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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on the Islamic Resistance Support Organization Honorary Ceremony (Part 1)

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In His Name

Full speech delivered by Hizbullah Secretary General, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, during the ceremony held to honor the Islamic Resistance Support Organization on Friday May 6, 2016.

Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

I take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be on the Seal of prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi Al Qassem Mohammad, and on his chaste and pure Household, and on his chosen companions, and on all messengers and prophets.

Dear scholars, brothers, and sisters! Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

Allah Almighty says in His Holy Book: {O ye who believe! Shall I lead you to a bargain that will save you from a grievous penalty? That ye believe in Allah and His Messenger, and that ye strive (your utmost) in the Cause of Allah, with your property and your persons: That will be best for you, if ye but knew! He will forgive you your sins, and admit you to Gardens beneath which rivers flow, and to beautiful mansions in Gardens of Eternity: that is indeed the Supreme Achievement. And another (favor will He bestow), which ye do love, - help from Allah and a speedy victory. So give the Glad Tidings to the Believers}

First: I would like to welcome the all brothers and sisters who work in the Islamic Resistance Support Organization. Support of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon and all the honorable guests. I also welcome the audience in this blessed and kind meeting.

First, I would like to felicitate you and all Muslims in the world on these blessed Islamic occasions, whether the Day of Al-Mabath (Appointment of Prophet Mohammad to Prophethood) which is one of the greatest days in history and humanity, and one of the Days of Allah Almighty, as well as the occasion of the Prophet's Night Journey and the blessed occasions that will come in the beginning of the Month of Shaaban God willing, which we will tackle next week if we remain alive God willing, when we honor the wounded brethren of the Islamic Resistance and their families on their annual day.

Today I will divide my speech into two sections. The first section is general and it deals with you - the people. I will tackle briefly the issue of the support of the Resistance, the Resistance, and the political developments. Finally, I will tackle the internal issues related to the Islamic Resistance Support Organization, and to avoid taking the time of the media outlets and the audience, when I finish what is of general concern, al-Manar will stop its broadcast. Then we will tackle what has to do with our internal work, much of which is of no concern to the people; thus we will not take their time with this issue.

In the first section, I will start with giving a prelude about the Islamic Resistance Support Organization. Then the first point has to do with decisions, procedures, and the terrorism lists that target the resistance at this stage. The second point is a general look on the political scene in the region because after all, it has its repercussions on Lebanon, and we are all concerned about what is taking place in the region. The third point is a brief word on the presidential elections in Lebanon, and the last point has to do with the municipal elections that will take place in a couple of days God willing. There remains the part that has to do with our work that we will tackle in the last internal section.

As per the prelude, first, I would like to thank all the brothers and sisters who work in the Islamic Resistance Support Organization in Lebanon for their blessed efforts, high spirits, vitality, industrious work, and incessant zeal. One of the characteristics of this organization is that it gathers various generations in one work. As the generations of the Resistance, there are generations in the Islamic Resistance Support Organization. There are young, middle-aged, and elderly men and women. There are old women who work exactly as the young ladies. There are old men who work exactly as the young gentlemen. They exert efforts and work day and night without any sign of boredom or weariness. They make great achievements indeed. I must offer my special thanks to the principals and officials because they assume extra responsibilities. They have to offer much time. On top of these principals comes the dear jihadi brother Hajj Hussein Shami and all the brothers and sisters who follow up with much responsibility and loyalty this blessed jihadi work.

I also thank all the contributors who support the Resistance. The Islamic Resistance Support Organization receives, attracts and makes contacts. The second section that complements the work of the Islamic Resistance Support Organization are those who offer their support, whether those who have over decades and years offered money and material aid - many thanks to them - as well as all those who support the Resistance even if theirs was not financial or material support. Theirs is moral aid and support in the political, media, and social stance, popular backing and embracing, supplication, and recognizing this Resistance and its achievements.

That's because the very act of acknowledging this blessing is something recommended and essential. I tell these contributors and supporters: We are proud of your support, love, and backing, and we will always be the Resistance you think well of and which defends you and defends your homeland, honor, blood, dignity, territory, and the wealth of your country. We will always be the resistance which makes victories God willing. We ask Allah Almighty to accept from you every act of contribution, support, and backing. After all and above all, you are partners in the achievements of the Resistance and the victories of this Resistance, and in all the achievements of this Resistance, because you resisted with your money and word, you resisted with your stance, and you resisted by embracing the Resistance. The embracing environment is one of the most important elements of strength of the Resistance, which is targeted today - as I will come to say in the first point. So thanks to all, and I ask Allah Almighty to accept from all the brothers and sisters.

Now I will move to the general points:

The first point: we start tackling the political situation, especially what concerns us, by first reminding the world of what the Gaza Strip is being subjected to during these days: aggressions, shelling, air raids, and even storming into some regions inside Gaza Strip, and targeting several posts for the resistance in Gaza, which lead to the martyrdom of civilians from among the people of Gaza. This must be condemned by everyone, and everyone must be concerned with this. However, unfortunately, a broad war was waged against Gaza, while many in the Arab and Islamic world were negligent and silent and preoccupied with other issues. This must be condemned so that the "Israeli" enemy does not proceed in its aggression.

