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«Israel» Fears Hezbollah Will Receive Precision-Guided Missiles

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Under the nuclear agreement Tehran signed with world powers, the Iranian military industry is developing one of its most covert projects: the RAAD anti-tank missile.

Rocket launcher

The Iranians had been able to reach a breakthrough in converting heavy "dumb" rockets-some old and containing hundreds of kilograms of explosives-into precision-guided missiles. These GPS-guided missiles will serve as an alternative to the inertial navigation rockets that lose off their accuracy the further they fly.

The "ISRAELI" Occupation Forces [IOF] working assumption is that these missiles will make their way to Hezbollah in the Middle East.

The development of the new RAAD missile is based on a fairly new approach to developing weapons: being able to manufacture advanced weapons independently from Russia.

An accurate missile, such as the ones being developed in Iran, is one that has a hit radius of no more than several dozens of meters from its designated target.

For the sake of comparison, with the rockets Hezbollah currently has in its arsenal, the group would have to fire a barrage of dozens of projectiles towards central "Israel" to increase the chances of hitting the Kirya IOF headquarters in Tel Aviv. But only one accurate missile would be needed to achieve the same objective.

Meanwhile, a recent airstrike on the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center [CERS], attributed to "Israel" by Arab media, reportedly laid waste to alleged Iranian infrastructure for the production of advanced arms for Hezbollah.

CERS manufactures missiles based on scientific knowhow from North Korea and Iran. According to "Israeli" media, the Syrian center also develops chemical weapons and other munitions for Hezbollah, such as S-60 missiles.

At present, Hezbollah's precision-guided weapons arsenal is minor: A handful of accurate attack drones and "suicide drones."

In addition to that, Hezbollah has hundreds of unmanned aircraft, some of them attack drones, without significant flight and precision capabilities, while others are used for the collection of intelligence and for psychological warfare.

It also has between 80,000-100,000 rockets in ranges of 10 to 500 kilometers, but these rockets are not very accurate.

Nevertheless, the "Israeli" war establishment views Hezbollah has the biggest threat to "Israel" at present.

"Israeli" war officials believe Hezbollah has changed its approach with regards to future conflicts with the "Israeli" entity: Instead of a drawn-out war of attrition, like the 2006 Second Lebanon War, the Lebanese group would prefer a short war, with a strong opening blow, heavy barrages of rockets, and much subterfuge.

This kind of attitude would require a different approach from the IOF, focusing on the maneuvering of small forces, such as companies and platoons, rather than the cumbersome maneuvering of divisions.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team