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’Israel’ Regards the Electronic Warfare as an Essential Part of Its ’Soft Power’ Against the Arabs

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Local Editor

Resorting to soft war is not a new technique for the occupation entity. Since its inception, "Israel" deliberately adopted this method as a deterrent and a weapon to confront anyone who opposes its Zionist project. Theodor Herzl was the pioneer in realizing the importance of the media and its impact on the people of the world.

Soft war

In order to achieve the goals of the Zionist movement, Herzl created the "Al-Alam" newspaper. He used many methods to get sympathy from the world and to portray the "Israeli" entity as being innocent and peaceful and only wanting to live in peace alongside the Palestinian people. With this style and through the use of intelligent propaganda, the "Israeli" media gained the sympathy of European states and established strong and solid ties with these countries at all levels. Later, it managed to make the European powers the region's heavy weights and the world's main supporter of this entity in seizing the land of the Palestinian people and several other Arab countries.

The "Israeli" entity did not stop using media to serve its objectives and aspirations. Instead, it developed its tools and methods in conjunction with the revolution in communications and information technology, which caused a qualitative leap in the behavior of countries that have produced new and influential interactions on the course of events both internally and externally.

Social media

The "Israeli" entity used social communication to serve its expansionist Zionist plans and to infiltrate Arab societies through the Arabization of many social networking pages like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This created channels of dialogue between them and Arab peoples outside the governments' control. Its aim is to target Arab minds to execute its Zionist schemes that seeks to fragment the Arab region with its soft tools and without military force.


The number of Facebook pages created by the "Israeli" entity cannot be counted. These pages aim to change the Arab public's view of "Israel" on the one hand and to increase discrimination and create strife between Arabs and their various sects on the other. These pages played a huge role in enflaming the so-called "Arab Spring". They spread chaos, undermining security and stability within the Arab countries in an attempt to eliminate them as a threat to the "Israeli" entity and preoccupy them with their internal problems as opposed to having them keep the occupying entity in their crosshairs.

In order to achieve all this, fake pages with Arabic names were created. Some of these pages bore religious names and sectarian connotations in order create a kind of division between the people. Moreover, the "Israeli" entity owns official public pages through which they address the Arab nations including the "Israeli" Foreign Ministry's "Israel" Speaks Arabic" page, which has hundreds of followers and members. This page is the most professional page in publishing news that significantly beautifies "Israel's" image. The page's statistics point out that the number of its members is about 1.2 million. The "Israeli" Ministry of Foreign Affairs described the page as a source of information on "The State of ‘Israel'" in the Arabic language, in August 2011.

In addition to the "Israel" Speaks Arabic" page, there is a page for the "Israeli" army spokesman "Maj. Avichay Adraee". Adraee runs it himself and addresses the Arab people, trying to indoctrinate them in the most malicious and cunning ways. He has succeeded in this field to a large extent as his page spread vastly and receives active interaction compared to the rest of the pages. His page was liked by 1194621 people and followed by 1181940 people, which according to news sites enjoys more traffic than the pages of other senior "Israeli" politicians.

Unit 8200

Unit 8200 is considered one of the most dangerous units in the occupying entity. It operates under the umbrella of the internal intelligence apparatus's Shabak ["Israel" Security Agency]. It is responsible for leading the electronic warfare and gathering intelligence.

Not long ago, Avichay Adraee honored members of this unit, which belongs to the second largest tapping, jamming, and espionage and technology apparatus. Reports point out that this unit has recruited thousands of young students to form the largest electronic army to spread the Zionist school of thought, penetrate the depths of the Islamic world, poison the culture of the Muslims, and destroy their moral, human and ideological values. They work quietly to spread sedition, promote rumors, target activists and intellectuals, and fuel sectarian strife.

Counter propaganda

The most difficult thing for the Arab people in the context of the soft warfare is the absence of a clear strategy to deal with these types of conflicts, which are no less dangerous than conventional military confrontations. For example, in Palestine, the Palestinian presidency and the prime minister do not adopt this type of war. Hence, we suffer from lack of counter "Israeli" propaganda through official and non-official pages managed by state institutions that are competent enough to understand the Jewish mentality as well as how to address them with their language and culture.

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