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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech during Memorial Ceremony for Sheikh Kassir [June 6th, 2014]

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech during Memorial Ceremony for Sheikh Kassir [June 6th, 2014]
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In His Name

Speech delivered by Hizbullah Secretary-General, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, during a memorial ceremony for late Sheikh Mustafa Kassir on June 6th, 2014

I take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be upon the Seal of Prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi Al Qassem Mohammad; on his chaste and pure Household; on his chosen companions and on all messengers and prophets.
Scholars, brothers, and sisters! Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

Allah Al-Mighty says in His Holy Book: {In The Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. All who obey Allah and the Messenger are in the company of those on who is the grace of Allah, the prophets, the sincere, the witnesses, and the righteous: Ah! What a beautiful fellowship}.

In this blessed meeting, I would first like to condole the Kassir family - the family of scholars, martyrs, self-martyrs, fighters, and resistance men, which offered and is still offering such great men. I also want to condole Al-Amin family which is also a family of scholars, martyrs, resistance men, and fighters which offered and is still offering such great men as well. I too want to offer my condolence to all my brothers and sisters in Hizbullah, particularly the members of the Islamic Institution for Education who accompanied His Eminence, our dear late Sheikh, and worked with him and missed him after his death.

Today, I would like to tackle three topics as usual:
My first word is on the occasion.

Second, I will take the opportunity to say a word on Lebanon. Finally, I will tackle the Syrian affair as we have a common fate.
As for the occasion, it is a big and painful event as we suffered the loss of a great scholar and dear brother. All the brethrens share this feeling with me, whether they are leaders, officials in the various posts in Hizbullah, or the brothers and sisters who knew His Eminence closely.

In Hizbullah, we usually don't mention the sacrifices, efforts, and achievements of our people in their lives. Those who are alive work hard day and night, struggle, and exert very industrious efforts. They make great achievements. Still, we do not attribute these achievements to the persons during their lifetime. What is the reason? This is another field of research.

This conduct exists in Hizbullah. When we speak of an achievement, a victory, efforts, and sacrifices, we speak in general without going into detail and giving specific names.
Well, it is our obligation as they owe us this right. Now, let's say that attributing these achievements to them while they are alive is debatable, and it is not clear if it is a right or wrong conduct. Perhaps this conduct has to do with loyalty, truthfulness, intention, and secrecy. However, after their death and after these dear strugglers leave this world, praising them and talking about them would not do them any good in this world. That would be a mere fair testimony offered before their chaste souls. Thus, we talk about them; we attribute to them what is to be attributed to them, and at times, we do not say the whole truth. We would rather hide some of its parts for the interest of our procession and the continuity of this procession.

All what the brethrens said before me about His Eminence Allameh Sheikh Mustafa Kassir - the dear and adored brother - is indeed less than his right, and what I will say, too, is as such. He is above what was said and what I will say. In fact, this is the truth.

Today and after his decease, I want to talk about our dear late Sheikh from a definite perspective.
Perhaps, even if we were holding a ceremony to honor Sheikh Kassir during his lifetime, we would not have talked about him in such a way. I will talk about Sheikh Kassir and present him as an ideal model to be followed. In fact, we need this ideal model.

We need this ideal model with which we lived closely with and noticed his conduct and biography. We bear witness for that after his decease. We present him as a sample to be followed. We present him as a sample to me, and I call on every brethren to take him as an ideal model to be followed.

Here, we are not talking about titles, names, and attributes; rather, we are talking about a person who embodied these titles, names, and attributes. He is an ideal model to us as a seeker of knowledge. He sought knowledge for a long time and until the last moment of his life. He sought knowledge, and he was also a researcher, an investigator, and a teacher. He used to study, teach, research, write, publish, and talk in every domain. He sought knowledge for the sake of Allah and in the sake of Allah Al-Mighty. He was a struggling, industrious man who did not isolate himself from the life of people. He did not detach himself. Rather, he joined this procession from the very beginning. In the hawza, he studied and worked, and when he came to Lebanon, he was a scholar, a seeker of knowledge, and a struggling resisting man. He worked for the sake of Allah, and whoever seeks knowledge for the sake of Allah, and teaches for the sake of Allah, and works for the sake of Allah is referred to as "great" in the realms of Heaven as Prophet Issa [Jesus The Christ] is quoted as saying.