Anyway, whether in Gaza or Palestine or Lebanon, the Resistance is targeted. As long as Palestine and Lebanese, Syrian, and Arab territories are occupied, as long as there is control over sanctities, as long as there is a Zionist project, and as long as there are people who are alive - keep the dead aside - who object to the occupation, object to the control and hegemony and defend, resist, and confront this Zionist scheme, the Resistance will be targeted. This is the story of Hizbullah since the very beginning in 1982 to our very day. We are in the same story, the same sphere, and the same battle. This is the story of Hizbullah. This is what has been taking place since 1982 to our day. We are in the same story, same sphere, and same battle. What is taking place now is what has been taking place throughout all the previous years. It is similar to all the previous aggressions against the resistance movements, especially the military and security aggressions, whether the aggressions against leaders beginning with Sheikh Ragheb, Sayyed Abbass, Hajj Imad, until reaching to Hajj Hassan, brother Samir, or the aggressions against leaders from the various resistance organizations and movements inside Palestine, or the military wars waged against Lebanon and Palestine.

Anyway, the Resistance movements used to always to emerge from the sphere of security assassination or military war stronger and more determined and firm, with a more powerful presence and faith in its right and in its conviction in the righteousness of its path.

Consequently, these aggressions have never led to any results. That does not mean that they will stop, but they would rather lead to elements of strength.
What are the elements of strength that make the resistance movements - including Hizbullah - have the power to tolerate assassinations - even of leaders - and to withstand military wars, even of the magnitude of July War? It is clear that there are main elements of strength in the resistance movements.

Here we will talk about Hizbullah. Since the end of July War, the "Israelis" carried a precise evaluation and studied the details and formed technical committees and not only political committees, a broad investigation, and reached several conclusions. Among these conclusions is the need to break the back of the resistance axis. The back of the resistance and this strong linking chain is Syria. Thus since 2006, they started preparing to hit this essential linking chain in the Resistance axis. Targeting Syria aims not only at hitting the Resistance in Lebanon. It also aims at hitting the resistance in Lebanon and the resistance in Palestine, because Syria was the incubator of the resistance in Lebanon, and the incubator of the resistance in Palestine. Syria was the seat of the Palestinian organizations' camps, leadership head offices, training camps, contact posts, and logistical support. In fact, Syria was the primary base which supports the resistance movements in Palestine as well as the Resistance in Lebanon, and thus they worked on this point and are still working on it, and we see that what is taking place is still continuing.

They also found in their studies and readings that one of the main elements of strength of any resistance is its popular embrace and environment - the people who support this resistance and back it and offer it their children, and hold the funerals of its martyrs with pride, and show tolerance when they are wounded and when their houses are destroyed, and when their fortunes are being blazed down. They tolerate displacement and do not harm the resistance with a word. They rather support it with all their strength and back it to be able to proceed.

These are the people whom we daily and truly call the most honorable and most dignified people. They are the most important element before arms, money, military technics, doctrinal fighting schools, and military schools. These people are the incubating environment, and they are the main element of strength after Allah Almighty which any resistance movement enjoys. They are the condition for the existence of the resistance and the perfection of any resistance. They are the condition for the continuity of the resistance and the victory of the resistance. Thus the Americans and the "Israelis" and their tools in the region were quite aware that they must target this environment and its awareness and insight, as well as its will and determination, so as to detach it gradually from these adventurous resistance fighters, until they are isolated and secluded.

As such, it will be easy to hit them on the security and military levels, and thus they will be dispersed and scattered before any military or security strike. This is what they work on. They have been working on this from a long time; however, now they gave this issue a very great and big interest, and started planning and making conspiracies. Indeed, they found in the Arab world some who served them secretly and some who would serve them in an indirect way. Now these are serving the US-"Israeli" plot in a clear, direct way. Today, masks are taken off, and in the coming days more masks will fall, and things will be clearer to people here and there.

So what are they supposed to do? They are supposed to work on targeting this environment. In addition to targeting its awareness, they also worked on targeting its trust and reputation.

Someone comes to say that Hizbullah is a terrorist group. Poor he! He thinks that when the so and so king or prince or president labels the resistance as a terrorist group, the resistance masses in Lebanon would abandon the resistance. Indeed, such people have complex ignorance.

They work on this issue. But the peoples of the world, the Arab peoples, the Islamic peoples, and the rest of the world peoples' confidence in the resistance will not be undermined by this characterization: they are terrorists. They are tarnishing the reputation of the resistance to let people abandon them. When the accusation of terrorism did not work out - especially when they refer to us as terrorists, killers, criminals, criminal regimes, and terrorist regimes - they resorted to other characterizations which they tackled in the media: criminal regimes instead of terrorist regimes.

They could not refer to the resistance as terrorist organizations; they rather say Hizbullah is a criminal organization. What does that mean? That means they are drug dealers, they undertake money laundry, they are robbers, they are thieves, they are corrupt...This is sheer fabrication and lying. They tarnish the image of the resistance to let the people detach from it and to hit this solidarity and strike this popular incubation. They also target the resistance financially because when they say terrorist organization, that means prohibiting money, support, and backing from being offered to this organization, or else it will be supporting terrorism, and the supporter will be legally liable in case of a country with a weak government or weak banks or weak sides. They would surely be subject to such procedures and laws. Thus no one would dare to offer money or aids in kind or any form of support, and thus the sources of money will be drained. When people detach from the resistance, and it becomes short of money, it will be rendered weak and feeble, and unable to continue. Then, it will be easy to hit it by any security or military action as I said before.

