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Bahrain Opposition on Revolution’s Seventh Anniversary: People will Continue Struggle for Change

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Speaking on the eve of the seventh anniversary of Bahrain's popular uprising, the Deputy Secretary-General of the opposition al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi, applauded the strength of the Bahraini people and their unbreakable will for change.

Sheikh Hussein Daihi

During a televised speech aired on Tuesday evening, Sheikh Al-Daihi said that Bahrain's political problems from 2011 have morphed into "constitutional, political, economic, security, [and] social" troubles over the last seven years.

He also pointed out that the crisis in Bahrain predates 2011 and that the Bahraini people have been subjected to many years of oppression and discrimination.

"We have forms of violations that are not found in another country, and we may enter the Guinness Book of Records in the magnitude and types of violations," he added.

"Despite all the repression and abuse, our determination is stronger and the decision of the people is to continue until the path is corrected", he added in reference to the ongoing struggle for democratic reforms in the Gulf kingdom.

According to the leading opposition figure, Al-Wefaq recorded 48212 anti-regime protests across Bahrain since the start of the uprising on February 14, 2011, when tens of thousands rose up against the ruling Al-Khalifa clan.

The cleric also touched on the deteriorating economic situation, blaming corruption and the regime's "failed policies" for the lower incomes and higher living expenses.

He then turned to the case of Al-Wefaq's Secretary General Sheikh Ail Salman who is being tried for "spying for the state of Qatar" while serving an existing 4-year prison term.

The charges stem from his contacts with Qatari officials, who acted as mediators during the 2011 US-backed initiative aimed at resolving Bahrain's political crisis.
Sheikh Al-Daihi explained that the "case has nothing to do with the law."

Dismissing the evidence in the case as fabricated, he added that he was a "witness to all the moves".

"Seven years later, the recordings of this American-Gulf initiative are being extracted and cut in an impressively striking way," Al-Daihi stated.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he underscored Al-Wefaq's readiness to work towards a "comprehensive national consensus" and warned that Bahrain's opposition movements, which are deeply rooted in society, cannot be eliminated with the closure of a few buildings.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team