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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on the martyrdom of the chief of the freed detainees Samir al-Quntar

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on the martyrdom of the chief of the freed detainees Samir al-Quntar
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In His Name

Full televised speech delivered by Hizbullah Secretary General, His Eminence Sayyed Nasrallah, on the martyrdom of the chief of the freed detainees Samir al-Quntar, delivered on Monday December 21, 2015.

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on the martyrdom of the chief of the freed detainees Samir al-Quntar

I seek refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be on the Seal of prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi Al Qassem Mohammad and on his chaste and pure Household, and on his chosen companions and on all messengers and prophets.

Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.
In my speech tonight, I will commit myself to a limited time ceiling. In the given time, I will tackle several points and many topics. However, after all, the time ceiling will preside. But as a consequence of the latest developments, I will deliver several speeches in the coming few days, God willing. Thus, if I did not have enough time to tackle some topics tonight, I will leave them to the nights to come.

Indeed, the main topic will be the assassination of Martyr Samir al-Quntar.

First: In the coming few days, the world will witness Christmas Day - the merry occasion of the birth of Jesus (Peace be upon him). On this great occasion, I felicitate all Christians and all Muslims in Lebanon and the world.

A few days later, the world will mark the blessed anniversary of the birth of the Holy Prophet Mohammad bin Abdullah (Peace be upon him and his Household). On this occasion, we felicitate all Muslims in Lebanon and the world. We ask Allah Almighty by the blessings and dignity of these two great divine messengers to bless all world peoples, all the peoples of our region and our country, with mercy, peace, security, happiness, and salvation from the crises, and to open the minds and hearts of all people to be inspired by love and mercy which these two great men brought to the peoples of the world until the Day of Judgment.

Second: to the will of Allah Almighty and His destiny and fate, we do not show except absolute submission. Last night, one of the revered scholars died. He is one of those who partook in the launch of the procession of Hizbullah and the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon from its very first hours. He also had shouldered much of its heavy burdens and great responsibilities over 33 years.

By him, I mean His Eminence the dear brother Sheikh Mohammad Khatoun (May Allah have mercy on him). He was for me a twin soul since 1977, a study mate in Holy Najaf, and a faithful friend all along the way. I will leave talking about him to the commemoration ceremony which will be held in his honor God willing. His chaste body will be laid to rest in his village in Jwayya in the south tomorrow, Tuesday. The believers and his dear ones will assume this responsibility in a ceremony that befits his jihad and honorable biography.

I here seize the opportunity to console his family and friends, all his dear ones, and all our brothers and sisters, and I ask Allah Almighty to reward him in Heaven.

Before moving on to the main event that preoccupied everyone in the past couple of days, I also wish to tackle at the beginning of my speech a bloody incident that took place in Nigeria. A few days ago, a horrible massacre took place in the city of Zaria in Nigeria, in which hundreds of the followers and leaders of the Islamic Movement were killed, hundreds were wounded, and hundreds of others were detained too, including the struggling leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, His Eminence Allama Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky who was also wounded. His wife and his family were also arrested with him.

First, we join our voice to all the voices that condemned the massacre.

Second, we condemn the silence of the international community and international institutions towards this horrible massacre. At least hundreds were killed. Some say there are over 1000 martyrs. Hundreds were wounded, and hundreds were arrested. Still the incident was wrapped in dreadful silence all over the world.

Third, we call on the Nigerian president and the wise, the religious and political leaders and parties in Nigeria to work forcefully to punish the perpetrators and seek to free His Eminence Sheikh Zakzaky and his family and friends. We also call on them to undergo a comprehensive national and humane address to this tragedy because all of those who raised their voice against this massacre in more than one place in the world - and they are very few - do not want for Nigeria but peace, security, and unity at a time when it is suffering from several crises on top of which is the red plague - the so called Boko Haram. We also see that it is a humane and moral obligation on everyone to show solidarity with these oppressed, persecuted victims who did not commit any sin or partake in any battle, especially His Eminence Sheikh Zakzaky whom a year ago, three of his sons were killed. Last year, on the al-Quds Day rally, which was held in solidarity with the cause of al-Quds and Palestine, three of his sons were killed by the hands of the military men from the Nigerian Army. Still His Eminence showed absolute self-control. Three of his sons were killed at the same time, and he only held their funeral along with the other martyrs and prayed on them. The incident is documented with photos on the internet. Still he showed self-control and called for calm and unity to address the crisis through the appropriate peaceful means.

