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Sayyed Nasrallah: We will choose the time, place, and method of punishm

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On the
fortieth-day commemoration of the commander of the "two victories", Martyr Hajj Imad Moghniyeh, Hizbullah held a large public rally in Beirut's southern suburb of Ruwais at Lord of Martyrs (p) Compound, during which the Secretary General of Hizbullah, His eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah gave a speech, it came as follows:

"In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful... Praise be to Allah, lord of the worlds... Prayers and peace be upon our prophet Muhammad, his household and chosen companions, and all God's prophets and messengers... peace and God's mercy and blessings be upon you all... 

We meet again today gathered by the spirit of our martyr, the great leader hajj Imad Moghniyeh, as it will continue to bring us together, may God's mercy be with his soul...
On this Fortieth day, we don't bid him farewell. Instead, we feel his strong presence more than ever before; his intellect, intelligence, school of thought, will, determination, planning, leadership, character, brotherly and paternal spirit and precedence in carrying the flag will forever be present within us... 

Forty days passed... and his family showed nothing apart from patience, solace and a good example as is the case with the families of our dear martyrs; in his brothers we only found more resolve and determination to continue his path, to work to accomplish and achieve the objectives he had set.

We observed nothing except the strength of Hajj Moghniyeh's presence in the nation's consciousness, passion, grief and interaction... and in our enemy we only saw anxiety, fear, and terror from his soul, his blood, his revenge, method and promise... Yes thus are the great martyrs... thus are the great revolutionaries...thus are the great leaders.
Dear brothers and sisters, today we celebrate the Fortieth-day commemoration of the martyr commander, which falls on the festivity days celebrated by both Muslims and Christians. 

On your behalf I take this occasion to congratulate all Muslims and Christians, on their grand, cherished and glorious holidays that are associated and connected to two great figures, of the greatest of God Almighty's prophets, Jesus, God's Spirit and word... and the supreme Messenger of all the prophets and messengers of God, Mohammad Bin Abdullah peace and prayers of the Lord be upon them both and upon all God's prophets and messengers.

Each one of these two grand figures transformed from a man into a nation exceeding a billion and hundreds of millions when talking about either Muslims or Christians.
We, as Muslims and Christians, particularly in this era are more than ever in need for the teachings of these great prophets and messengers, these godly figures which represent the culmination of the divine grace of God to human beings. We need to be inspired by their teachings and way of life, when we talk about them. When we mention them we specifically speak of their faith and trust in God... their hope and aspiration... their sacrifice, persistence and patience in the face of ill-treatment... their service of people...

their pursuit of the thieves of the Temple and of the statues of al-Kaaba*1.
When we talk about them, we talk about Godly leaders... if we listen to them with our hearts and minds, we will be able to meet all the world's challenges and life's dangers... living would be a different living, life a different life. 

Before I go back to talking about the resistance and its icon, I wish to address what these divine figures are being subjected to... In the recent past since some writers and cartoonists in Europe offended Jesus (p) and his mother the Virgin Mary, Lady of the women of the world (p) under the pretext of freedom of expression, art and the like; the Messenger of Islam Mohammad (p) as well has for a while been exposed to abuse, humiliation and malicious attacks. His sacred book too undergoing the same pretext. Such matter must be condemned by all followers of divine religions and every free and honorable man in this world. 

To discuss and debate the Messenger of God, to believe or not believe in him is an intellectual ideological issue of faith, but to insult, humiliate and present him in a degrading and insulting image is another issue, one incompatible with freedom of expression or freedom of opinion. 

