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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech after Trump’s Declaration of Al-Quds as the ’Capital’ of ’Israel’

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech after Trump’s Declaration of Al-Quds as the ’Capital’ of ’Israel’
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In His Name

Full televised speech delivered by Hizbullah Secretary General, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on the US decision to recognize al-Quds as the capital of "Israel" on December 7, 2017.



Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech after Trump’s Declaration of Al-Quds as the ’Capital’ of ’Israel’

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed devil. In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful. Peace be upon the Seal of prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi al-Qassem Mohammad, and upon his chaste and pure Household, and upon his chosen companions, and upon all messengers and prophets.

Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings

My speech for today is on the latest US decision announced by US President yesterday in which he recognized al-Quds as the capital of "Israel" - the Zionist entity. However, before starting, I want to offer my salutations to all Muslims in the world on the fragranced occasion of the birth anniversary of the Prophet of Allah Muhammad (peace be upon him and his Household) and the fragranced occasion of the birth anniversary of his Grandson Jafar al-Sadeq (peace be upon him).

O' brothers and sisters, as was said yesterday in several places within the Arab and Islamic world, we feel as if we are before a Balfour Declaration - a second Balfour Declaration. Now whether it is a coincidence, or whether it was planned, that 100 years after the first Balfour Declaration, the second Balfour Declaration has come to us...

I want to tackle three points under this topic, indeed as briefly as possible despite the many points which may be tackled.

The first topic: perceiving the dangers of this US decision and highlighting some of these dangers.

Second: highlighting some of the indications of the US decision, what does it mean and what does it imply or comprise?

Third: the required stance and the conclusion.

First: perceiving the dangers of the US decision.

When we perceive the consequent dangers of this decision, that will form a motive for all of us to take action and assume responsibility, and on the other hand, to disregard the voices which will emerge in the coming few days - in two or three days. Everyone will express his viewpoint. I believe that we will hear voices in the Arab and Islamic worlds which will say that what took place is of no importance.

Nothing took place, and consequently, they will downplay and underestimate the danger of this decision.

Going back to the risks, I will give a brief prelude. We all know that the "Israeli" enemy and the leaders of this entity do not respect international decisions. This is proven when we recall all the international decisions. They do not observe international pacts and international agreements. They do not observe even the agreements they sign. Their interest is ruling, and it is above everything. They do not respect even the so-called international community or the international will.

They do not care for what the Arab League, the Islamic states, or even the European states, or Russia or China or Latin America or Canada or Australia say.
As for this entity, it primarily cares for the US and the US stance. This is known.
Consequently, for the past decades, the consecutive enemy governments were trying to judaize al-Quds and confiscate it from all perspectives - on the human level, on the level of residents, and on the level of sanctities...

However, the successive US administrations too - as the sponsor of peace and the guarantor of negotiations and as the state concerned with finding balance between the states in the region and "Israel" and its Arab allies and the like - used to permit conditionally or prevent some "Israeli" measures in al-Quds.

As an example, the track of gradually displacing the Palestinians from al-Quds. At times, it used to overlook the process and give them a margin of freedom and then prevent them and take a decision. Everything used to move in this direction.
The same applies also to the process of gradual settlement construction. At times, it prevents, and at others it facilitates, and at times it overlooks the confiscation of Palestinian homes and properties as well as the process of gradually approaching the al-Aqsa Mosque.

The American stance use to form a barrier - in one way or another - before Israeli efforts to gain absolute control, and to fully implement the Zionist project, for al-Quds. If we pay attention to this point, then we will understand the danger of this new American decision. Because what did Trump say to them? He said to them: this (city) of al-Quds, all of it, (including) its western and eastern (parts), this al-Quds is yours. This is your land. This is your capital. This is under your sovereignty. Okay then, it's finished, the tactical American barrier, which was related to diplomacy, and political administration of the negotiations, and the balancing of stances between the Zionist entity and Arab/Islamic states, all this fell yesterday following a fatal blow. Today, the enemy's government (Israel), Netanyahu and his group, have no barrier before them after this American stance.