Such wise and loyal leaders with this degree of awareness and sense of honor in the face of assaults and calamities must receive national and human solidarity and respect. What I fear most is the involvement of American, "Israeli" or Takfiri hands in this horrible crime, which was perpetrated by the Nigerian Army to thrust Nigeria and its government, army, and people in a devastative, destructive sedition, as is the case in many of the countries in the region. This stage requires wisdom and determination by everyone to address this crisis and to show patience and tolerate pain for the sake of the future.

We ask Allah Almighty to have mercy on their martyrs and we pray for the quick recovery of the wounded and for freedom, integrity, and dignity for Sheikh Zakzaky, his family, his brethren, and all the detainees.

We now go back to the first topic for tonight. The main topic that preoccupied everyone during these couple of days is the martyrdom of the chief of the Lebanese detainees in the "Israeli" enemy prisons, the resisting, struggling leader in the Islamic Resistance, brother Martyrs Samir al-Quntar. Under this topic, I have three subtopics which I will deal with in what goes with tonight's occasion.

First: As far as facts are concerned, we have no doubt in the final conclusion that the "Israeli" enemy is the perpetrator of this assassination through a blatant military operation. So we are not before an obscure security operation that requires contemplation, investigation, and a search for the threads to reach certain results as per the perpetrator of the operation. No, the assassination was made by "Israeli" enemy warplanes which launched precise missiles on a residential building where brother al-Quntar and others were. It targeted it, leading to the martyrdom of brother Samir along with other Syrian resistance men and a number of civilians residing in the building. This is apart from the place from where the rockets were launched. There is an argument now on whether the "Israeli" warplanes entered the Syrian flyzone and hit the building or the "Israeli" warplanes hovered over occupied Golan Heights or over the occupied territories without breaching the Syrian flyzone and hit the building. In fact, this detail does not make any difference unless for those who want to tackle the issue of "Israel" and Russia. Today, there is no time to talk about this issue. This detail does not make any difference in our stance. This is a technical detail. But it is evident that "Israeli" warplanes hit the building and targeted this residential edifice in Jirmana on the outskirts of Damascus, leading to the martyrdom of these dear people. On this occasion, I console all their families and pray for a quick recovery of all the wounded in this event.

Some media outlets made desperate attempts to claim that Syrian armed groups in the Syrian armed opposition were behind the assassination. This is absolutely groundless. Anyway, those who say so - and this is not true but suppose it is so - are condemning the armed groups, in that they are serving "Israeli" targets and "Israeli" interests because he who kills a man or a symbol such as Samir al-Quntar would be offering a great service to "Israel". However, this is absolute non-sense and mere groundless claims.

Second: We know and brother Samir used to know as we have tackled this issue together, and the "Israelis" never hid and used to always say directly and indirectly that it will not leave Samir al-Quntar alive from the first day of his freedom. That was known. Thus this threat was always valid, and brother Samir was living in the sphere of danger throughout past months, weeks, and days. This threat was present since the first day because "Israel" used to say openly that it will not forgive Samir al-Quntar for his past, his steadfastness in prison, his perseverance in confronting the jail men, and his commitment to the resistance. "Israel" does not forgive; only our governments, states, and at times our people too, forgive. They forgive those who perpetrate massacres from Der Yasine to Qana. However, "Israel" never forgives. This was known even before talking about any possibility of a popular Syrian resistance in Golan or the beginning of a military resistance. Well, this issue might have been an additional motive for the enemy to take revenge from Samir.

If I am to wrap the first and second points, I would reach the following conclusion: We in Hizbullah clearly and definitely accuse the Zionist enemy of assassinating brother martyr leader Samir al-Quntar. This is final and does not need investigation or argument. It does not require spending our time on investigations. This is final.

Third: Tonight, I do not want to talk about the characteristics of the martyr and his moral and jihadi status. God willing we will repay some of his debts on the commemoration ceremony that will be held to honor him. However tonight, I will only talk about a central characteristic of his which many talked about these days which is that Samir al-Quntar was the devotee of Palestine. Palestine was all his life. It filled his heart, mind, and whole existence. Its fate and the fate of its people and the sufferings of its people, especially its detainees, and the future of its resistance, were always his primary and main concern.