We are before an industrious, serious worker who had a great and earnest determination. He was never bored, and he was never refrained by toil or illness from getting along. In the last months of his illness, I used to go to some internal meetings, and I used to get surprised by his presence there. Also, when I used to follow some occasions or ceremonies via media outlets, I used to find him partaking either in the audience or as a speaker until the very last moments during which his body used to assist him. I really used to be astonished with his high determination and will.

In fact, this is what we really need because we get tired quickly when worries, problems, and challenges attack us.
We need this sample in determination, will, seriousness, and efficiency.
Sheikh Mustafa was as such. All our brethrens know that His Eminence was as such. At times, I used to tell him: "O Sheikh! You are troubling yourself a lot. Now you have to take care of your heath." However, he used to believe that every moment of his life must be offered in obeying Allah, in obeying the Prophet of Allah (Peace be upon him and his Household), in serving the religion of Allah, and in serving the slaves of Allah Al-Mighty.

He was loyal and faithful. We all know his loyalty and his faithfulness, and we all need this faithfulness and loyalty in our work.
He was an ascetic man who abandoned this world and its vanities, embellishments, and fake titles. In this world, he used to work for his Hereafter. His eyes used to always seek that world, and he used to prepare and get ready for that world, too. Sheikh Mustafa was among the brethrens who used to work without worldly and personal expectations and privileges.

He never thought that he owes Hizbullah, the resistance, this procession, or Islam any right. He never begrudged this procession, his friends, his brethrens, or those who used to work with him.
Indeed, it is enough to mention only every attribute. We also need that, for Allah Al-Mighty had bestowed His blessing on us, guided us to faith and jihad, and made us among the members of this blessed procession. We must always praise Allah Al-Mighty when we are granted success in doing anything and any achievements, and we must ask for His pardon for every shortcoming and delinquency.
Sheikh Mustafa was also affectionate, friendly, tender, loving, noble-minded, and bright-faced as I have seen him a while ago in the documentary.
Any faction, any procession, any people, and especially any group who is facing challenges, offering sacrifices, and holding burdens in its internal relations need this tenderness, love, affection, and good morals as they are in fact elements of strength and continuity.
His Eminence was always calm. He rarely got upset or nervous. He was really composed and sober. His Eminence was a teacher and a master at school, in the institution, and in the mosque. Sheikh Mustafa Kassir was the imam of collective morning prayers in our mosques. He was an imam of a mosque as well as a scholar of a mosque.

If I am to carry on talking about His Eminence, I will talk for long hours. However, in fact, he was a worshipper besides having a sound vision and a clear idea. He used to create, present, plot, think, argue, and make dialogue. He was also the obedient man in this procession. He never stopped at any considerations, no matter what these considerations might have been.
After all, these are indeed the attributes of those working in this procession, and in fact, these are the attributes which guarded the unity, integrity, firmness, steadfastness, and strength of this procession. Thus, I will stop here to say that we need this ideal model. We need to offer this sample to our brothers and sisters, as well as to our generations as we offer our other leaders who were martyred or died along with their special attributes and outstanding characteristics: Martyr Sayyed Abbass, the Master of the Islamic Resistance Martyrs; Martyr Sheikh Ragheb Harb, the Sheikh of the Islamic Resistance Martyrs; and Hajj Imad Moghniyeh among many other leader martyrs (May Allah have mercy on all of them and reward them in Heaven).

There is another thing which I want to highlight in the first section of my speech. Since the very beginning, His Eminence chose to work in the educational, proselytizing, and mobilization domain- especially in the educational domain. From the very beginning since he was in the hawza in Holy Najjaf and Holy Qom, this was his choice. He did not stop at studying and teaching; he used to educate and care for the students' affairs to educate students and to make the human cadre.
When he returned to Lebanon, too, this was his priority- though indeed there were horizons in all domains open before His Eminence. However, he chose this domain. He had his conviction and a true vision, too.