Yesterday in France, a senior official at a French Ministry was punished and expelled from his job. Why? Because he wrote an article in which he said that ‘Israeli' soldiers shot Palestinian girls as they were leaving school. He only recounted an event, mentioned facts about an incident and was fired from his post. This was not considered freedom of expression or freedom of speech or freedom of the press... He was punished!
Yet for the prophet of one billion and 400 million Muslims to be insulted, is considered freedom of expression and some European Ministers even defend this matter!!
Why are all sanctities and taboos, why is freedom of expression and thought, freedom of the press and the like...why are all they uphold for 'Israelis' and Zionists?
When a great philosopher like Roger Garoudi scientifically discusses and doubts the Holocaust theory, Europe goes up in arms and Roger Garoudi is put on trial even though he presented an academic review. Albeit, accusations and abuses of the prophet of God are permitted. 

This is a condemnable matter and must be denounced by the whole world. We must warn, and I appeal to Muslims in particular, that there are Zionist and American work groups working on establishing a violent conflict between the Islamic world and Europe, namely the European countries. 

We must be careful and know who stands behind these suspicious movements and confront them to avoid going into a conflict set up for us all to fall into for the benefit of 'Israel' and the American administration whose regional projects are struggling, hopes and aspirations are dwindling throughout our Arab and Islamic worlds. The act of condemnation whether in word or deed must be strong. But we must exercise condemnation with wisdom and awareness.

We must also alert Europeans and the European countries to the consequences of provocation and the trap to which they are being dragged given that a conflict of this kind is sought after and endorsed. 

To come back to the resistance and the martyrdom of the resistance icon hajj Imad Moghniyeh, present here in our speech and study is a main issue I want to focus on today. The 'Israelis' have forever talked about the battle of awareness between them and their enemies and opponents, a battle they have always said they have been waging with the peoples of the region, with the Palestinians, Lebanese, and Arabs.

What they have said is true; they are fighting this battle of awareness with us all, but not with the language of logic, scientific reasoning, or deduction... it is through the language of murder, oppression, terrorism, massacres, the killing of women and children, demolition of houses, assassination of leaders, siege and starvation. 

Observe their discourse... they say they are besieging the Gaza Strip because they want the Palestinians to understand that the firing of missiles costs them dearly. In other words, the Palestinian awareness must be cauterized, to be filled with incorrect and inverted ideas.

The same is meant to apply to the Lebanese and others...They speak of killing, assassination and siege in order for us to 'understand' and 'learn'.
These are the ‘Israeli' tools of the awareness battle, alongside which comes an enormous media machine on a global scale, the western world and, unfortunately, the Arab world, where we are witnessing an unprecedented American and Zionist media penetration in the last 60 years... 

This media comes to the aid in support of the murder, oppression, siege, starvation, and assassination... to damage the consciousness of our nation and our people, so that once this awareness is harmed, it produces the results of succumbing, surrendering and accepting the ensuing status quo.

Through the bloody awareness battle, they want to tell us that we are vulnerable, powerless, that we have no hope of victory... they want us to be filled with despair and despondency, in order to tell us that the whole world has abandoned us and our women and children... that not a word is said nor anyone moved when we are murdered in Qana or in Gaza... and consequently our battle has no horizon, nor is there hope for us nor a future for our resistance... because 'Israel' is an everlasting eternal rule that cannot be confronted, fought, defeated or changed.

This is the awareness battle fought to produce this result.
Sadly yet some weak spirited persons come along and instead of admitting their weaknesses, their lack of will and spirit to confront and sacrifice in defense of our peoples, countries and holy places...instead of admitting their weaknesses and limitations they resort to distorting and disfiguring the idea, by saying that the resistance is an unethical and illogical option... that for a single man to come along with his stick to confront the thieves in the Temple is insane... is the ideology of death!
Hence, sacrifice, loyalty, readiness to become a martyr and to defend one's dignity and country... [all that] becomes an ideology of death!!? Then the ideology of life entails that the killer rapist criminal rapist occupier be converted into a regional neighbor, whom we should learn how to forgive, live with and adapt to.

They start theorizing for their defeated spirits, minds and hearts, along with which comes defeated media pens that may or may not be on payroll.
These are the drawbacks of renegades my brothers and sisters. 

