prevent Abd Rabbu (Mansour Hadi), al-Qaeda and Daesh from using the southern provinces to attack the camps, the security and to move militarily from there to the rest of the governorates. Abd Rabbu, al-Qaeda and Daesh were previously in the southern provinces. They occupied camps as well as the security headquarters and massacred the soldiers with knives. They began to move militarily towards Taiz, and all their arrangements were under Saudi supervision to progress militarily towards the rest of the provinces. We even asked in televised speeches to prevent them from using the southern provinces to carry out criminal attacks, such as those targeting the Badr Mosque and Al-Hashoush Mosque, which targeted the masses participating in the popular marches. They did not prevent them, forcing the army to move to prevent them. Anyway, we are certain that the move was necessary and had a clear objective. We sought to agree with the sons of the southern provinces to safeguard their areas by themselves under the state. But because of the problems of the past, the forces of aggression managed to exploit some of them and deceive many of them. So, we decided to withdraw due to the many confusion and the effects of the past problems. The move to expel Abd Rabbu, Daesh and al-Qaeda has exposed the forces of aggression that initially wanted that the nature of the aggression against our country to be a civil war. But it failed. It was forced to officially enter the war as a clear and flagrant external aggression. This is an important issue for us.

20. You are accused of wanting to return to the Imami dynasty rule, is that true? Or is your acceptance of the republican system and the democratic process a fixed position? Does Ansarullah have a vision or model that it can offer in relation to building a state?

Just false and baseless allegations. We seek in the future to reach a common vision with the rest of our partners in relation to state-building.

21. You are also accused by your opponents of disrupting freedoms in the areas under your influence and by exerting control over your supervisors and your "revolutionary committee" in the work of ministries rather than leaving them alone. How do you respond to that?

Just baseless allegations, usually the problem is with those who support the aggression. We do not know anyone in the world more tolerant with their opponents as much as we did. Reality testifies to that. Those who took part in the fighting in the December 2 sedition and betrayal were released in record time, except for a very few number. Would anyone have done that? As for the revolutionary committee, all its current activity and movement are popular in the framework against aggression. It does not interfere with the work of state institutions and does not need to. We have officials in official institutions.

22. Where do you live? Do you live in the "caves of Saada" as they say? Do you visit Sana'a? How do you spend your day to day during the war and permanent concealment?

I live in the land of Yemen in a normal way like any Yemeni. I do not need caves. My life situation is normal and ordinary. It only differs from my life before the aggression in collective interviews, in which we take into account the procedures suitable with the circumstances of war. And Praise to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

Source: Al-Akhbar Newspaper, Translated by website team