Thus, he sought to take care of the Islamic Institution for Education, schools, methodologies, culture, the educational aspect, the scientific aspect, the quality, the quantity, the how-to, the administration and the follow-up. He, along with all his brothers and sisters and the officials who accompanied him, made all of these achievements which we find before us today. As my brethrens said before me, he gave the institution all his life, time, efforts, days, and nights as he believed in its significant position, influence, and importance in this blessed jihadi Islamic procession. Indeed, he was an excellent official, an excellent principle, an excellent educator, and an excellent father. Under his guardianship, care, and efforts, this institution grew, developed, expanded, and got firmly established. Thus, we find ourselves now before a true institution in every sense of the word, especially on the educational and cultural levels. He was the guardian of this institution all throughout these long years.

In this occasion, we will mention the living without mentioning their names. Many or all of these institutions are managed by trusted guardians. Some people think that Hizbullah or the leadership of Hizbullah or the like are always preoccupied. They might ask: As a side or a group, how do you manage to work in politics, resistance, security, military, culture, education, services, ministers, deputies.... How do you manage to do all of that? We can do all of that because at the head of these institutions, frameworks, files, and bodies, there are faithful, loyal, and competent trusted guardians. Thus, the central leadership might not need to interfere. For example, I remember that in the Islamic Institution for Education once a year or every two years we would need to reconsider, discuss, or take a decision. That's because this institution, as well as the other institutions, have trusted guardians.

Moreover, besides the educational level, on the proselytizing level, His Eminence used to hold the culture of the resistance, the intellect of the resistance, the speech of the resistance, and the spirit of the resistance. He was always ready to be a soldier fighting on the frontlines in this resistance.
However, ipso facto, the specification of responsibilities and the distribution of roles do not allow many of those who hold this intellect, this culture, and this spirit, to proceed to the frontlines.

This was our master, His Eminence Sheikh Mustafa. He is one of the main and essential titles in our procession. There are some who are overt. In Lebanon, what is usually overt? Everything is overt: politics, political stances, political speech, political events, as well as security and military events. What is covert is all of this effort, jihad, and blessed and great endeavors on the cultural, educational, intellectual, scholar, hawza, institutional, services, infrastructural, relations, and communication with people to build a faithful, aware, educated, loyal community which is ready to offer sacrifices.

Usually, this is not overt except in exceptional and rare cases. The same applies to those who work in this domain. They are almost always far from the front or from lights. They work silently; however, almost always, they are successful and fruitful.

The fruits and achievements of His Eminence Sheikh Mustafa and other brethrens join together in quality and quantity to offer Lebanon and the nation great achievements and victories. Today, when we find ourselves before a resistance that has been moving on for decades now - since before 1982 to our very day - when we find that this resistance is stationed on the borders, owns the capabilities of the deterrence power against the enemy, and is present in the field of the friend in Syria to topple a scheme that was set at the level of the nation and that targets the region and its causes and sanctities, we must be sure that this resistance couldn't have proceeded, continued, and grown in presence and in action was it not for this great popular, cultural, doctrinal, faithful, institutional, and scientific presence and efforts which are being exerted. Thus, it is a resistance that is based on a wide, strong, and firm popular base.

It is not a transient zealous case. It is not a case of agitation or a temporary reaction. It is rather based on deep-rooted pillars in this land, people, nation, history, doctrine, culture, spirit, structure, and aspirations. His Eminence was one of these senior figures who contributed to making and developing this procession, and his actions, words, books, legacies, and sacrifices will always contribute to this procession as long as night follows day until Doom's Day.

I ask Allah Al-Mighty to have mercy on him and to make him join the prophets, the good men, the messengers, the sincere, and the martyrs. He was the obedient slave to Allah and His Prophet. He sacrificed and struggled for the sake of Allah. He never got tired, retired, weakened, or reiterated even in the days of hardships and distress and the days of ordeals which required and still require men of awareness.

In the time still available, allow me to say a word on Lebanon and a final word on Syria.