This leads us to some details as per the dangers which I will mention, and will move gradually upwards (in terms of their severity).

First: what is the fate of the Palestinian residents of east al-Quds following the US decision? Will the "Israeli" citizenship be imposed on them? So will their fate be like that of the Palestinians of the territories occupied since 1948? Will they be displaced? What will their fate be? If some reservations on displacing the Palestinians from al-Quds were observed previously, this decision leaves the doors wide-open today.

Second: what is the fate of Palestinian properties in al-Quds? In the past, we used to watch in the media, "Israeli" plays: the enemy confiscating a house here and another there or demolishing a house here or a house there, under the pretext of disobeying the law or the absence of a legal document or a construction permit from the municipality...Now what is the fate of these properties? Will they be demolished? Now everything is over because with this sovereignty, there is no US obstacle, and the "Israelis" will act with absolute freedom. So what is the fate of the Palestinian properties: their houses, properties, and fields in al-Quds?

Third: In the past, the enemy would build a settlement of 100 or 200 houses. The Europeans and the Americans would raise their voices saying: do stay silent. Let's be a bit patient. Now we will witness a huge, quick, unrestrained settlement construction phenomenon inside eastern al-Quds and in the neighborhood of al-Quds.

Fourth: al-Quds will expand even further towards the West Bank under the title of Greater al-Quds. Later, everything which will be annexed to al-Quds will be treated as al-Quds. It will be part of Greater al-Quds. That will thus be covered by the negotiations - if there remains any negotiations. In this perspective - on the level of residents, properties, houses, settlements, and settlement construction - the "Israelis" will do what is greater than what they have done for decades in a very brief period of time. Here lies the danger.

Fourth: the issue becomes more important and crucial when we talk about the fate of Islamic and Christian sanctities.

Well, in the past, al-Quds used to have a special case. It is internationally recognized....

Now, where has this special case gone? Based on the US recognition, the sovereignty over the Islamic and Christian sanctities is for the "Israelis", and they are free to do what they like with them. From the very beginning and in the past few years, we heard growing voices that this is the historic chance to rebuild the temple and to implement Zionist intentions in this regard.

We can frankly say after this announcement that the Islamic and Christian sanctities are (now) in great danger, and we must raise the alarm, yet what is in greater danger is the al-Aqsa Mosque itself - the al-Aqsa Mosque itself, which some day, no one should be surprised if we wake up and they say to us ‘there were some excavations under the al-Aqsa Mosque, and (God knows) what happened, (we were making) a tunnel or demolishing a wall, and the Mosque collapsed, it was just a mistake'. This can happen any night and at any moment. So the fate of the Islamic and Christian sanctities is in danger, especially the al-Aqsa Mosque.

Sixth: we come now to the fate of the Palestinian cause as a whole. (The city) of al-Quds is the heart of the Palestinian cause, it is the centre of the Palestinian cause, the axis of the Palestinian cause, the essence of the Palestinian cause. When al-Quds is removed from this cause, then what remains? Nothing is left. What is Trump saying today to the Palestinians, the Arab and Islamic worlds, and the whole world?

‘There is no more Palestinian cause, this issue is over. (Rather), there are some people, Palestinians, some of them are present within Israel - according to his terminology - and some are present outside (of Israel), we need to find a solution for them'. ‘We need to see where we're going to place them, maybe to Jordan, or perhaps give them Sinai, give them self-administration perhaps, what do we do with them in Gaza', that's the extent of the issue.