This is what they work on, and they launched a broad campaign to this effect. Who is raising the banner nowadays? Indeed, Saudi Arabia is holding the banner. The Americans blacklisted us a long time ago. Our battle with "Israel" has been taking place since a long time ago. The Saudis now wish to offer new and announced services. Thus they raised the banner. That's why, for example, we did not hear of a terrorist list in the Arab League before, but now a terrorist list was formed to blacklist us.

Later, they put us on the terrorist list of the Gulf Cooperation Council. They then took us to Istanbul but they could not attain a decision to label Hizbullah as a terrorist group - to be precise. In Istanbul, Hizbullah was not labeled a terrorist group; still, they condemned what they referred to as some terrorist acts done by Hizbullah. They labeled some of our acts as terrorist acts. Still they did not reach a consensus. In an absurd framework, they took a decision to this effect. Indeed, they will carry on working on this issue in the Arab Summit as they did in the Islamic Summit. They also wish to head to the Security Council. The Saudis are moving along in this battle to the end.

According to our contacts, information, and data, many of these states are not convinced in what they do; however, after all, some of these states have their considerations; some are weak; others suffer from various crises. I am not trying to find excuses for them; I am just depicting facts. They may be under US and Saudi pressure and threats to sever diplomatic ties. See to what extent the Saudis fight for democracy. One of the deputies in the Kuwaiti National Council said a word that did not appeal to the Saudis. This is written in Kuwaiti newspapers; so I am not talking from my mind. The Saudis threatened Kuwait with severing diplomatic ties with it if the latter does not prosecute this deputy. This state does not tolerate that an elected deputy criticizes it. How can it tolerate states and governments going against it in this battle? Consequently, there are states threatened with the severing of diplomatic ties. There are countries threatened with the cutting of aid and financing and expelling workers and communities who work in Saudi Arabia... Expect for a few, these countries have nothing to sacrifice to take a definite stance. Thus they move along in this battle.

Anyway, we are trying to understand some states, some of their circumstances, and some of their governments; though we always call on them to take clearer and stronger stances because the story is not that of the resistance, a party, Lebanon, and Palestine. It is the story of the very battle, the very cause, and the sanctities of the nation. However, as for us, what is our stance? First, this is something expected. Whoever chooses our path must expect what is taking place. These are natural requirements of the battle and the confrontation. All those who are openly in the battle will be punished. Even those who are fighting secretly will be known. This is something normal to us. Second, this is not something new to us. Third, we have always been living hard and tough conditions and pressure since 1982 to our very day.

On the contrary, we passed through the worse hardships and suffering. On the contrary, compared to our situation in the past, now our condition is much better on all levels - praise be to Allah Almighty. Consequently, we have experienced pressure similar to todays' and we have overcome them. Days ago was the anniversary of the April War, the Grapes of Wrath, the Qana Massacre, and the steadfastness of the resistance that took place in 1996. You still remember that this war came in the wake of a global international conference held in Sharm El Sheikh. Then, the US, Russia, China, and the entire West and the majority of the Arab states attended.

Perhaps only Lebanon, Syria, and Iran were absent as far as I remember. The entire world gathered in Sharm El Sheikh against us and against our brethren in Hamas and (Islamic) Jihad under the pretext that we are terrorist organizations, and a war was waged against us accordingly. Still we overcame that.

And until our day, I can tell you that we can overcome what we are passing through because first, they are pressures which we are accustomed to. We can overcome and transcend that. In line with our culture and comprehension, we view that as part of our sacrifices. Even more, it is easy for our resistance, environment, and people who daily offer martyrs, wounded, and daily offer sacrifices, to tolerate this level of sacrifices which comprises psychological pressure, moral pressure, financial and material pressure, or any kind of financial siege or the like.

Thus we are prepared for facing this new challenge. We must face it with patience, steadfastness, determination, and conviction because we can overcome it, defeat it, and frustrate it. We are ready to overcome this stage to a great extent.

Indeed, in this framework comes a new responsibility and mission to be shouldered by the Islamic Resistance Support Organization which is concerned with the moral perspective, the media perspective, the mobilization perspective, the relations perspective, as well as communicating with people to explain facts to them. It is also concerned with providing a kind of financial and material support. We have always tackled this in our culture; however, I wanted to tackle this point in the broadcasted section so that people would know the way we think and work. As far as we are concerned, what matters -and the true value of the money people offer - is first in their intentions and not the amount of money they pay.

For example, the brothers and sisters tell me that the family of martyr so and so is offering money to the resistance. The sisters would tell the mother of the martyr or the wife of the martyr: you offered a martyr; you offered blood. She would only say: By God! Allah had asked us to struggle with our money and ourselves. This is the Quranic verse we recited at the beginning of the speech. The families of the martyrs offer money; the wounded offer money; people offer money; old women would allocate some of the money they saved for their last days to the resistance; young students who go to school also allocate part of their pocket money and cast it in the resistance safe.

For us, this equals millions of dollars. This is our true support because what is for Allah booms, and all our resistance starting with its money, decision-making, arms, capabilities, movement, path, martyrs, and wounded were for Allah, are for Allah, and will remain for Allah, and Allah will support them. So it is not the amount of money, the quantity of arms, and the number of members. Thus today when the Resistance Support Organization confronts with these amounts, US, "Israeli", and Saudi attempts to drain the sources of finance, even if (these amounts) are humble, (amounts) from this family or that family, we must know that these amounts are very valuable and rich. Indeed, we do not want to embarrass anyone at all - as I said at the beginning of the crisis - with regards to Saudi Arabia.