In the first meeting between him and me after his freedom, we talked together. Indeed, we usually do not commit our brethren to any choice. We leave the choice to them. We may have wishes or hopes but we do not commit them to anything. He asked me: What are you thinking of? What must I do? What shall I do? Now, I am back to freedom, and I have particular and specific capacities.

In that meeting, I told him: You have several choices whether in the political, media, cultural, academic, organizational or military domains. I mentioned the jihadi and military domain as one of the domains. He told me what he told all the people openly on the day of his reception in Raya Square in the southern suburbs of Beirut. He told me: I left Palestine only to return to it. I do not have any other thing. Indeed, you remember that in those days, some people thought that Samir would become a political personality or a major figure. Some suggested that he would appear through a particular framework. But none of that appealed to him. He told me: From this very moment, I am ready to partake in any military operation, whether on the Lebanese borders with occupied Palestine ,or in the Shebaa Farms or inside the Palestinian territories. I am ready to cross the borders again to fight inside Palestine and fall as a martyr.

From this very moment, I do not wait except for this decision. I do not want to be a leader or an official or a figure. I have the honor to be a fighter and a resistance man in this honorable Islamic Resistance.

This is Samir. This is the truth about him which must be revealed tonight until the day of (his) commemoration. This devotee is not only a believer. He believes and is aware, certain, and committed to his beliefs. He is willing to offer sacrifices but from the position of devotion, faith, and awareness.

Does the "Israeli" enemy believe that by assassinating Samir al-Quntar and his like, they will be able to put an end to this devotion, faith, and absolute willingness to offer sacrifices that the men and women of this nation have?

We are before decades of struggle with the Zionists in which senior leaders, secretary generals, leaderships, scholars, and military, political, media, and cultural elites were assassinated and in which tens of thousands were martyred from among the peoples of our region in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and other countries in our region. What was the result?

Did this nation, these peoples, and these generations abandon Palestine, the cause of Palestine and resisting the enemy? Never! The only result was the inheritance of resistance, jihad, and struggle from one generation to another. The blood of Samir al-Quntar, just as the blood of all the Lebanese and Palestinian and other martyrs say, that the banner of confronting "Israel" for the sake of liberating the land and toppling the Zionist project in this region will never fall no matter who was martyred or killed or tortured or detained. This banner will never fall on the ground. It will be handled from shoulder to shoulder, from hand to hand, and from generation to generation.

Have a look at occupied Palestine. Today's generation is of the age of Samir al-Quntar when he left his village in southern Lebanon to the north of occupied Palestine. The generation which is making the legend now in Palestine is of the same age of Samir al-Quntar when he headed to stage his operation in the north of occupied Palestine. The young men and women of Palestine are bursting with death upon death. Scores of them fell as martyrs in stabbing and car crashing operations because they are the only available options before them. They terrified the entity, the cabinet, and the settlers of this enemy. See the very young girls of the age of the blooming flowers as Ashraqat Qatnani. When I talk about her, I would be talking about an example who represents all the young men and women of Palestine who were martyred or are still carrying their resistance action.

When I read her articles and writings on the internet, I discovered the level to which this girl was aware, the degree of her clear insight, the magnitude of her perseverance and determination, and her deep and faithful recognition of the cause she wants to offer sacrifices for and believes in. She knows the friend and the foe. She arranges the priorities, and uses her mind to make her choices. She is not fanatic or deceived by the fake media campaigns. See also the level of her willingness to offer sacrifices and die, and her determination to do everything, struggle, and fall as a martyr. Ashraqat today is an ideal example of many Palestinian men and women whose hearts are filled with devotion to that sacred land, to the sanctities, and freedom. They have the very devotion Samir al-Quntar had in his youth and early days and which he nurtured in his heart until the moment the rocket of Zionist treachery ripped him apart. The blood of Samir, his martyrdom, his devotion, and his chaste blood will render the Palestinians and all our Arab and Muslim youth more devoted, aware, and determined. The martyrdom of Samir al-Quntar will consecrate him a school and a symbol that wraps all his history, steadfastness, and commitment to the final breath.

Fourth: Now we come to the stance. I will go back to some statements I said in the speech that I delivered on the commemoration ceremony held in honor of the dear martyrs whom the Zionist enemy assassinated in Quneitra at the onset of this year. I gave my speech on January 30, 2015. I will read it to you without making any changes because the stance remains the exact same.