As for a Palestinian cause, and the heart and essence to this cause which is al-Quds, as far as America is concerned, this came to an end yesterday. Let alone the fate of a (possible) Palestinian state, an independent (state) with the holy al-Quds as its capital. Okay where is al-Quds anymore according to the Americans, so that you can negotiate - the Palestinians are unanimous, regardless of whether they demand from the river to the sea, or accept the 1967 borders permanently or temporarily, (they are unanimous) that the capital of their Palestinian state, no matter what its size, must be east al-Quds. The Americans today have crossed out this issue for good. If the Americans...who were the sponsors and guarantors - meaning the sponsors of the negotiations and the guarantors of agreements if they occur - (the Americans) are saying to us all and the Palestinians, that al-Quds is not part of the negotiations. That's it, this issue is non-negotiable, nor even the subject of discussion. We can speak about other things - if you wish to continue negotiations - we can speak about other things. However, we will not discuss al-Quds. What does that mean? Some of those who are still concerned about negotiations and the so-called peace process frankly and clearly said yesterday that Trump fired the last bullet on this process. Some even said that it is a dead process; however, Trump had the courage to announce its death. However, some in the Arab world may still insist that it is still alive.

I stop with this to speak about another danger. As for those who are outside al-Quds, when America dares and takes what is dearest to the Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, Christians, and the Arab and Islamic world - meaning al-Quds - what then will be the fate of the West Bank, the Golan (Heights), the Shebaa Farms, and the Kafar Shouba Hills? When it dares and takes what is dearest and holiest to you and does not fear anything and does not take anything into consideration at all, how will it act towards what is not as holy and important as it on the cultural, emotional, and religious level? Thus all the other causes which are part of the struggle with the "Israeli" enemy will be threatened especially if silence was expressed as per this dangerous decision.

These are some of the dangers which I tackled briefly. However, with little contemplation and with more time - 48 hours or three days - people will discover many dangers that come consequent to this decision should people remain silent towards it, because this is by far more crucial than the Arab-"Israeli" struggle. One of the most crucial dangers is the American profanation of everything in the Arab and Islamic world, because the nation which remains silent towards the usurping of al-Quds and its extraction from its history, civilization, heart, mind, spirit, and conscience, is a nation that may forsake anything else that has to do with the Arab-"Israeli" conflict or anything that the US administration craves or aspires for.

Second: as for the indications of yesterday's scene of Trump making the announcement and what accompanied that scene, apparently, it seems that all world states oppose this decision and do not agree with it on differing levels. Also apparently at least, all Arab and Islamic states reject this decision and do not support it. Okay, that means that the world - all world states - are saying to Trump that we reject this decision, some say ‘reject', some say ‘we're regretful', some say ‘we do not support', some say ‘we denounce', some say ‘we condemn', the various terms and language of each stance. Therefore (Trump) does not care about anyone, nor does he accept from anyone, nor does he respect anyone. Neither his European allies, nor his allies in the Arab and Islamic world, nor the so-called international community. If all these states are not the international community, then who is the international community? Washington? And you know that the Americans sometimes wage war on nations and governments under the pretext that they do not respect the will of the international community. Okay, where is (Trump's) respect for the international community, his respect for the international will, and his respect for world states? What we witnessed yesterday is a show of disdain and belittlement of all world states and world capitals and world governments for the sake of "Israel". We will tackle this at the end of the speech.

This is one. Furthermore, (Trump) knows, and those in his administration know, that in this decision is an insult - not just disregard - rather an insult and attack on the feelings of 1.4-1.5 billion Muslims in the world at least, and with them also hundreds of millions of Christians who do not agree with this step and feel insulted and incited (by this decision). Okay, we don't want to add up a huge number, (at least) hundreds of millions of Muslims and Christians yesterday felt insulted, that the city they sanctify, which contains their sanctities, and their religious and civilizational identity, and which represents their long and illustrious history, was just given away, just like that, to a manufactured Zionist state, and all of this history, values, and meanings were confiscated. Thus we are before a man and an administration that is not concerned with the dignities, feelings, emotions, sentiments, and values of billions or hundreds of millions of people who live in this region and the world.