Now, I will reiterate: we do not want to embarrass anyone by offering us any support, whether financial, material, moral, political..... However, we trust the faith, insight, and conviction of all the people who support us. We lived with them during the worst of days and conditions and the most dangerous challenges and hardships. With them we continued the path and made victories and transcended all these difficult stages and will transcend all the coming difficult stages God willing.

As such, this issue becomes a logical and required part of the confrontation, and with our will, determination, awareness, conviction, and insight, we will transcend this stage. On the contrary, we will have more conviction, faith, and insight when we again find all of these (states) massing up to confront us. We will only recognize more than any time in the past that we are right, in the right position, in the right place, in the right time, and in the right confrontation. In this framework, I want to wrap up this idea by highlighting two points only:

The first point: it is natural that today the pressure will increase on even the countries that support the resistance movements. As you have witnessed, as per Iran, they closed the nuclear negotiations file by concluding an agreement, apart from how things will move to execute it, only to open a second and third file. The second and third files have to do with the "Israeli" issue. The second file has to do with Iran supporting the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine, labeling this as a support for terrorism, and consequently, may lead to imposing sanctions on Iran if it does not stop this support. The third file is the missiles in Iran. Missiles have a defensive aspect, and in principle they aim to confront any supposed "Israeli" aggression on Iran. They started practicing pressure based on these files, giving more weight to the second file.

However, I would like to tell you that the Islamic Republic in Iran through the stances of His Eminence, the Supreme Leader Imam Sayyed Khamenei (May Allah prolong his life) and the various officials in the Islamic Republic, despite their varying political paths and trends, have a decisive and final stance as per the resistance, that does not suffer from any hesitation and pressure. So be assured that every support and contribution, whether financial, material, or military, which the Islamic Republic used to provide to the resistance movements, the Islamic Republic will continue offering it to the resistance movements no matter what threats and pressures it was under from the world. Be certain of that. This was asserted to us openly also through speeches, words, and meetings that were announced in the past few days and weeks including the stance given by His Eminence, the Supreme leader, on Hizbullah few days ago.

Indeed, we thank His Eminence who is always - in the position of the Supreme Leader - the wise, tender, and loving father who knows very well the meaning of the psychological war and the conditions of the psychological war, and the pressure of the psychological war, and he expresses his stance that backs this resistance which he trusts, respects, praises, and bets on. Today, we too tell him: O our Master! O our Imam! O our Leader! Be sure and asserted that what they say, do, wish for, and aspire towards is no more than "a mirage in a desert. The thirsty one supposeth it to be water till he cometh unto it and findeth it naught, and findeth, in the place thereof, Allah, Who payeth him his due", and he finds Hizbullah too. They will find Hizbullah too, and they will lose and be defeated in this new battle.

This is the first point, and it is beneficial that everyone take notice of it. The second point is that indeed we are all concerned to thank all the countries and governments that stood with us, and I will mention them in their name because I did not talk since a long time. With a retrospective effect, I thank the many stances on the popular level, and those taken by parties and scholars. However, let me go back to the last meeting held by the Arab Foreign ministers. I want to thank the Iraqi FM Ibrahim Jaafari for his strong and kind stance, speech, and words. We also heard several times and on more than one occasion, direct and personal televised talks delivered by Tunisian President Essebsi. Perhaps he gave two or three talks. At least I am certain he gave two talks to this effect. We also thank him for his stance. The Tunisian stance in general - the stance of the president, the government, the people, the parties, and the elites - has always been remarkable in past weeks. The Algerian stance too, whether in the Arab League or in the Interior Ministers Summit, the Foreign Ministers Summit, and Istanbul Summit must be thanked. The stance of Indonesia in Istanbul is to be thanked. As for the Islamic Resistance, it is our partner in the aggression on us.

Anyway, we thank everyone who stands with the resistance, and we support them as they support us, and we tell them that this stance is theirs God willing in this life and the Hereafter, and it must be the subject of concern, interest, and persistence.

The second point has to do with the political scene in the region. Perhaps there is not enough time for political analyses. However, allow me to give this part only in which I present a scene to make a conclusion so as to know where this region is going to, or at least what would the scene be (like) during the rest of the spring and the coming summer, or during the coming six, seven, or eight months.

The features of the political, military, and media scene in the region are getting clearer, and Saudi Arabia is playing a central role in that. In fact, it is the spearhead for that. On the one hand, we find an increase in Saudi-"Israeli" contacts. In the past, for example, a retired Saudi general would meet "Israeli" officials. Well, they would say this general is retired. You know this game - the game of the civil society. Well, so and so wrote in the Sharq Awsat Newspaper or the al Hayat Newspaper. They would say this is the freedom of press, as if Saudi Arabia tolerates the freedom of press. One of the revered scholars in Ihsaa took a certain position during the Friday Sermon. He praised Hizbullah and refused to label Hizbullah as a terrorist group, and called on the government of the Kingdom to show more care for Saudi internal affairs. Now this scholar is in prison, and only Allah knows what has befallen him. Anyway, what is written in the newspapers is claimed to be under the pretext of the freedom of press.