On that day I said, and I was talking about "Israel" and its aggression, killing, and assassination: "Wherever, whenever and in whatever form "Israel" stages an aggression, the Resistance has the right to retaliate whenever, wherever, and in whatever form it finds fit. This is the end of the story." - I even said this very last phrase.

The second phrase I said on January 30, 2015 was: "My message today is that from now on if any Resistance cadre or man in Hizbullah is assassinated, the "Israelis" will be held responsible and accused on the spot, and we will consider that we have the right to retaliate in any place, at any time, and in the form we find fit." This is what I said on January 30, 2015.

Tonight I tell you as I tell the friend and the foe: Martyr Samir al-Quntar is one of us. He is a leader in our resistance. He was killed by the "Israelis" for sure, and it is our right to avenge for his assassination in the place, time, and form we find fit. This is our right. Tonight I add: We in Hizbullah will practice this right God willing, and let everyone act accordingly.

Here I end the part of my speech that has to do with Samir. In the same framework of assassination, killing, and the open war on Hizbullah and this Resistance comes the US measures and sanctions that target Hizbullah on more than one level. In the past few months and even in the past few days, a group of decisions, measures, and procedures were issued because they aim to besiege us and tighten the grip on us on more than one level, whether the fiscal, the media, the moral, the political, or the like. Regarding this cause, I also say:

First, in 1995 or perhaps around that date, the Americans made a terrorist list and put us on it. As a party and as a side as well as a group of persons, we are a party put on the terrorism list since the beginning of the nineties. For decades, the Americans tried through their international position to impose this categorization on international institutions and on world states. Indeed, they failed to do so for one reason or another. Thus this categorization - meaning that Hizbullah is a terrorist organization - is not adopted by the United Nations because there isn't any decision issued by the Security Council to this effect. The European Union too has lately - meaning years ago - put the term "the military wing" on the terrorism list. Russia, China, and some of the states that have the veto right in the Security Council do not categorize us as such. Many world states do not categorize us as such. According to world peoples, we are not a terrorist organization.

Anyway, despite the US and "Israeli" efforts over the decades, they did not manage to consecrate this label on us and could not force the world to deal with us accordingly. Indeed, that does not mean that they were frustrated. They will carry on in their endeavors.

Lately, the Americans resorted to something else. The Americans, who are the tyrants of terrorism in the world and support terrorist governments and terrorist organization, accuse us of terrorism. This is very hectic. They resorted to a new step, and this was issued lately. They labeled Hizbullah as a criminal organization. They did not use the term terrorist organization; they labeled us as a criminal organization instead and accused us of drug dealing. So first we are drug dealers. Second we undergo money laundry. Third, it seems that the Congress - as far as I remember I read - did not accuse us fully of human trafficking, but recommended that inquiries be made in this perspective. See what they come up with. We now practice human trade. Well, I do not want to go more into details of these accusations; I only want to tell you that these are oppressive, fake, and groundless accusations, and it is our obligation to deny them decisively. We are not concerned with providing evidence of our innocence. It's the obligation of our accusers to offer evidences, if they have any. Anyway, they have accustomed us to issue accusations and to judge according to these accusations without providing any evidences.

I tell you that this is a political accusation that comes in a political framework and in the framework of a tough political, security, and military battle in the region. The aim of this accusation in the first place is to distort the image of Hizbullah before the eyes of the world peoples and the peoples of the region. The Americans have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to this effect as acknowledged by the former US Ambassador to Lebanon, to build a barrier between the Lebanese youth and Hizbullah. When they see that Hizbullah is an essential and genuine resistance movement in the region, they want to tarnish its image as much as they can. This is part of the war. But many can see that these accusations are fake, and many of those whom they want to mislead will now soon come to see that these accusations are fake.

We have a clear near example in this perspective. Days ago and after lengthy and extensive investigations, the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) presented its report on the Iranian nuclear program. In this report, it considered that the Iranian nuclear program is 100% peaceful and 100% civil. It does not have any military aspect. Still they want to find fault in it. So they said that at least since 2009 to this day, there is no indication or sign of a military aspect in the Iranian nuclear program.

