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The Alarming History behind ’Israeli’ Arms Sales to Myanmar

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Marc Daalder

Most of the world has looked on in horror as Myanmar intensifies its campaign of murder, torture, and ethnic cleansing against its ethnic Muslim minority, the Rohingya.

While the European Union continues to enforce an arms embargo against the country and the US is likely considering re-implementing such sanctions that were lifted in 2016, only one Western country continues to brazenly arm the Burmese military: ‘Israel.'

The ‘Israeli' High Court ruled yesterday on a case brought against the government by human rights activists - however, the justices issued a gag order along with the ruling, so the media cannot report what the court decided.

‘Israel' doesn't comment on whether or not it sells arms to Myanmar, but the commander of the country's military visited the [‘Israel'] in 2016 and later boasted about arms deals on his personal Facebook page.

Although the situation is complex, it is undeniable that Myanmar is engaging in grievous abuses of human rights.

The United Nations, rights groups like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, and a vast host of sovereign nations have all declared that Myanmar is committing ethnic cleansing.

A Washington Post report noted that Myanmar's government openly states that at least 176 Rohingya villages have been emptied by the violence.

In the context of all of this, ‘Israel' continues to sell arms to Myanmar's government. This act, despite its brashness, should not surprise us...

Source: Jewish Currents, Edited by website team