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Shamkhani: Iran Today Stronger than Ever

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Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani stressed that Iran today, amid the ongoing protests, is stronger than yesterday, adding that the country won't retreat any step of its strategy supporting peoples of the region.

Ali Shamkhani

Speaking to an interview with Arabic-language Al-Maydeen TV Network, Shamkhani considered that the enemies of Iran want to isolate it "not to be a model for the peoples of the region to rely on their own abilities," adding that this animosity aims to surrender resistance in the region, stressing that Iran will keep defending the Palestinian and Lebanese people, in addition to Syria and Iraq.

Noting that Washington has spent more than $2 trillion on its losses in the Middle East, Shamkhani said that US President Donald Trump "has stolen $400 from the region to solve his domestic economic problems," stressing that there are several points of weakness in the United States.

Relatively, Shamkhani uncovered that Trump asked to meet with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in the United Nations and negotiate some points, however "Iran rejected the meeting... Trump makes announcements against Iran and demands at the same time to negotiate with it secretly."

Meanwhile, Shamkhani considered that Trump's decision to recognize al-Quds the ‘Israel's' capital unveiled the secret and public ties of some Arab countries with the ‘Israeli' entity, and that peoples of the region hence recognized that negotiations won't but destroy the Palestinian cause.

Shamkhani further reiterated that Iran didn't stop at any time from supporting the Palestinian people, and that this support is very clear and won't be retreated.
"Iran is the only country that says it defends the Palestinians and this is not only a matter of words and political dimensions."

Commenting on the Saudi war in Yemen, he considered that accusing Iran of sending missiles to Yemen and bombing Riyadh "has fallen from the first day... it is ridiculous to accuse us of this, I tell them to revise the list of weapons, and that the Yemenis are smart people."

"We've announced our support for Palestine, and we didn't send weapons to Yemen. Had it happened, we've announced it clearly," Shamkhani pointed out, stressing that the circumstances of the Yemeni people are tragic and very difficult, and that the Iranians as a Muslim people cannot keep their hands folded: "What is going on in Yemen is a scar of shame on the forehead of humanity."

Shamkhani also noted that the Saudi crown prince Mohammad bin Salman "has lost in front of the barefooted Yemeni people, but he won't be convinced unless he hits his head with the rocks."

"The Europeans want him to announce stopping the war on Yemen," Shamkhani said, "they all back Iran's support of the dialogue and they all say that bin Salman is an arrogant person."

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