Some past revolutionaries, rebels, ideologues and former resistance fighters under whom we can draw two lines that is if they had truly been resistance fighters... when they renege, their revoke is worse than having stood on the ‘Israeli' side from the beginning. These are the drawbacks of renegades. You may talk about your defeated spirits, but it is not the spirit of the Lebanese people or the spirit of the Arab peoples or that of our nation at all. 

We, too, from the beginning have been fighting a battle of awareness with the Zionists, our nation's awareness against that of the enemy's. On the battle of awareness not only were we in a position of defense, we were in positions of attack; we were not only in positions of reaction, but in the positions of action. Today your sons, your resistance, mujahidin, Imad Moghniyeh and fighters in south Lebanon and Palestine are creating the new Zionist awareness. 

And I can say that the resistance in the face of the Zionists in our region, especially in Lebanon and Palestine, has made very significant achievements in the awareness battle.
If we go back in time to 1982 and post-1982...
On the margin, when talking about the resistance I mean all the resistance and all resistance advocates, and when I mention the resistance I do not have in mind a party or a certain movement - We consider all the resistance fighters who had the privilege of participating in resistance, who exerted great efforts on the ground, from various ideological, intellectual and political backgrounds, all of which is preserved- On certain occasions, I did not mention names for many they are and my experience in mentioning some forces and not so of the others is that some brothers call me up in gentle reproval when I mention some names and not others...My not mentioning some icons or persons or forces is not to renounce or ignore their sacrifices and struggles... You remember that when I stood in Bint Jbeil on May 25th I mentioned manes and attempted to be just to all, and yet I couldn't. 

Now when I mention the resistance movements I mean all the resistance movements, not a certain side. I pray to God and hope some will take the initiative to write the history of the Lebanese resistance movement someday in an objective, fair, non-partisan, non-sectarian, non-denominational manner, documenting from its foundation till now and into the future so that we do not reach a day when we debate [the resistance] as some do now... Although we are at the beginning of the twenty first century, yet debate exists if this person or that person were truly resistance icons in Lebanon?!... Were they resistance fighters or bandits?!? We solemnly fear the day will come when the resistance in Lebanon is branded as a group of bandits, whereas agents become known as heroes of sovereignty, freedom and independence. This history must be documented and must be remembered.

Back to the main subject, we return to the battle of awareness.
Since the beginning there has been a question in the battle of awareness. I will quickly and briefly mention three stages. In 1982 there was a question: Is it even possible to fight the ‘Israelis'? Is it possible to resist? Do you still remember the saying: Does the eye resist the gimlet? 

The issue is not thus measured for where is he similarity? Neither they are a gimlet nor are we the eye. Hence, this is a widespread Lebanese example.
Thus, the debate in the first few years was that fighting the Zionists is madness, unwise, unacceptable, and incomprehensible. 

From the year '82 to the year '85 up to the year 2000, the resistance movements resolved this awareness debate saying: Yes, it is possible for an isolated nation, cut off from the world to fight and resist, to stand, to hold a rifle and shoot, to present fighters ready for martyrdom, to impose upon the enemy declarations of 'three day mourning' periods over this operation or that one.

This awareness developed among us as well as among the Zionists... that ‘Yes! There do exist those whom possess the intellect, will, mind, awareness, culture, and determination to hold a rifle and fight even if the horizon ahead of them is blocked.'
That stage was over and the second stage came and they said: "Yes a possibility exists for the Lebanese youth to carry weapons and fight, but can you defeat the invincible army??! Can you defeat the indestructible army? This is impossible as this army has defeated the Arab armies and receives enormous support from all over the world!!?"
All that was being worked on in the awareness of our nation and people, the theatrical victories of the ‘Israeli' army as well as the Arab armies' theatrical defeats!
Was the 1967 war? Or a play?! 

Then the media inflated the ‘Israeli' army, ‘Israeli' soldiers, ‘Israeli' officers, ‘Israeli' generals, ‘Israeli' warplanes and ‘Israeli' tank... to inflate our enemy and to deflate our abilities, culture and determination to confront. 