Well, days ago they submitted the report to the IAEA board and among the members of the board was the US representative among the representatives of other member states who opposed Iran's nuclear program throughout past years. The board unanimously verified the content of the report and thus the cause of accusing Iran of having a nuclear military program or seeking to own atomic weapons came to a final end. Well several years, the Americans and some western and European states as well as "Israel" had accused Iran of that. We can't forget what Netanyahu said this year, the previous year, and on many occasions, and even in his speech at the UN. Today and after the issuance of the IAEA report, Netanyahu must be a laughingstock for world people as well as his own people.

You still remember when he erected the chart and made red signs and marks like a school teacher, while saying that in a few months Iran will possess a nuclear bomb. But the IAEA report was issued, and the IAEA board including the Americans, the westerners, and others, unanimously verified that there is no military aspect in the Iranian atomic project at least since 2009. The story is over, knowing that they were about to wage a war on Iran. Should the war have taken place, the region would have been demolished. They imposed various sanctions on more than 80 million people in Iran. There were victims who were threatened and intimidated. Unfortunately, some of these western states' Arab tools and agents partook in that. They practiced enormous pressure on Iran and on all of Iran's friends in the world. Then the story was over when the goals of the political accusation were achieved.

Iran remained steadfast and reached a reasonable and appropriate settlement. The story came to an end and the IAEA said that there is no problem in the Iranian program. This is an example of a political accusation. Our story is simple compared to the accusation of a state such as Iran of seeking to own atomic weapons within several months, and thus the world must strike Iran and demolish it and kill the Iranian people for this crime and sin that it did not perpetrate.

In their battle with us indeed they will not accuse us of owning atomic weapons. After all, we are a party, a group, and a resistance movement. The most they can say about us is that we are a terrorist organization or a criminal organization. What can they say more than that? This is the dead-end.

In confronting their lies, I will tackle the other points I still have to say. There is no problem in that as lies have short legs. The lies will be disclosed. As for us, the most important thing is that we are not as such before Allah Almighty and before our people and before many of the peoples of the region and the peoples of the world. We are not as they say. But the most important thing is that Allah knows that we are not as such. Thus if this comes in the framework of a psychological war or a soft war to harm our will and determination, that will not lead anywhere.

Second: As for the procedures and their consequences on the fiscal level, as for example imposing on the banks of the world to not receive Hizbullah's deposits, and if they have deposits they have to confiscate them and not transfer money that has to do with Hizbullah. This story was over a long time ago. We do not have any deposits in world banks, and we do not transfer money or the money we receive does not reach us in such a way.

They now want to practice pressure on the Lebanese banks and the central bank. So whenever a Lebanese bank is given a signal that so or so, or this Lebanese society or that side is affiliated to Hizbullah, the central bank or that bank must on the spot carry the following number of procedures - indeed they are negative procedures. Here I am telling you today what I told you before but I want to assert today: we have no accounts in Lebanese banks. Let no one be embarrassed. We didn't have in the past, and we don't currently have money to put in banks. Our case is similar to what they say "from the producer to the consumer". So we do not have money in Lebanese banks, and consequently, there is no reason for the central bank or for the owners and managers of Lebanese banks to be worried or afraid that the Americans may pursue them. So such procedures make no difference as far as we are concerned.

Fourth: On more than one occasion, I mentioned that we do not carry out any commercial acts or investments. We do not have money to invest. We do not have anything of this sort at all. We do not have any commercial business, we are not partners with any companies or Lebanese or non-Lebanese businessmen. The money that we have, we have spent it on our resistance and the families of our martyrs, fighters, and institutions. If we have some more money we keep it as a reserve for the difficult days. But we do not have one penny to invest or trade with or keep with anyone.

Accordingly, today I want to highlight some points I have mentioned before. We will tackle them today more seriously than at any time in the past. The Lebanese state and the Lebanese government and the Lebanese banks must assume the responsibility of protecting the Lebanese citizens and the Lebanese businessmen. What is taking place now? The Americans have only to send a signal, and that would be an unjust and aggressive step because as I have told you, we do not have business and we do not have money with anyone at all. The Americans only have to send a signal to the effect that the money deposited in the name of so or so or such and such commercial company is for Hizbullah or that company is for Hizbullah. Here in Lebanon they respond in no time, and procedures start to be applied.

