Exclusive Alahednews:The Meslmanis... An Everlasting Example of ’We Won’t Abandon You O’ Hussein’

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The Meslmanis... An Everlasting Example of ’We Won’t Abandon You O’ Hussein’

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Zeinab Daher

Although his sons Ali and Hassan were martyred defending their homeland in the July 2006 ‘Israeli' war on Lebanon, Haj Sami Meslmani, the injured resistance fighter, didn't spare a third of his sons, Ibrahim, to sacrifice him in the ongoing sacred defense battle in Syria.

A father of three martyrs, Haj Abo Hassan comes from a family whose all generations have been sacrificing their lives in the battle for justice.

As Hezbollah's Martyr's Day this year coincides with the Arbaeen of Imam Hussein [AS], the fortieth day after the martyrdom of Imam Hussein and his family and companions in Karbala on the day of Ashura, the gallant man tells us upon which ethics he raised his children. He linked everything in his life to the school of Imam Hussein and his revolution, teaching us the brave stances of Sayyed Zeinab, from which he took a lesson for life.

Few are those who can defend the path drawn by Imam Hussein [AS] in words and deeds.

But Haj Abo Hassan Meslmani is a great proof of them... watch the next video, you will undoubtedly know what do we mean!

Cameraman: Issam Kobeissy

Video Editing: Ali Baghdadi, Nouh Awada

Source: Al-Ahed


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