On the Lebanese level, indeed today, we are before great and crucial entitlements. They are present at every moment, every hour, and every day. We used to say that on top of these entitlements come the salaries and ranks series. Now, we can't say that anymore. Rather, we say on top of these entitlements come the salaries and ranks series, the official exams, and the academic year.
Today, for all of the Lebanese in most of the regions, houses, and families, there are public employees, teachers, and professors, and the children of many of these families, too, have official exams on which registering in universities depends on....

Well, the whole country is suffering now from a crisis - meaning the salaries and ranks series. All of the Lebanese know this issue in detail. They have experienced it for a long period of time. Now, we have reached a very critical stage. It is wrong to put the public sector employees and teachers face-to-face with students and parents, while the state is doing nothing. In fact, there is a sense that part of the political class is doing that intentionally. Consequently, who must yield to the other? It is either that the students and the official exams must be the victim of the rightful demands of the employees, or that the employees must give up their rightful demands and escalating action for the interest of the students and the parents of the students. In fact, leading this issue to this extent is a bad, irresponsible act. In my mind, there are terms and words to describe this situation, but I do not want to use them now.

However, I believe that anyone who is considering this issue may discover what's in my mind. At the least, this act is irresponsible and unacceptable. We are now in the last days before the next parliamentary session and the set dates for the official exams. People are face-to-face with each other. What are the official political, parliamentary, or syndicate sides doing? I am talking about our bloc and our side. So, either they are telling the people to tolerate the employees or they are telling the employees to give up their rights for the sake of the students. This is a very difficult humanistic and moral stance.

However, who led things to this crucial moment and stage? It is the political class. Who is supposed to address this issue in the coming few days? It is the political class which is usually not held accountable by the people and search for an alternative to find guilty. Today, this political class is responsible for addressing this stance in the coming few days. Addressing this issue does not require much philosophizing. It does not require speeches and agendas. It is required that all the parliamentary blocs - with our respect to the position of the president which is vacant now - to head to the parliament to find a final solution in one session or more. If it takes them one session only, that would be better. However, they must put a decisive end to this issue and to be fair with the employees and to save the students, the official exams, and the academic year.

This is their moral, humanistic, and national obligation and responsibility, and whoever falls behind would be held responsible. This is a great national entitlement. If these officials, parliamentary blocs, and deputies do not feel pain, the need, and the urgency of all of the people, what do we call that?
This is the first point, and I do not want to talk about it more than that. I want to assert that resolving this issue is something possible and available. We are not talking about something incredible.

As for the Lebanese University and the professors of the Lebanese University, we have seen in the past couple of days as if some want to put the Lebanese University professors face-to-face with university students so that the problem would be between the professors and the students. Neither the professors nor the students nor the university are allowed to be the victim. The state must assume the responsibility. This issue does not need the parliament. The government can address this issue. Why doesn't it address and resolve it? What are the considerations? Is it sectarianism? Is it factionalism? Is it appointments? Whatever it is, this issue must be resolved. Everyone must make concessions and offer sacrifices to resolve this vital, serious, and important issue.

The other issue which I wanted to discuss on the Lebanese level is what has been very much tackled lately, unfortunately, concerning accusing our bloc - especially the Shiite duo as they say - of seeking tripartite power.
Well, this accusation is not new. However, in the past few days and weeks, things reached an extent of trying to accuse us of seeking presidential vacancy and trying to disrupt the presidential elections because we want to reach the tripartite power. So, they went back again to the issue of tripartite - the accusation on which several years have passed, although we all have denied this issue. They thrust it in the presidential election battle to pressure our bloc - especially the Shiite duo - to say that if you did not do as we want, and if you do not succumb, you will be accused of changing the regime and of seeking tripartite power. You want to blow up the two halves equation and the like. This is what is being exploited at the time being.

Here, too, I have a quiet and brief comment. If you insist on this accusation, this accusation is groundless. You are claiming, and you have to offer the evidence and proof.
Name one of the Shiite duo, the Shiites in Lebanon, their scholars, their professors, their elites, or their people or whoever said we want the tripartite power in Lebanon, whether now or in the past. Provide one evidence or one witness so that we would apologize to you and tell you that this brethren is at fault. That never took place. No one ever talks about this issue. No one ever approached this issue. I can even say more. You know and we have said before and I can even claim that the idea of tripartite power-sharing was never on our minds. At least this idea never was in my mind along with my brethrens with whom I sit, talk, and think before they talked about it. Never was a regime based on the tripartite power-sharing ever even in the mind, illusion, or imagination.