This battle we won on May 25, 2000. In the year 2000 the victory was a military-political-operational one, the expelling of ‘Israel' from South Lebanon.
Yet there was also a cultural, ideological and moral victory...which is the an answer to an old question posed to which an answer had been dictated since 1948 till 2000 ...On May 25th, 2000 came the answer in Bint Jubail declaring that this army can be defeated and conquered and destroyed ... In the year 2000 the resistance presented the true image of the ‘Israeli' soldiers, officers, and generals. 

Now after the year 2000, and this is of critical importance, of course, and its outcomes in the region and on Palestine were massive.
After the year 2000, the question ‘Is it possible to defeat the ‘Israeli' army?' seized to exist in the Arab world...the answer to "Can we defeat the ‘Israeli' army in a resistance confrontation if they occupy our land... to fight it on our land and repel it from our land?" is Yes! 

One final question remained: 'Is it possible for this entity to cease to exist?'
Before year 2000, such talk was impossible, and further back in time, before the Lebanese resistance and the first and second Palestinian Intifada, such talk would have been akin to myths, madness and hallucinations, which is why many great revolutionary nationalistic Arab projects retreated, because they said: "Let us be realistic and logical. If they [the ‘Israelis'] return the ‘1967' lands to us, we should be grateful."
Why? Because there was despair. No conviction existed that ‘Yes, Palestine could be returned from the river to the sea.' 

But after the year 2000 this question was posed.
I proclaim that in 2006, in the July 2006 war a new and powerful answer to this question was introduced, because in the July war we did not expel an occupying army that had been stationed in our land. An army attacked us. The resistance faced a huge fierce attack and it confronted it, it smashed and broke this army, revealing the true picture of ‘Israel's' political leaders, generals, officers and soldiers, the ‘Israeli' tanks and aircrafts.
A few days into the war they ran out of targets to bombard so they bombarded whatever they came upon, a true failing and their true image was unveiled!
The image of the internal [‘Israeli'] front, the people that could not bear the shelling, evacuation or to stay put in shelters for 33 days. For Palestinians and Lebanese to bear 60 years of refuge is acceptable, but for ‘Israelis' 33 days is an unbearable period to spend evacuated or in shelters. 

And the war ended with ‘Israel's' defeat, revealing the internal [‘Israeli'] front and the possibility of a new answer arose: 'Is it possible for ‘Israel' to disappear from existence?'
YES, a thousand times: YES, ‘Israel' CAN disappear from existence!
After the martyrdom of hajj Imad Moghniyeh, from this same podium I talked about this possibility as a divine, historic, inevitable law, and I stated a range of subjective and objective factors that lead to this result. Yet some in Lebanon emerged to say that I speak outside this age and time, and outside the culture and awareness of the Lebanese people.

These are mere allegations.
In any case, some reliable scientific research bodies carried out an opinion poll which was published in Lebanese newspapers. A group of questions was posed after the martyrdom of hajj Imad.
Here I will mention answers to two questions the first of which is: 'Do you support active efforts to topple the Zionist entity?'
There is a variation between the two questions: ‘Would you like the Zionist entity to end?' And ‘Do you support active efforts to topple the Zionist entity?'
Thus was the question in Lebanon, the State emerging from the July war with internal sectarian, denominational and political divisions undergoing sharp and unusual conflicts; so what was the say of the people of all denominations on the matter? The answer in the poll, unfortunately, has to state what each sect says. 

The answer:
- The honorable Sunni community: 90.3% are in favor of action taken to topple the Zionist entity... this is a normal figure, since this is the history of the Sunnis in Lebanon, even if some attempted to drive them out of it, it would be a temporary ‘in-genuine' status.

- The honorable Christian community: 77.4% are in favor (an extraordinary number considering the state in the region and in the country and its political makeup);
- The honorable Druze sect: 66% are in favor, despite the fact that some say that ‘Israel' is no longer an enemy and that Syria is the enemy 

- As for the Shiites who have had the greatest share of the killing, destruction and sacrifices in the July war, 94.3% are in favor of action that topples the Zionist entity.
Is this conviction isolated from the momentous and dangerous incident, that is the martyrdom of Commander hajj Imad Moghniyeh? 

