Exclusive Alahednews:Member of Syrian People’s Council to Al-Ahed: US Scheme to Divide Syria Won’t Succeed

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Member of Syrian People’s Council to Al-Ahed: US Scheme to Divide Syria Won’t Succeed

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When Russian officials criticized the presence of US troops in Syria after the recapture of al-Bukamal and the declaration of the almost complete elimination of the Daesh [Arabic Acronym for the terrorist "ISIS"/"ISIL"] terrorist organization, their American counterparts alleged that the terror group was still active in Syria.

Sharif Shehade

They further asserted that American forces are staying. On Sunday, Washington announced that it was forming a large force of 30,000 fighters due to be deployed on the border with Syria and Iraq. This confirms that there is no genuine American intention to eliminate Daesh in Syria.

Commenting on the American announcement, a member of the People's Council of Syria Sharif Shehadeh told al-Ahed news website that "what America is doing in the northeastern areas of Syria is not going to succeed at all. The same way many Syrian areas returned to the state, the Syrian army will restore its control over the north and northeast regions."

"The objective of the US move involving the formation of a large force on Syrian territory is known, as America is seeking to divide Syria and end Syrian sovereignty over its territory," he explained.

Shehadeh stressed that "the American pursuit of destabilizing Syria is not a spur of the moment [initiative]. Since the beginning of the war against the country, the US has been preparing Daesh, Jabhat Al-Nusra [Nusra Front] and other terrorist organizations and providing them with money and arms to overthrow the Syrian state."

"The Syrian army is capable of protecting the borders of its state, as it will recapture the entire Syrian geography as soon as possible," he added. "The American project has become clear in striking Syrian sovereignty and dividing its territory. But this project will not succeed, and the Russian stance will be undoubtedly decisive in supporting Syria, its sovereignty and territorial unity similar to the positions of Iran and the Resistance."

Source: Al-Ahed, Syria


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