Here, I want to reiterate and assert this point so that none of the religious or national authorities would ever fall in this misunderstanding or misevaluation. In fact, the French were the first party to raise this issue in Tehran years ago. A French delegation went to Iran and talked with officials to the effect that the Taef Accord had become inappropriate, inefficient, and outdated. They asked the Iranians about their opinion regarding tripartite power-sharing. The Iranians had never thought of this matter, but they asked us about it, and we said that it is totally out of question. We do not think as such, we are not demanding that, and we don't want that. The French are your friends. Go and ask them. This is recorded in the registrations of sessions.

Should anyone still insist on accusing us of tripartite power-sharing, they can take their time to realize that this is not true. In fact, we are not pressured by the accusation. I mean we are not under pressure at all. You can take your time to realize that this is not true. If anyone in Lebanon likes to create an illusion or a scheme which is dangerous and to battle against this illusion, let him do so. We are outside this arena. We are not concerned. This matter is out of question for us, we have never thought of it, and we have never demanded it or sought to achieve it. That's the end of the story.

If you believe that we - as you are accusing us - are seeking presidential vacancy to impose tripartite power-sharing, well block the way before tripartite power-sharing and let's go for elections and put an end to presidential vacancy. Why don't you accept the president - the strong personality which enjoys a national and Christian standing. Let's call on the Speaker to hold a session tonight to elect a president. As such, you would block the way before tripartite power-sharing. We are ready. However, who is preventing the rightful to attain his right in this country? They are well-known.

Hereof, I will move into the presidential elections in a couple of words. We call for a serious endeavor and to internal efficacy. On May 25th, I said that dialogue is underway between the Future and the Free Patriotic Movement. We are still waiting for the results of this dialogue. However, today we call for more than that. We call for multilateral internal efforts to reach the required ends and elect a president.
Well, you are saying that some are waiting for foreign events- we are not.
First, foreign sides do not have time for Lebanon. They are preoccupied. They have no time for presidential elections or anything else.

Second, the foreign sides repeat daily, overtly and covertly, that they are neither concerned nor ready to interfere. Why do you wait for the foreign sides then?
Based on our special relation with Iran - the Islamic Republic in Iran - allow me to tell you: Do not wait for the outcome of the Iranian-Saudi negotiations, because practically, until the moment, there is no known date. So, for those who are counting the days and hours saying that we - the Lebanese - are at ease, we are exerting no efforts, we are making no communications or discussions, and that rather we are waiting, I ask: What are you waiting for?

As for the Iranian-Saudi meeting and negotiations, I say that first, there is no known date for them. Second, it is unknown if there will be an imminent date.
Third, in case a date is set and they meet, it is unknown what they will discuss and negotiate on.
Fourth, in case they specified the topics for negotiations, who said that presidential elections will be among the topics of the Iranian-Saudi talks?
Fifth and sixth, as far as the Islamic Republic in Iran, everyone knows that it does not impose anything on its allies, neither in Lebanon, nor in Syria, nor in Iraq, nor in any place, because it respects its friends and allies everywhere.

Consequently, I faithfully and truthfully say as a Lebanese and as one of the Lebanese who take pains to put an end to this presidential vacancy and to achieve this entitlement as soon as possible, I call on all of you to exert true internal efforts. There are leaders in Lebanon who are able to take initiatives; thus, we as Lebanese would realize this entitlement. Well, even for those who wait for Saudi Arabia, the Saudis are at least openly saying that they don't want to interfere. So, based on their overt statement at least, we can say that no one wants to interfere, no one wants to make endeavors whether on the regional or on the international level. All the countries which used to assist in the past are now preoccupied, starting with Syria and ending with the last country in the world.
Here, I call for internal efforts to achieve this entitlement.