No, certainly not.
By Killing hajj Imad they wanted us to feel depressed, desolate and weak ...that we will be every way they wanted to burn our awareness, but we belong to the school of Imam Khomeini, who used to say "kill us, for our people will become more and more aware".

This is not a culture of death; the culture of death is when, you are killed as a lion, you thence transform into a sheep.
When you as a lion, are killed, then your children come to surrender their heads to the executioner... that is the culture of death!
But this, the culture of life, is when a lion among us is killed, our offsprings know their enemy and seek revenge and to stop the killing, usurpation and occupation, to dignify the nation. 

This ‘Israel' is headed into further weakness, frailty and defeats...
In the past few weeks, a cruel and bloody war was being waged against Gaza, some Zionists named it 'the Gaza Holocaust', while the whole world looks, and the Arabs kept a suspicious silence...but did Olmert, Barak and Ashkenazi learn from Halutz (head of the airforce who doesn't comprehend ground-confrontations) and Peretz (the minister with his locked binoculars, he was backed by the unions and was made a minister of defense)?


If my memory doesn't betray me, I recall when the Zionists were defeated in May 25th, Barak was the Prime Minister and Ashkenazi, Chief of the northern Region.
They say they have learned their lessons from the July war in Lebanon and that they are applying them in Gaza. I shall not talk about the operational military side; I will concentrate on politics.
Among the lessons learned from the war on Lebanon, a matter the Winograd report, Olmert and all the Zionists were in consensus on, was about the fact that Olmert had set objectives that were too high to achieve within days, and that there were modest achievements, if any.

Also in Gaza, have the ‘Israelis' benefited from that war against Gaza? Gaza the long besieged (for over a year), that lives very difficult economic, humanitarian, social, military, and security circumstances... even though martyrs, both civilian and mujahidin, have been falling every day before and during the siege?
When they finished their operation in Gaza, and this is why I emphasize that 'Israel' is done with. ‘Israel' is moving backwards and will not be able to move forward. Olmert came to say that the aim of the operation against the Gaza Strip is the following:
1- to 'unconditionally stop' the firing of rockets on Ashkelon, Askalan, and settlements near Gaza. (Everything they demand is 'unconditional', but when we demand conditions are placed)

2- To topple the Hamas government
The siege, bombardment and exerting of pressure soon followed, most of the martyrs were civilians (like Lebanon), homes were destroyed. They assumed, just as they did in the July-war, that the people will rise against the resistance to surrender, instead the people demonstrated in Beirut in favor of the resistance day after the Qana Massacre. They were saying that they were starving, besieging, bombarding, killing the people in Gaza so that the latter will demonstrate to topple the Hamas Government. No demonstrations were seen. Quite the opposite, instead of demonstrating against Hamas, it became an embarrassment for all the Arab governments, and instead of demonstrating in Gaza they demonstrated at the border in Rafah (embarrassing the whole world) and the firing of rockets persisted while the military operation stopped. 

The Palestinian people support this option because they have no other option to protect their leaders and women and children save through the launching of missiles... It would be great had they had other options. Would the Arabs be so kind as to provide them with another (protection) option in order for them to stop the firing of rockets? But another option is non-existent. The 'Israeli' wants the firing of rockets to stop unconditionally while the Palestinian demands the seizure of the killing of Palestinians in the West Bank and in Gaza as a condition to a comprehensive ceasefire.
The rocket is the means available to the Palestinian to protect his wife, child, brothers, home and the rest of his existence. It is illogical for anyone to ask him to stop this option unconditionally.