We mention another indication, especially since the cause is as holy as this. This has been said yesterday by some governments, states, and senior politicians, and even by the Palestinian authority and others. They said that what Trump did is a violation of the international decisions and international pacts and the signed agreements which were sponsored by the Americans themselves. This has implications. It means that the US administration does not respect US decisions, and it wants the world to respect it. It does not observe the international agreements and violates them whenever it wants and withdraws from it whenever it wants and breaches it whenever it wants - then it launches war on states, peoples, and governments under the pretext of disrespecting international agreements and international accords. This is America which is trying today to impose itself on the world. So we are before an administration that does not form any guarantee - not even to its own commitments, vows, accords, agreements, guarantees, sponsorships and commitments. Should the US administration commit itself to something, another administration or president may come overnight and blow everything. They do not respect so-called international decisions or agreements or accords or vows or contracts or the like. That means that there is no more peace and security in this world and that the world has come to be ruled by the law of the jungle and the whims of the man who dwells in the White House.

The following indication is one of the most important. What is the status of US allies to the US? Its allies in the Arab world and its allies in the Islamic world are more than 50 great and major countries. What do they mean for the US? What do they mean for Trump as per such an important and critical cause? Nothing at all. We heard before he made the announcement that King so and so, prince such and such, president so and so, and leader such and such called, warned, opposed, condemned...Wasn't that said in the media? Did anyone lend an ear? Did anyone show respect? Did anyone show esteem? In fact, all Arab and Muslim rulers, and all Arab and Islamic states, and all Arabs and Islamic peoples must understand very well from this experience that they do not mean anything at all to President Trump, the US administration, and America in a case of such holiness and importance. This must be kept in mind.

You know all those who theorized all over past years and called for going as far as possible with the US, claiming that "Israel's" importance to the US has dwindled. You know that there are theories that prevailed over the past ten years that said that "Israel's" importance to the Americans has dwindled and now the Americans have come to see with two eyes and not one eye, and it now cares for everyone's interests. It was revealed that all of this is nonsense and that everything with the exception of "Israel" is of no value, and that its sentiments, projects, interests, aspirations, and even pleas are not taken into consideration, and that the first in the region as far as America is concerned is "Israel", and its interests come before all other interests, and its dignity comes before all other dignities, and its security comes before every security, and its position and power is before every position and power.

Thus we are before a flagrant US aggression on al-Quds and its people, sanctities, cultural identity, on Palestine, its people, its cause, and all the nation and its governments, peoples, history, and civilization. What Trump did yesterday is a vicious act and a terrible historic oppression to the sanctities and to the nation. We are before a scene of arrogance and hegemony and unmatched insolence, and this calls on everyone to be responsible and to confront.

Third: as for (our) stance, we are before a flagrant US aggression on our sanctities, on our holy city, on the Palestinian people, on our Arab and Islamic nation, and on our civilization and history, and we must assume responsibility.

Well, also as per the stance, I have a prelude which I have to say. Yesterday and the day before we heard senior "Israeli" analysts - security, military, and political leaders as well as journalists close to the enemy's prime minister - talking in the media.

What were they saying? It is good for us as a nation, Arab people, Lebanese, Palestinians, and all peoples in the region to hear what they say. They said that all what is said, all the reactions, all the stances, and all the repercussions of Trump's decision to recognize al-Quds as the capital of "Israel" and the moving of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to al-Quds are valueless. Nothing will happen in the Arab and Islamic world; no reactions will take place. Be aware and let's understand all that has been taking place since 2011 till our day - because the Arab and Islamic peoples forgot Palestine and abandoned Palestine. They forgot al-Quds and the Palestinians.

They abandoned Palestine, al-Quds, and the Palestinians. Every country is preoccupied with itself. No one has time to take a stance or stage a reaction. They impudently said that. So this is not private information. On TV screens and on "Israeli" media they said so. Indeed, there are centers which evaluate the US and "Israeli" stances because they said that the issue was commonly and directly discussed. Perhaps in the stance evaluation center, they evaluated that this is the stance; thus they had the courage to take this decision, which - as I said expresses a very big and dangerous underestimation of both the Arab and Islamic worlds and the international community. It is as if nothing took place, and in principle, they expect that no one will talk because no one has time to talk or is apt to talk. Still in case if anybody talks, they will talk for a day or two or three. This is the type of people they are. They raise their voice for a couple of days or three days, and then the story will be over, and everything will be the same as before Trump made the declaration of his recognition of al-Quds as the capital of "Israel". That means we will return to the situation before the announcement; nothing will change in the region or in Palestine or in the Arab and Islamic worlds. This is the US-"Israeli" evaluation which encouraged them and pushed them to undertake this crazy step. This also necessitates that the responsibilities on the shoulders of all today are very great responsibilities.