Doesn't this country have any sovereignty? Aren't there any laws? Aren't there courts? Isn't there an authority?
As Hizbullah, they can't take a penny from us. Yes, they can take our souls as they have taken the soul of Samir al-Quntar and the martyrs who had preceded him. Such procedures will not lead anywhere. But there are Lebanese businessmen, Lebanese companies, and Lebanese investors in Lebanon and abroad. Now if the Americans want to target a specific environment or a particular political line or current, they only have to send names; and in Lebanon they take measures on the spot. Some banks take procedures, and the presidents of banks may not sleep the night before executing these measures. This is not accepted in Lebanon. These are Lebanese citizens which must receive the protection of their state. I am not calling on the Lebanese state or any Lebanese institution to protect Hizbullah or its weapons, money, or any of its sons and daughters. Allah protects us, and we protect ourselves, and we know how to protect ourselves. But the Lebanese state must at least assume the responsibility of guarding our people - the Lebanese citizens, and the Lebanese businessmen, and the Lebanese commercial companies. Let there be a degree of sovereignty and real men.

In this perspective, no one is calling on you to partake in a war on America or to announce a war on America. It is only required from you to stand up like real men when they come to accuse anyone. It is only required from you to stand in the face of those who come to accuse so and so and say: Well, you are saying that this money belongs to Hizbullah or you are accusing so and so of dealing with drugs, money laundry or human trafficking. Do you have evidences? Provide me with a file which I may refer to the Lebanese court. We accept that. Provide us with files and refer them to the Lebanese court. Now, should the Lebanese court say that this money belongs to Hizbullah, take the money. It is all yours. We will not say that we will donate this money because it's not ours. This is the second point which I wanted to say in this perspective because it seems there are procedures. This is not a decision or a law which was passed unanimously by the US Congress. Now there are procedures which have started to take place in the country. I warn against moving along in submitting to the US will as far as this issue is concerned.

Now we come to the third procedure which has to do with media outlets, and it is the most dangerous measure against outlets that belong to us, such as al Manar or al Nour are accused of supporting us or we are accused of supporting going down until reaching the level of any outlet showing solidarity with us. They even threatened these media outlets and set up a follow up committee to work for specific days, and the Congress will question the US government which has in its turn to provide the former with answer. What does that mean? That means that they want to accuse you, try you in absentee, issue a sentence against you, punish you, fight you, and even kill you, and you are not allowed to say a word, and should you say a word, your voice must not reach anyone in the world. This is America that brags about freedom and democracy and tolerates different viewpoints and talks about judicial justice and legal justice.

Well, I am accused; allow me to defend myself. Let me explain my stance to the world. No, you are not allowed. Your media outlet may not stay to be. Perhaps in the future, any media outlet in the world which may allow any member of Hizbullah - and not only me or a friend or a fair person - to explain our stance may be threatened and sanctioned with the claim of showing sympathy or supporting a terrorist group or a criminal group. Indeed this is the most serious measure and they are resorting to it knowing that anyone who has a satellite may find and watch hundreds of channels that call day and night to Takfirism, killing, taking women as prisoners, slaughtering children, undertaking terrorist acts, annulling the others, demolishing, destroying, occupying the lands of others, creating violence besides Takfirism and its politics. They find no fault in that. However, you and the other resistance movements are targeted, and the true reason behind that is "Israel". It is not because we have a political stance in Yemen or in other places. This may be a contributing factor but not the true reason. The true reason is that you are a resistance movement. You shoulder the cause of confronting the Zionist project which is the main US project in the region. Now they may weave a pretext by saying that you received a guest who offended the so and so king or the such and such prince. Well, such things take place on satellite channels without any trials being made.

In brief, they are targeting the resistance movements and the resistance project, the beating heart of the resistance, the speech of the resistance, the culture of the resistance, and the will of the resistance. There must not remain any window from which the resistance may appear to the world. Anyway, this is part of the battle. So the media aspect is also part of the battle. Thus we are not allowed to give in or succumb. We will search for all the possible means and ways to let the world hear the voice of our resistance, the voice of our resistance movements, the voice of all of those who oppose and rebel against the US-"Israeli" scheme in the region. We will not spare any means.