The military operation in Gaza ended without achieving any of the set out goals; martyrs fell, homes were destroyed, and later resistance officials came out in Gaza and told us about ‘Israel's' failure to achieve its targets, which is true, and to talk about a victory and it is true....some people tried to ridicule the victory like they ridiculed the victory in Lebanon, because they do Not look forward to a victory, and if victory occurs they deny and renounce it, but ingratitude and denial does not change the facts.
The ‘Israeli' does not weight events to repeat the same mistakes twice, nor does he dare undertake a land invasion. He attempted a limited land invasion into the Gaza Strip, and when he received a few casualties, he withdrew. This is the 'Israeli' army.

These are the ‘Israelis' in South Lebanon, in the Gaza Strip and in Occupied Palestine; they are threatening us in southern Lebanon with this army that stands frightened in Gaza, with the potential difference in capabilities between Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.
Dear brothers and sisters, with the blessings of martyr's blood especially the blood of scholars and mujahidin and political leaders, God willing you will be the generation that will witness our nation's final and decisive victory, the change of the face of our region and the establishment of the real project, which belongs to our peoples, countries and our nation. 

As for the ‘Israeli' Zionists, I repeat what I said to you that after the martyrdom of hajj Imad and what I said at his funeral and on his Usbou'a (footnote3), they are afraid, scared and terrified not only in Palestine but all over the world... Let them experience the fear and worry, let them taste this fear and terror as they long made our people experience it and suffer from it...

Why do some volunteer to reassure them?
Yes some concern occurred in Lebanon, but here I will cite the honorable verse from the Koran, and slightly vary it to describe the events: If ye are suffering hardships, they are suffering similar hardships; but ye have Hope from God, while they have none.
Some in Lebanon have attempted to magnify the phenomenon of fear and anxiety. It is natural. When some gamble on an ‘Israeli" war against Lebanon, and then this talk of anxiety is said in the media and in internal circles, it is natural that people worry... When American warships drop their anchors off the Lebanese coast and some welcome them unashamed, while Ms. Rice says: 'the Ships are here to defend their (American) interests and allies'.

When some work day and night on promoting an American war on Iran or an 'Israeli' war on Syria, there is an atmosphere of anxiety across the region...
As for talk regarding fear and migration from certain Lebanese areas, this is not true; this is a part of the psychological warfare against you, against your awareness and your will. Yet the issue of war is not simple. 

I do not want to analyze, say it is likely or unlikely, but I do say that it is not simple for the Americans to wage war on Iran or for 'Israel' on Syria or for 'Israel' to initiate one against Lebanon, under these circumstances it is not with such simplicity. 

Pre-July war is different from post-July war, pre-August 14 2006 is different from post-August 14 2006. The Gaza experience reinforces this. Today I say to those that talk about the possibilities of war that I do not want to deny any possibility, but want to remind them that the ‘Israeli'" war is no longer a stroll, and has become very costly, an ‘Israeli'" decision to go to war is no longer a decision the ‘Israeli' leadership can easily take, because in Lebanon there exists the strength, will, and culture of resistance, as well as the blood of the martyrs of the resistance and its people. 

The people of whose total 85 per cent support action that topples the Zionist regime, this is the Lebanese people. This does not mean that we will open the frontline in the South, or that overthrowing this regime is the responsibility of the Lebanese; this is to describe the existing awareness and willpower and the prevalent political and cultural concept here...And This is ‘Israel'. 

Here I reiterate the second question mentioned in the poll, and we are prepared to accept the ratio of 50% as its result; the question, a descriptive one, says: 'Do you think the Zionist regime is on its way to collapse?'
This differs from the first question ‘Do you support active efforts to topple the Zionist entity?'

The second question is more difficult since a person may support efforts but say that this is a far fetched difficult matter.
The results to that question were: Sunni: 39%, Druze: 36% Christian: 46% and 89% Shiite. The average is 55%.

This means that 55% of the Lebanese people believe, and in this exists the battle of awareness, believe that the Zionist entity is on its way to collapse. This is an excellent result hence it is not required to reach 80 and 90%. Where did this take place? In this country that is wanted to be inserted in the American era, and American culture and customs...and in which some of its intellectuals and politicians solemnly and with reverence stand and applause in an unprecedented fashion the American charge d'affaires in recognition of the American achievements in Lebanon. 