Well, as for (our) stance, I have several suggestions which I will divide into two parts: the first part is to protest. We have to undertake everything which comes under the title of protesting, condemning, denouncing, and opposing this declaration and this flagrant US aggression dangerous step on the one hand, and showing solidarity and backing Palestine, the Palestinian people, and the cause of al-Quds, and announcing that we are all concerned with al-Quds and that it is our responsibility on the other hand. This is required. This is the least that is required.

Well, perhaps, someone may say that we will gain nothing from just talking. No, we must talk. This is the least that id required. Let no one underestimate or play down taking a stance, (making a) statement, a speech, and any form of denunciation and protest which I will talk about in a while. This is indeed required. In fact, what is required is much more; however, if some do not assume what is more required, that does not free us from the responsibilities we all must shoulder. All kinds of protest, condemnation, and denunciation must be heard by the US administration and the apartheid entity and seen along the Arab and Islamic world and even worldwide.

Let's give some examples. The social communication sites can be directed from home where one will not be opened fire upon, as is the case with protesting inside Palestine where fire is opened on the protestors. It will not rain on him or anything else. The least required from those who are concerned - every free noble human being in the world and not only in the Arab and Islamic world - must for days and over weeks condemn Trump and the move he took, and assert that al-Quds is the eternal capital for the state of Palestine and refuse the judaization of al-Quds.... This stance must be expressed as such, hundreds of millions of tweets must be sent.

When hundreds of millions of stances are sent on social communication sites for days and weeks, that will have its effect on the US administration and the Zionist entity and will change the joy to gloom, and they will realize that they are facing a great and huge public opinion. Here we would have done all of this without subjecting ourselves to rain or our chests to bullets. We have done this simple thing which is the least required and the simplest duty. Every man, woman, and youngster throughout the Arab and Islamic world and the world should take a stance and express it on social communication sites.

This is one of the chances offered today by the social communication sites, and these sites' administrations can't cancel accounts when it finds that hundreds of millions or tens of millions at least are doing so. This is possible.

Today, tomorrow, in the coming days, every hour, this is possible. Every young man and young woman, and every man and woman must act. This is an obligation. This is the least obligation towards al-Quds.

Another thing is issuing statements and stances throughout the Arab and Islamic world. Figures, personalities, spiritual sides, scholars, men of intellect, journalists, elites, private professions, syndicates, schools, universities, institutes, every framework, every party, every political force and movement, every social, cultural, media and political framework worldwide and in the Arab and Islamic world must issue statements and express their stance. It is not allowed that they remain silent.

No one must act in the sense that he will not make any difference if he spoke. If I speak all by myself, perhaps I will make no difference. But if we all speak and condemn, and protest, object, and assert the true cultural identity of al-Quds, the value will be very great and important. Thus statements, stances, meetings, seminars, conferences, festivals, sit-ins, and demonstrations do express the stance.

Yesterday and today, there are clashes and there are wounded - I don't know if there are martyrs - among the Palestinian people. When we demonstrate, you demonstrate, and so and so demonstrate in the Arab and Islamic world as well as the Arab and Islamic communities in world capitals, Trump will look and wonder: where did I go? What wall did I run into? Those who told me there won't be any reactions worldwide were mistaken. Who said that demonstrations which were staged and will be staged God willing in many places do not send a message? It has a strong message in confronting the enemy, and it has a strong message of solidarity with the Palestinian people which stands today in the first line of defending al-Quds, the sanctities, and Palestine.

There are other forms of protests. We will not tell the Arab and Islamic states to cut their ties with the US. There are moves that are major, but we will not tackle them. We will only talk about what is possible.