However, today a key prince in the royal family - Prince Turki al Faisal - meets the Zionists openly and overtly. Some time ago, they used to say it is a handshake. The handshake passed unnoticed. No, now they are meeting and holding talks. Saudi-"Israeli" contacts are open and overt. Masks are falling. Screens are falling. This is the path Saudi Arabia is moving on. Great atmospheres are being prepared for in Saudi Arabia to develop open contacts between Saudi Arabia and "Israel". In fact, the two islands that Egypt granted to Saudi Arabia - and this is an internal Egyptian affair - will be a gate for further open Saudi-"Israeli" contacts, relations, and coordination. Anyway, we do not expect a Saudi stance from what is taking place in Gaza or on any other issue except if they say anything so as not to be blamed. This is on the one hand.

On another hand, in the same framework, we see that all day and night, all the media, political, diplomatic, field, cultural, and social efforts are to consecrate enmity to the Islamic Republic in Iran, the axis of the resistance, and the governments of the axis of resistance and the movements of the resistance axis. This means moving on the same path as "Israel".

On the other front, we find that Saudi Arabia is moving along in its battle. There is international pressure to move along in the negotiations to reach a settlement in Yemen. There are international pressures to move along in the negotiations to reach a settlement in Syria.

Saudi Arabia first objected to negotiations, but then perhaps due to the field conditions first, and the international pressure second, they went to negotiations. What is Saudi Arabia making of the negotiations? Brothers and sisters! Saudi Arabia is double dealing:

- On the field, it is escalating the situation; there is no ceasefire in Yemen. There are rather raids, attacks, aggressions, and attempts to seize opportunities to make a change in the field.

The same applies to Syria. Saudi Arabia is pushing towards undermining all forms of a truce or a ceasefire in Syria. Who toppled the ceasefire in Syria? Who toppled the truce in Aleppo? Who launched a broad attack on al Eis Hills and al Eis town, and on the southern rural areas of Aleppo weeks ago and bragged of restoring this region? Doesn't that mean that it is he who waged this war, staged the attack, and toppled the truce?

After this new ruling group came to power in Saudi Arabia, more financial, arming, and political support, and instigation to move to the farthest point in fighting was noticed. So in the field, Saudi Arabia is supporting all escalatory steps in the field. In case there is a show of calmness or a ceasefire in any place that will be due to pressure.

- In politics, Saudi Arabia is working on torpedoing the negotiations. The Saudis are going to negotiations under pressure, and they are trying to take advantage of the negotiations to achieve their goals if they fail to topple these negotiations. This is an example in Yemen and in Syria.

- In Kuwait, people came to have negotiations. The Yemeni people and the fighters in Yemen remained steadfast. A year has passed. A new year started. They are steadfast, and they are showing firmness. The US-"Israeli" aggression in Yemen is (enjoying) broad international support and great regional support unfortunately. These people remained steadfast though they are oppressed, and they are forlorn. They are fighting with their flesh, and the Saudis could not yet achieve their goals.

They came to share in the negotiations. Then some of these who came to make negotiations told the two delegations - the delegation of Ansarullah and the delegation of the General Popular Conference in Yemen:

First, hand in the heavy artillery.

Second, pull out of cities.

Third, we can talk about a political solution.

Is this someone who came to negotiate or a person who came to impose his conditions for surrendering as the triumphant state deals with the defeated state? He believed that he is triumphant and came to impose his conditions for surrendering. Indeed, the Yemeni answer was clear: We did not come here to succumb. We came to negotiate. We do not want to succumb. We are ready to fight forever. The Yemenis have proven that they are ready to offer the most valuable sacrifices to defend their sovereignty, dignity, life, honor, blood, and honor, and they did and are doing so.

The one puts such conditions would have come to impose conditions, or wants to blast the negotiations. Also in Geneva, the Syrian opposition delegation affiliated to Riyadh was crippled and postponed, and after all they went for negotiations only to say: Hand us power. This is an interim state. Let the president stay aside, and hand the power to us.

O dear! Should you - the opposition delegation - come to power in Damascus, will you be able to defend Damascus in the face of Nusra and "ISIL"?

Should you, mercenaries, who dwell in hotels and do not have any true popular representation on the ground in Syria, be handed power and the army leadership becomes in your hands, will you have any army to fight with you? Will you be able to prevent the fall of Syria, which remained steadfast for five years, even for (only a few) weeks in the face of the attacks of Nusra and "ISIL"?

But this is mere grudge, ignorance, collaboration, and (a) mercenary (mindset). Thus it is not clear whether the negotiations in Geneva may lead anywhere. I am not giving a black picture. I will tell you why I am saying so.
I hope, and we all hope that the negotiations in Kuwait would lead somewhere; but with such will, mind, grudge, and spite, it is not clear whether it will lead anywhere.

Why doesn't it reach anywhere? It's because those who had been fighting in Yemen for a year and in Syria for five years are not willing to succumb. They are not ready to give in to Nusra, "ISIL", al Qaeda, and the Takfiri groups which are sponsored by Saudi Arabia. This is south of Yemen, this is Eden, this is Mukla, this is Hadarmout, and this is Ibyen. What is taking place there? What is al Qaeda doing there? What is "ISIL" doing there?

Should the Yemenis or the Syrians succumb at these fronts, the future will be for "ISIL", Nusra, al Qaeda, and the Takfiris who are sponsored, financed, and supported by Saudi Arabia. See this future. Consequently, this would be the future of Lebanon, Iraq, the Gulf States, and the entire region.