The ‘Israelis' are worried, so let them remain worried, they must remain worried, for they must know that our blood is not shed to be abandoned in the streets.
He who killed our martyr commander must be punished, not because we are a people of revenge but because we are a people who believe that {In the Law of Equality there is (saving of) Life to you, o ye men of understanding; that ye may restrain yourselves.} [Holy Koran 2:179].
To preserve life the murderers must be punished and they will be punished God willing, and we will choose the time and place, we will choose the punishment, manner and method. 

Dear brothers and sisters... hajj Imad's spirit today has stronger presence in his resistance, the blessings of this presence appear more and more in its cadre, personnel, liveliness, determination and diligent activity...we will continue to work for the goals he had lived and martyred for. One of his wishes was the liberation of prisoners, we will continue this work despite that ‘Israelis' killed Imad, the resistance backbone, but we will not stop the negotiations.
Meetings have been held recently, negotiations didn't stop, and we will continue to work because we want to achieve one of the aspirations of the martyr commander hajj Imad Moghniyeh which is to see our fellow captives free with their families, brothers and people.

We will continue to work to strengthen all the strength elements to protect our country, its sovereignty and independence alongside the Lebanese army, fortify all the elements of strength that have faith in the resistance, in true freedom and independence, real sovereignty, we will not relent in that at all, and the ‘Israelis' will discover in the future upon any confrontation the folly of the assassination they committed against our martyr leader hajj Imad Moghniyeh. 

Brothers and sisters, with regards to the local situation, I believe we all look forward to the Arab summit with varying expectations to what can be produced by this summit. Some are trying to raise feelings of fear and anxiety among the Lebanese for what may happen after the summit.

Prior to the summit as after it, we all insist on a political settlement, and on making every political effort possible to lift Lebanon out of its crisis. Therefore, none should hasten into making premature statements to turn away hands outstretched with initiatives that may be prepared by more than one leadership in the opposition, whether what state Speaker Nabih Berri spoke about yesterday, regarding efforts he intends to do or the initiative General Michel Aoun has talked about, or one as mentioned by President Omar Karami of the National Gathering.

What the opposition wants is what is good for Lebanon, as it has made a great number of concessions, yet it is sad that some Arabs as some in the West claim that what the opposition is demanding is unacceptable, when the absolute maximum demanded by the opposition who represents a huge portion of the Lebanese people is true participation and a fair and equitable election law that reassures the majority of the Lebanese people; but if this is not acceptable, then what is reasonable and what is acceptable? Emigrate?
We will not emigrate, nor will we abandon our country or leave it to the Americans. We will keep the doors open to all political efforts after the Arab summit in the hope that the summit produces a solution or a mechanism that allows for resolution. 

This is our homeland, we will hold onto it, and we will work on securing and stabilizing it.
We in Hizbullah support and back the efforts made by the opposition, we are prepared to be in service to the opposition, and its needs to organize itself in an single expanded national framework, to be able to face unfolding future obligations.
Brothers and sisters, Imad Moghniyeh's memory does not end today, and will not end any day, hajj Imad will remain the backbone of the resistance through his martyrdom as he was its backbone in his life, jihad and selfless offerings. We, his brothers, will continue down his path, with the resistance of hajj Imad Moghniyeh God willing you will only witness pride, honor, dignity and heads held up high...

Assalam Alaikum...Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings be upon you all.

1- This is an allusion to the Prophet Jesus (as) and the Prophet Mohammad (as) which means that it is truly possible for a single man to change the course of history through fighting corruption and evil faith... and win in the end.
2- In an ‘Israeli' TV propaganda clip the then defense minister Peretz was seen during military maneuvers, looking through binoculars with the covers still on the lens.
3- The event that marks one week on a deceased passing away

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