It is good that everyone and every country issued a statement and expressed their stance. However, there is a step which must be taken by Arab and Islamic countries.

Though it is a formal move but it is important and influential. It is summoning the US ambassadors in all capitals of the Arab and Islamic world to report an official protests to the US state department. This would be recorded for history, for the present time, and for the future. This is an influential form of political and moral protest.

So the story is not limited to issuing a statement. The ambassador must be summoned. He must be told that his president and administration undertook a very dangerous move. It perpetrated a great aggression and a terrible humiliation. It put the region before dangers with unknown repercussions and results. You underestimated these repercussions. This is one form of protest.

These are some of the topics which come under a broad title. Let's call this title: we are all responsible not to remain silent. I will reiterate and tell you why. It's because some in the Arab and Islamic world would say that talking is of no use. What would a tweet do? Of what use would a sit-in, a demonstration, a seminar, or summoning the ambassador be? They are useful, and they are required. Indeed they are useful. True they are not decisive but they are helpful and morally influential in relation to friends and in relation to the foes.

The second topic is the measures and procedures (required) to reinforce the stance and pressure the US administration to reverse this decision and freeze this decision. Let no one say this is impossible. There is nothing impossible for the Americans. The Americans act based on their interests. They are pragmatic. They care for their interests. At times you curse them and insult and even fight them. However, after all they open a link with you to reach settlements with you in case you are strong and respectable. They accuse you of terrorism and search for lines to open with you and talk with you and send you messages and negotiate with you.

The proof is that they took many decisions and inked many accords and then they withdrew from them when their interests came to require that.

There is also practicing pressure on the "Israeli" entity so that it does not move in the direction of acting according to this decision that names "Israel" as the eternal capital of "Israel", whether concerning the residents (of al-Quds), properties (within it), the sanctities, settlements or the like.

Concerning the measures and procedures, we will not call for severing ties with America. If only that would take place! However, at least this must be done as far as "Israel" is concerned.

What did Trump say? He said that this step is in the interests of "Israel". You must prove for him that it is against the interests of "Israel" which he cares for.

He said that this is in the interests of the "peace process". You must prove to him that this contrary to the interests of the "peace process", and we must practice pressure on them to reverse this decision.

Among the measures and procedures which reinforce the stance and exert pressure is making use of the threat and changing it into an opportunity. This is possible through halting all contacts with the "Israeli" enemy, whether on behalf of the Palestinians or the Arab and Islamic states. All secret or open contacts - above or under the table - must be halted. Should these contacts continue overtly and covertly, what would we be telling Trump and Netanyahu? We will be telling them to take al-Quds and more.

The least which must be done is severing diplomatic ties with "Israel", closing embassies, and expelling ambassadors. This is the least which must be done. This is al-Quds - it is the end of the road. This is the last which may be expected by the Arab and Islamic worlds.

Moreover, all normalization moves which began in more than one Arab and Islamic country - particularly in the Gulf - must be halted. This occurs on social communication sites, through (mutual) visits, meetings, in the media... All of this must be halted. Any normalization moves or any form of normalization today is the greatest betrayal of al-Quds after what took place yesterday.

All forms of Arab boycott must be revived and firmly applied in Lebanon as well as in other countries. No tolerance must be shown. So and so is going to Occupied Palestine. Such and such wants to film a movie. So and so met "Israeli" journalists. All of this must be firmly boycotted on the level of the whole Arab and Islamic world.

Among the very important suggestions is a Palestinian and an Arab announcement of ending negotiations, to be taken by those who still believe in negotiations, until the reversal of this decision (is announced). Well, what is Trump saying? He is saying that this decision serves the peace process. By taking this step we will be telling him that he blew the peace process. He must be told that he ended, beheaded, and killed the peace process. In fact, we do not believe in this path; I am just talking about the choices available to all. Trump must be told that there is no return to the negotiations table until he reverses the decision of recognizing al-Quds as the capital of "Israel". For how long now would negotiations have been frozen for? Let them remain frozen and annulled even for one, two, three, four, and five years.