Thus what we see in the political scene is clear unfortunately. I will tell you why I am talking in such a way first, then I will wrap up this point.

I am talking in such a way so that no one thinks there is an atmosphere of a political solution in the region, and thus the young men feel they can rest. No! Let no one be deceived, and expect what are [in fact] illusions, and ignore the true confrontation. No, there are tough months ahead. The Saudis are offering more money, more troops, more mercenaries, more factional, sectarian, and Takfiri instigation, and they have no problem in that. They want to move forward in Syria and in Yemen. They want to blow up Iraq and Lebanon if they can, were it not for the awareness of the Lebanese. They want to create stalemates in Bahrain and everywhere, while waiting for the American presidential elections.

Moreover, perhaps a new administration may come to power and be in line with Saudi Arabia in its destructive wars. After all the US does not work for Saudi Arabia. The US rather has Saudi Arabia at its service. The Saudis are trying to have the Americans serve them but they did not succeed in that so far. After all, the Americans are leading the game in Yemen, in Iraq, in Syria, and in the region in a way that serves their interests. They are investing all the situations in a way that serves their interests and projects. So they are trying to let time pass. They are practicing more spite, shedding more blood, and employing more political and media craftiness. That requires more awareness, attention, and cautiousness on our behalf in the entire region: Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Bahrain, Gulf States, Yemen, and Palestine. We need to be more present in the various military, security, and political squares and fields.

This is our evaluation of the situation in the region during the coming few months. God willing our reading will be wrong. God willing, we ask Allah that the negotiations in Kuwait reach a solution, and that the negotiations in Geneva reach a settlement in Syria, though what I said is clear according to the indications and data.

This requires from us to be more effective, responsible, and show more steadfastness. Brothers and sisters! This project has been afflicted with defeats since 1982. It is the very project in the region since 1982 to 1985, 2000, and 2006, to the wars in Gaza, the battle in Syria, the battle in Yemen, the Resistance that was established in Iraq, breaking the "ISIL" scheme currently in Iraq, the steadfastness in Iran, and the continuing of the uprising in Bahrain... This project was blown with several defeats. So more patience, steadfastness, certitude, and faith in Allah Almighty is required, and God willing we can defeat this scheme in all its forms and shapes.

Now we tackle the local conditions with a couple of words. As per the presidential elections, I would like to say that there is nothing new. We are still hearing the very (same) stances, statements, and declarations. Indeed, every day, every morning, every afternoon, and after midnight, we hear: Hizbullah is held responsible for breaking down the elections, and Hizbullah does not want the presidential elections to take place.

We had previously given our answer to that. Neither I nor Hizbullah wants to plunge into a futile contest with anyone - neither those who talked today or those who talked previously.

To those who want the presidential elections to take place I say: Part of the solution of this issue is in the hands of Saudi Arabia, and the other part is here. So instead of wasting your time in the media and turning your back, why don't you benefit from time? Betting on time is of no use. If there is someone betting on being able to practice pressure on Iran, on Syria, and on us to move as they wish, things are not as such. Do you know whom you are talking with? We told you openly and in internal meetings, to have talks with whom you must talk with, reach an agreement, and negotiate. This is what leads to a solution. They are turning their backs. What then? If people stay turning their backs to each other, the vacuum will remain. So what is required is contacting the true concerned persons as per this event and negotiating with them to reach an agreement and a solution. This is what awakes the presidential elections from its coma.

As per the municipal elections, first, the importance of the municipal elections is clear to everyone. After all, there is a municipal council, when people elect a certain mayor, they would be electing the person who will be at their service within the competences of the mayor, and when they elect a municipal council, they would be electing a mini-government with limited competences. It is an administration that will be at their service within the competences of the municipality and its capacities.

So it is not true that anyone deals with this issue with indifference or frustration or says that he is not concerned. We are all concerned to care and follow the municipal elections in all departments.

Second, it is important to have an effective participation. This is something important because it is part of showing concern. Whoever wants to run for elections is free to do so. I noticed that some media outlets and social communication means are criticizing the great number of candidates. When talking about elections and a democratic process, you must expect that. Indeed, at times there are kinds of candidacies which are exaggerated. It reveals an avidity to gain offices and titles, and does not show any readiness to serve people. Indeed, this can't be praised. This must be addressed; but people must run for elections and vote, because after all, people are concerned with the affairs of people and their lives and the general status of people. So running for elections and participating in the electoral process is an essential and very important issue.

The third point is that there is a debate in the country that says that after all the municipality has a developmental, service aspect. That is true but in Lebanon, everything is politicized. After all, it has a political dimension, political repercussions, and political impacts. However, in principle, the services and developmental dimension must be guarded and highlighted. Consequently, when these battles are waged in the municipal contexts, ceilings must be put to them and to their repercussions, and its media, practical, informing and administrative perspectives must be put under control. So it must not be as if it is the end of the world. After all, it is not the end of the world. I mean that at times due to some disagreements and contests in villages, very strong enmities grow between families and at times even between political forces. For this or that to win in the municipal elections, they may resort to prohibited acts. They may resort to lying, forgery, and accusing others of financial corruption and moral corruption. The easiest thing is that someone accuses others of corruption. Well, do you have evidence? How do you accuse a judge with corruption? If no one tried you in this world, Allah will ask you on the Day of Judgment. How do you accuse people of being corrupt and of stealing? Some people also issue sentences beforehand. For example, they tell you that you are nominating a robber. Well do you know the unseen?

