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Despite Friction, Bibi Justifies ‘Security’ Measures on Haram Al-Sharif
Local Editor

Acknowledging heightened friction caused by beefed-up so-called security measures on Palestinian Haram Al-Sharif following Friday's heroic operation, Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu justified metal detectors, rejecting compromising in face of operations.

Despite Friction, Bibi Justifies ‘Security' Measures on Haram Al-Sharif

Netanyahu sought to justify Sunday evening the new measures imposed by ‘Israeli' regime, including the installation of metal detectors at the Lions' Gate and the Council Gate at the entrance to the Aqsa Mosque following Friday's operation that killed two Zionist policemen.

Relatively, Netanyahu sought to mollify critics, "urging them to be more understanding of the measures thus far undertaken."

"I understand there is friction on the matter of metal detectors," Netanyahu said, claiming that the cultural strain which they imposed were justified since "we can find ourselves in another such ‘attack', and these means are required, as well as the cameras that we intend to place on the masts outside the [Temple Mount]."

In this respect, the heads of the al-Quds Islamic Waqf, who arrived at the Gate of the Tribes at around 12:30pm, came back outside and adamantly refused to be subjected to a security check.

Calling on worshipers not to enter the complex, the Waqf officials organized a protest prayer outside the entrance to the Aqsa Mosque as some of the protesters called out "In spirit and in blood we will save you, Al-Aqsa."

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team

17-07-2017 | 10:15

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