That's because Trump aspires to say that we are through with al-Quds, okay guys. Let's continue negotiations and accept a two-state-solution, if both sides agree to that.

I believe this is one of the required and possible stances. Here I am not talking about severing ties with America. Here I am talking about a very natural stance. In case this stance is not taken then al-Quds will be gone forever. Thus the Palestinians and Arabs must say: It is over. Trump, no negotiations will take place. If you want to go back to the negotiation table, you must reverse your decision of recognizing al-Quds as the capital of "Israel".

Moreover, one of the strong and possible steps in my viewpoint is that, as long as there is a meeting for the Arab Foreign Ministers on Saturday and a summit for the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation called for by Turkey - being the head of OIC - the following must be suggested in both summits: a clear resolution, which must be binding on all members of the Arab League and the OIC, must be issued to the effect of recognizing al-Quds as the eternal capital of Palestine. This is impassable, and it is not a condition that can be compromised. So al-Quds must not be on the agenda of any negotiations which may take place in the future. This would make him reconsider the stance and reverse his decision.

One of the very important repercussions is what was called for yesterday by senior Palestinian leaders. We support this call for a new Palestinian intifada. This is for those who suppose that the Palestinian people get tired and bored and do not care for al-Quds, the West Bank, the Palestinian state, and the future, and accept crumbs as Trump expects. A new Palestinian intifada and escalating the action of the resistance within the framework which the Palestinians themselves inside Palestine find fitting, are the most important and crucial reactions to the US decision.

However, here I do not want the Palestinians alone to bear all the consequences; I add that the Arab and Islamic world must give all the moral, political, and financial support, as well as arms to the Palestinian people in their new decision should they decide to assume the intifada. The Palestinian people must not be left alone to defend al-Quds; the Arab and Islamic world must rise too.

Furthermore, by the time Trump was making this declaration, the US House of Representatives took a decision or agreed on a draft to the effect of halting aid to the Palestinian Authority because it is offering aid to the families of martyrs - it is I who is saying martyrs. They refer to them as families of those convicted by the "Israeli" courts.

This holds all the Arab and Islamic states responsible. They must all stand next to the Palestinian people in their intifada. They must not be forsaken or stabbed in the back. At least they must not be betrayed and sold in the political slave market. The most important response would be a new Palestinian intifada and an Islamic summit that decides that al-Quds is the eternal capital of the state of Palestine. This is impassable and not to be compromised over.

The Americans must also see the unity regarding the option of resistance and the offering of full support for this option.

I believe that these are only some suggestions, and I also believe that undertaking such steps will indeed make Trump and his administration regret, and after all reconsider and freeze the diplomatic and political repercussions and consequences of this decision - though what is required is not freezing the consequences but rather annulling the decision and confronting this aggression and frustrating its objectives.

Indeed on this occasion in which the whole nation senses the blatant and terrible aggression, we must not forget to make a special call to all the governments, states, forces, and sides in the Arab and Islamic world to stop the wars and fighting and internal struggles. Stop the war on Yemen; stop the fighting in Syria and Libya. Now the fighting is over in Iraq. Fighting must stop in all places, and they must search for political solutions and resolutions.

These struggles have been triggered to the maximum in the past few years on more than one front and perspective, and between more than one Arab and Islamic state. They must search for solutions and meet because your sanctities, your al-Quds, and your central cause are in great danger, especially after this measure which we do not know what measures will follow it.

Finally, brothers and sisters, we in Lebanon unanimously agree on this point - praise be to Allah. I do not think that anybody disagrees. Yesterday, and very early the President of the Republic took a clear and strong decision. His excellency the Speaker and the Premier also gave their stances. We also understand that the Parliament will hold an extraordinary meeting tomorrow to discuss this issue. We also heard the political stances of the political forces in Lebanon.