We must be very careful as per these things. The disagreement or the contest must not lead to enmities, grudges, and conflicts, especially between families and even between family branches. In the past, we used to hear that enmities lasted for twenty years or thirty years because of a municipal election campaign. Well, this is not the end of the world. If someone from the so and so family becomes a mayor or a member in a municipal council, does that means he is the ruler of the world and he has the treasures of Qaroon and the power of the Pharaoh? No, dear brother! He is just a mayor or a member in the municipal council. We must give things their natural magnitude and deal with them accordingly. We must be careful. For example, on Sunday the elections took place in Bekaa and in Beirut, and we would vote, and on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday, the results were to be announced. Well, people want to live with each other [the following day]. This issue does not deserve that a man quarrels with his wife, or that one person divorces his partner. It does not deserve that man clashes with his son. On the contrary, take things easy.

After all, contests have repercussions, unfortunately. It is our responsibility all of us through running the municipal election process to reach the best possible results with the least possible losses because always following municipal elections in this and this village among the branches of the so and so family in the such and such neighborhood, there are losses. Now I am talking not for this Sunday only, but for all the municipal elections that will take place on the several Sundays to come. I am addressing in particular the brothers and sisters working in Hizbullah's electoral machines. The process must be led with the most possible flexibility to achieve the best possible results with the least possible losses. Following the electoral process in all regions and in all sectors, committees must be formed to address the conflicts and bridge the gaps that were the byproducts and the repercussions of the municipal elections.

Fourth, concerning the municipal elections, there is an issue circulated in the country on the cultural level which I believe is wrong. They say that the municipal elections have to do with developmental services; well, let's leave it to the civil community. What does the civil community mean? What about us - the political parties? Are we a military community? These parties are the civil community. What does the civil community mean? People may tell you to leave the municipal elections to the families. Why do you want the political parties to interfere? This is a wrong culture. This is not true. I even tell you this is dangerous, and I will explain for you very briefly the reason behind that.

First, the municipality in particular is one of the forms of the rule, the administration, and the authority within limited competences. This is the mission of the political parties. The mission of the political parties is the parliament, the government, and the authority, whether on a narrow or a broad circle. Should the political parties ignore the municipal electio4ns, they would be neglecting a part of its task and mission as political parties.

Second, this reason is more important I believe. See these disputes and conflicts in this country as a result of municipal elections, the participation of political parties in running the elections decreases the losses, they do not increase them. I will give you a simple and direct example in the village in Bekaa or the South and in the places where Hizbullah and the Amal Movement are effectively present. Perhaps in some places there are other political, national, and Islamic forces. Well, what if Hizbullah and the Amal Movement do not sit and agree and gather these families, and recommend on them to nominate several people so as to form a list? We were told that we in Hizbullah and the Amal Movement are not concerned. Are we to leave the choice to families? What would happen then? Shall there be six or seven lists and shall we see people cancelling each other and enmities growing? The social communication sites now are not leaving sanctity for anyone.

As such, we will emerge from the elections and our environment which is our village torn apart, and thus we will need six years to address and heal its wounds. Is this true or not? Is this the truth or not? People are fighting fiercely, and I don't know what their story is. This wants a mayor; that wants a deputy mayor; this wants a member in the municipal council. O my God! Then the story turns to familial dignity and hearts are broken and wars are waged.

Well, we are responsible for our community and especially the environment of the resistance. Shall we sit and watch only because some are criticizing us for interfering in the municipal elections?

No! First, this is our responsibility. Second, this fortifies our environment, communities, villages, and families. We can't leave this issue. We can't let families form lists, compete, and fight fiercely, especially under these conditions. May Allah forbid that.
It is our responsibility and obligation to assume this responsibility and exert effort. I would like to tell you frankly that we in Hizbullah do not like this very much. It really preoccupies our mind and leaves us feeling hectic. Thanks God, it takes place every six years and not every four years. It is an endless preoccupation for the mind.

After all, if this figure or that figure - from this family or from that family - becomes the mayor, what difference does that make to me or to Hizbullah at least?
Still, when we see people competing, fighting, and at times resorting to prohibited means in these elections, we find that it is our responsibility to interfere, control, and ally along with our brothers in the Amal Movement and the other existing political parties and sides, to form lists and call upon people to vote for these lists.

Indeed, no form is free of negative points or gaps. For example, some families nominated by Amal in line with the agreement or the alliance do not appeal to some members in these families who are affiliated to Hizbullah. Likewise, some families nominated by Hizbullah, in line with the agreement or the alliance, do not appeal to some members in these families who are affiliated to the Amal Movement. Moreover, when Hizbullah and Amal Movement come to talk with these families and call on them to nominate one or two figures, there would be those who agree and those who don't. We call on them to choose; after all no family agrees unanimously on one person. Is there any family among us or among the others in Lebanon which agree on one person? I am talking about this issue because it has to do with the motives of the elections. After all, should prophets, saints, the infallible Imams, and the pious men who are far above personal, familial, and mundane relations meet and form a list for the municipal council in any village, you will find those who agree and those who don't. This is true for Hizbullah and the Amal Movement, and this is true for every family and party. Is this right or not? Is this transparent or not? Is this clear or not?