In this perspective, we pray for Allah Almighty to open the gates before us and grant us incessant success and guide us to the right path. This is an open battle, and this is part of this battle, but the important point I want to comment on pertaining to all of these procedures and sanctions and measures in which US tools follow the US administration and execute the US decision without any questioning or investigation, whether from the media or fiscal perspective, or in labeling us as a terrorist or a criminal organization, as some Arab governments do, is the way in which we view the whole issue. Well you are seeing the negative aspect; now let's see the positive aspect. The US administration is preoccupied with us - meaning Hizbullah. The Congress held discussions and reached a consensus. This is a good thing, and announcing new forms of war on us makes us more certain that we are in the right place. They had made us more assured and certain that we are in the right position and in the right front and the right axis and the right battle. Whoever finds himself a partner to the Americans or the Zionists and in their front and in their side in the battle, whether knowingly or not, must reconsider his position, his mind, religion, the Quran he belongs to, his national affiliation, his people, and the morals he is bragging about.

Second: According to the positive reading, these measures are a US recognition that we are not a marginal power which is not seen by anyone in the world, and that our influence is not minor or humble. I always say that Hizbullah is not a regional power but rather a local power that has a regional role. This is US recognition that Hizbullah plays a great role in Lebanon and the region in confronting the Zionist enemy, the Zionist project, and the US project and the totalitarian projects in our region. We are not claiming that we are alone, but as part of this front or of this axis we have toppled the US-"Israeli" projects in the region since 1982 and after 1982, in 2000, 2005, 2006, 2010, and now in 2015. There are US projects to control the region and confiscate its sovereignty, dignity, and civilization. We are part of this front, and that means that we are of a great value. Thus the US Congress with its Republicans and Democrats need to take decisions and measures and follow up procedures within limited timetables and Obama must provide the Congress with answers.

That means that they did not stop by taking a decision, and that the war is not a psychological war. That means that they are moving along. Well, third we say that we can understand them. When I am an enemy of them and they are an enemy of me, I am proud of that. This is a testimony for us in this time and era. To be an enemy to the USA and to "Israel" and to those who looted and are still looting the wealth of our peoples and want to eradicate our civilization and culture, and want to confiscate our will and freedom, is a source of pride to us. Thus we can understand why they are taking all of these measures whether on the financial, media, security, or military levels. That's because we are in a state of confrontation, and likewise in this confrontation, we will not yield, retreat, or show tolerance.

As the time is over, I will leave the other topics - some of which are very important - to the next speeches. I will conclude tonight's word by telling the Americans and the "Israelis" and their allies and tools in the region who impose sanctions, make blacklists, take decisions and measures, and tighten the grip on us, and I tell the killers who killed Martyr Samir al-Quntar days ago: "You may employ your deceit and cunning efforts, but I swear by Allah that you will not be able to destroy our remembrance". This was said in the year 61 (A.H.) and history and facts verified its validity to our very day. Where is Imam Hussain and where are his killers? These words were said by Sayyida Zainab. Where is Yazid, Obeidullah bin Ziad, Omer bin Saad, Shimr bin Ziljawshan, and where is Hussain who weeks ago attracted to him tens of millions from all around the world. They walked on their feet hundreds of kilometers in such cold weather and in such a dangerous situation as they were threatened by being targeted by suicide bombers and Takfiris. They walked to him with devotion and longing, and visited him and raised his name. Today in 1437 (A.H.), we are reverberating the truth which was said in 61 (A.H.) from the very position, with the same faith, awareness, and right. So neither confiscating our media outlets, preventing our voice from being heard, tightening the grip on us on the financial level, killing us, slaughtering us, besieging us, nor waging wars on us, will make any change. All of that will end up in their defeat, and our victory as was the case always.
All the procedures that took place and are taking place, and they intend to undertake, will increase our faith in the phrase that I mentioned and will repeat now: You may employ your deceit and cunning efforts, but I swear by Allah that you will not be able to destroy our remembrance. Your days are numbered, and your views are refuted".

Think and plot and make schemes. All what you mobilize will be dispersed. All of these measures and procedures and tightening will make our insight sharper and will make us cling closer to the right we have, and will increase our determination to move along on this path.
I will stop now with the hope of meeting again soon in the few coming days God willing.

May Allah have mercy on our dear and senior leader Martyr Samir al-Quntar. May Allah have mercy on our dear late reverent Sheikh Mohammad Khatoun. May Allah have mercy on all the martyrs who fell in Jirmana in Syria or in Zaria in Nigeria or in Palestine who are coming forth to the slaughter of sacrifice day after day, or in all squares, whether in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and on every land where these tyrants, dictators, and oppressors are being confronted. May Allah have mercy on all of these martyrs, and we promise them to move along on their path until we achieve their goals. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

Source: al-Ahed News