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On Saudi Media, «Israeli» Minister Threatens to Strike Lebanon Like Syria
Local Editor

In an interview with Saudi media on Wednesday, the "Israeli" entity's so-called Intelligence Affairs Minister Yisrael Katz threatened to attack Lebanon to prevent an Iranian military presence, as he invited Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman to visit the entity.

Intelligence Affairs Minister Yisrael Katz

Saudi Arabia and the "Israeli" entity had recently been normalizing ties, although both countries do not share diplomatic ties.

Describing Saudi Arabia as the leader of the Arab world, Katz proposed that the kingdom would be a sponsor of the so-called "Israeli"-Palestinian "peace process". Katz added that the entity would be happy to participate in such negotiations.

Katz said the entity is aware that Iran has been building alleged weapons plants in Lebanon. "We have information that Iran is building advanced missile plants in Lebanon, and I want to emphasize that we have drawn a new red line, and we will not allow them to do this at any cost."

Asked by his interviewer whether the "Israeli" entity views the visit of an Iraqi resistance leader to south Lebanon as an Iranian attempt to send a message to the entity, Katz said Iran doesn't need to send a message, adding that "Israel" knows exactly what the Iranians are doing in the region.

When his interviewer asked whether the "Israeli" entity could bomb the alleged missile plants in Lebanon, Katz replied: "Yes. We will also act militarily and prevent them, as is happening in Syria."

He went on to threaten Lebanon as saying: "The more accurate that Hezbollah's missiles get, the stronger and wider ‘Israel's' strike will be. This time, all of Lebanon will be a target."

The "Israeli" minister boasted about the similarity in thought with Saudi Arabia as he quoted a Saudi minister as saying that they "Will send Hezbollah back to their caves in south Lebanon," adding "I am telling you that we will return Lebanon to the Stone Age."

Relatedly, the 32-year-old Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman's [MBS] firm anti-Iranian position makes him an important partner to the US and the "Israeli" entity. Several Arab websites have reported in the past few years that bin Salman has met with several top "Israelis".

According to these reports, one such meeting took place in Eilat in 2015; another on the margins of the Arab summit in Jordan this March, and there are regular meetings between Saudi and "Israeli" officers in the joint war room where Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the US coordinate.

Last month, Elaph - a Saudi online newspaper, published an unprecedented interview with the "Israeli" military chief, Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot, marking the first time any senior "Israel" Occupation Forces officer, let alone the chief of staff, was interviewed by a media organization in Saudi Arabia.

In the interview, Eisenkot called Iran the "real and largest threat to the region." He said the "Israeli" entity and Saudi Arabia are in complete agreement about Iran's intentions and noted that the two countries have never fought each other.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team

14-12-2017 | 13:55

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