So after all, this choice is the best possible and the right choice, and the choice which we are supposed to act according to because the other choice is to leave people to clash with each other. Consequently, Hizbullah will become several parties, the Amal Movement will become several movements, and the so and so party will become several parties too. So no! Please brothers! Perhaps I am shedding more light on this issue than at any time in past years because you know the status of the media and social communication means in Lebanon. So we shed more light on the municipal elections for ours was the right choice. Our brothers in Hizbullah and Amal Movement, and our other allies, based on the varying regions, formed lists. In some areas we could not reach a solution, thus we left; but in the overwhelming majority of the regions, people interacted, agreed with each other, and formed lists.

After all of this interpretation, I call on everyone to commit himself to these lists and vote for them. Perhaps now someone would say: O Sayyed! I receive letters of which you do not know. Here so and so was nominated. There so and so was ruled out. You know all of these details. But dear brothers and sisters! If there are 18 seats in the municipal council, it is impossible to fit 180 people! What shall we do? After all we must choose 18. This is the political, familial, and social composition. There are 18 seats. What shall we do? Consequently, what I wish for is that if any one of our brothers and sisters and our dear audiences in this village or in that city has any remark on a certain political alliance or on a certain familial composition, or a certain representation, we do not have any problem in that as we respect these remarks. Still, this is what is possible. Let no one ask us to do what is impossible.

Consequently, what is required from the brothers and sisters is to go to the various regions and vote this Sunday, and the three following Sundays to come, for reasons that have to do with faith, commitment, support, harmony, unity, and concern on strengthening the alliance. That's because some would say: I will cancel this name and I will cancel that name. Perhaps this will have its political repercussions. You are seeing things as having to do with the municipality only; but that is not the case. Some political ties and political alliances collapsed due to a defect in the municipal elections. I would like to address our masses in particular by saying: At this stage as in every stage, we are loyal and faithful to our allies. We all need a united, coherent front. This is one of the broad titles that must rule over all the small, minute issues.

There is one last thing that I would like to tell you as per the municipal elections, to wrap up the general section of my speech, and concerning the internal part, I do not have much to say.

There is something I will talk about now for the future. It is difficult to work on it now, and perhaps it is difficult to work on it in the future.

There is something that has to do with the culture of the municipal elections which we must work on, though that requires much time and a national zeal, if at least pertaining to the mayor and the deputy mayor, or let's say at least the mayor.

For example, the norm that is applied now by all the political forces in all sects and in all parties says that the mayor must be from the biggest family or from one of the biggest families. You must search within the family to find a noble, fair, competent mayor in the biggest family or in one of the biggest families. At times, we may agree; at others we don't. The priority is that he be from the biggest family. To be from the biggest family is above the interest of the money, the administration, and the future of the municipality for the next three or six years. This is indeed wrong. Now everyone bows to this storm. This must be addressed at least as per the mayor. After all, the members of the municipality are partners in decision-making. The mayor is half the story at least. Some people exaggerate and say his role is bigger or lesser, I am not sure; but this is the principle.

Well, if we put a new principle later on that says that the important thing in this village or that city is to search for a person, regardless of his family, who is noble, fair, competent, responsible, and dedicated to managing the municipality and who puts his personal interests aside. These characteristics are recommended by all people. These have nothing to do with religion, sect, or faction. This is constant to all people. Everyone wants a noble, fair, competent person who does not steal and rather is trusted with the money of the municipality and can run it and execute municipal projects. So it is not enough that he be fair and noble. He must assume responsibility and have experience in this field.

We must search for such a person, whether he is from a big family or a small family, and say he must be the mayor. Perhaps someone may say: Did you Hizbullah use to act as such? We were not able to act as such in fact. The familial, social, and political circumstances were taken into consideration, and we did not want to clash with families. The many considerations do not lead to the required results. This requires cultural action. It is fruitless to say that Hizbullah and Amal Movement are imposing this man or this woman [it is not a must that the mayor be a man] on the residents of this country. We want the most competent person in this country to be the mayor. Should he be from a small family, we would clash with the big families. We said we do not want to fight the big families. Do you want me to be more transparent? But this issue must be addressed in the future for the interest of the people, municipalities, development, and services, and for the sake of the world and the Hereafter too to be able to answer Allah when He asks us about our choices, elections, and selections.

Anyway, we hope that God willing the municipal elections will take place all over Lebanon with peace, serenity, agreement, and security, and with the least possible degree of sensitivities and enmities.

One of the good points of political parties' intervention in municipal elections is that at least in case families disagree on choosing so and so instead of so and so, the political leadership or party, or organization, or movement will be held responsible. After all, the political leaderships, parties, and organizations can tolerate more than families, as families live with each other in the very neighborhood, city, or village, whereas political parties can address this issue. They can bear more wounds of this kind than families, they are to assume fully the responsibility. Well, the interest was that this composition fits this village. So they can throw the ball on us. Never mind, we accept that, as long as you do not fight with each other, and you agree with each other. Hold us responsible, and we have no problem with that. We sacrifice ourselves for you. What is important is that people be alright and the elections take place in the best possible way.

I forgot to say at the beginning that I am addressing my speech to the brothers and sisters gathering in Baalbek, Hanaway, Nabatieh, and the Dahyieh in the Al Mujtaba Complex.

Source: al-Ahed News, Translated and Edited by website team