So this is a point which we unanimously agree upon, and it is not a point of disagreement, or of no concern, or it is not an internal affair. In fact, it is an affair that concerns all of Lebanon, every Arab person, every Muslim, every Christian, every noble person, and every free person, because it is a cause related to justice, a humanitarian cause, a cause related to sanctities, and a cultural cause. So we are all concerned first in following this historic event and its developments so that everyone would assume his/her responsibilities, and we are all concerned - everyone from his position and in the form he finds fitting - to assume the consequences of this decision, (through actions that) express protest and solidarity, whether sit-ins or anything else. University and school students, syndicates, professions, societies, parties, political forces, and scholars may hold seminars, meetings, and conferences. It is not allowed that things be limited to a statement or a certain popular step only. No, we are before a true confrontation and a very dangerous historic event, and a terrible US aggression. We must thus act accordingly. One of the actions must be demonstrating in more than one city, in more than one place, more than once, and on more than one occasion. In this framework, from our side, we call for a massive popular demonstration to protest and condemn this US aggression, and this aggressive and oppressive US decision, as well as to express our solidarity with the Palestinian people, the Islamic and Christian sanctities, our city al-Quds, and our holy cause. The date is on Monday. We could have held the demonstration tomorrow, but we care to have the largest turnout for the Americans and the "Israelis" to see the move and the magnitude of the move, and the massive turnout.

They may say tomorrow ten or 200 or 1000 will hit the street. What is the big story then? We are talking about hundreds or millions. How are they to express their stance? Now as for us, the date is Monday afternoon in the place and time which will be set in the invitation call. The brothers may say at 3 pm or 3:30 pm. I call on everyone to partake in the demonstration in the southern suburbs as a primary demonstration, and we will see later if we will call for other demonstrations in other places. We will reconsider this with our other friends, allies, and the concerned sides. So in the Dahieh on Monday afternoon God willing I call on everyone - men, women, youngsters, and elderly. I call on our people in Dahieh, in Beirut, and in the surrounding areas, and on everyone who wishes to come from any place in Lebanon.

I also call on our people and dear brethren in the Palestinian camps. I call on everyone to partake in this demonstration under the title of defending al-Quds and the Islamic and Christian sanctities, showing solidarity with the Palestinian people, the Palestinian intifada, and the Palestinian resistance, and expressing our opposition, denunciation, and condemnation of this US boldness, hegemony, recklessness, and arrogance which yesterday Trump manifested in his aggressive decision to recognize al-Quds as the capital of "Israel". This is indeed the least required step and the first of steps which must be taken and must continue in this confrontation.

I would like to wrap up my speech by saluting the Palestinian people, whether inside Palestine or in the camps in exodus, especially those who hit the streets yesterday and today. We will see them in squares and fields. We will see men, women, youngsters, and elderlies. They themselves know, and the whole Arab and Islamic world must know that the Palestinian people inside Palestine are today the first line of defense. They are in the first place and they must confront with their chests the bullets and tear bombs and the various risks of being arrested, tortured, hit, and humiliated. They must assume the difficulties and hardships. We must all stand next to this people. We must glorify their jihad and sacrifices - contrary to what some were trying to do towards the Palestinians in past weeks. We must hail their intifada, stance, and courage, and bet on them and support them and stand next to them till the very end.

Allow me at last to say things in our own way and in the way we understand things. Let's put that in the words of the Holy Quran: {You may not like something which, in fact, is for your good}.

We are a nation, and we are peoples who have the power to change a threat into an opportunity and to change the danger into an achievement. This may appear to be a defeat for the nation and a victory for the enemy. We can reverse the scene to make it a victory for our nation and a defeat for its enemies. Still, this requires a will and action and presence. Everything which the enemy did since the very beginning until now were foolish actions which would later be reversed and lead to counteractions. All of that was the result of firmness, steadfastness, sacrifices, patience, tolerance, loyalty, honesty, and not treason and backstabbing.

Today what Trump did is a great threat which the Palestinians, the peoples of our Arab and Islamic nation, and all the noble in this world can change into a great opportunity which may realize for our peoples, sanctities, and nations their greatest interests.

Source: Hezbollah Media Relations, Translated & Edited by website team