The last point in the Lebanese affair is this repetitive call made by the Lebanese people and the Lebanese leaderships, and this Lebanese desire to have quietness, security, and stability in Lebanon. There seems to be an international and a regional consensus on that.
Praise be to Allah! It is really a blessing that the entire world wants that Lebanon enjoy security, stability, peace and quietness at this stage.

Well, this too requires cooperation among the Lebanese. That is not secured through international and regional aspirations or through international and regional will. Indeed, the international and regional will is important and influential because anyone may mobilize his intelligence in Lebanon or other groups which contact them, fund them, move them, and instigate them to ruin the security status in the country. This is possible; however, this is first based on the will of the Lebanese themselves.

This is what I call for today, too. From our side, we assert that we care very much for security, peace, quietness, and stability in Lebanon despite all that is taking place in the region around us. We care very much that these days, weeks, months, and years if possible, years pass with peace in Lebanon and on the Lebanese people as security, peace, and stability have blessed political, psychological, economic, and social consequences. It is the responsibility of us all to work to promote peace and security and to successfully implement the security plots. Thus, communication and cooperation on any level are required.

Security and stability do not require a radical political solution. Indeed, should we reach a radical political solution for all of the pending issues among the political forces in Lebanon, that would be great. However, this requires a will to guard peace, security, and stability in Lebanon.

One of the most important factors for security is what has been prevailing in the country for months - meaning the quiet political rhetoric. Well, when incitement, and specifically sectarian and factional incitement, comes to an end, that would have a great influence in achieving peace, security, and stability in this country. Indeed, there are still political sides and media outlets which ignore these facts, attack, accuse, lie, and spread false information concerning us and concerning others; still, that does not change facts. What is important is the dwindling of sectarian and factional rhetoric. This is one of the most important, helpful, and influential elements that guard security, stability, quietness, and general integrity in Lebanon. This is what we must guard- all of us.

I have a couple of words on Syria:

The most important event that has recently happened is the presidential elections in Syria. This massive popular turnout represented a historic achievement and a major victory for Syria and its people and leadership.

In the past, the West and several regional states did everything to prevent the presidential elections in Syria. They started with threatening. From the very beginning, they threatened that should the presidential elections take place in Syria, should a date be set for that, and should people go to the voting ballots, the international community will do such and such.

Indeed, now, they cannot talk in the name of the international community. When there are countries as great as Russia, China, Brazil, South Africa, and the BRICS which do not agree on such a project, the other countries cannot talk in the name of the international community saying that this is the will of the international community or this is an international will. The Americans, the West, and their regional allies threatened and intimidated saying that should the elections take place, they will do so and so. You can go back to the stream of threats that were launched. In fact, threats and pressure were also practiced on the Syrian leadership to prevent holding the elections. Syria's friends were mediated to convey such messages and recommendations. However, the Syrian stance was decisive to the effect of holding the elections on time.

Secondly, pressure was also practiced on the Syrian people during elections and even before. All those who refused the elections condemned it as a farce and a droll and as valueless and illegitimate. They told the Syrian people not to bother themselves and carry on with the elections, dubbing it as confiscated and saying they will not acknowledge it. Well, you hold on for a while to see whether the Syrian people will go to the voting ballots or not, or whether there will be a turnout or a boycott. After all, all those who refused the elections and dubbed it as a farce and a droll and as illegitimate, as it does not express the popular will before it took place and before its features even started to appear, are in fact confiscating the will of the Syrian people. They are confiscating facts. They are assuming untrue facts.

Well, they practiced pressure on the Syrian people everywhere- in Syria and abroad.

We all know that abroad, a great number of countries prevented the Syrians from voting, while these states claim democracy and want people to express their visions.

Well, if you allowed the Syrian embassies around the world to open their gates, then it will be known whether the Syrians abroad would boycott the elections or not.
Then, it would appear whether this regime has popularity or not. Why didn't you allow them? That would have been an opportunity for the opposition if we are to talk about peaceful politics. It would have been an opportunity to open the voting ballots in all the Syrian embassies in the world. Then, it would have appeared whether the Syrians would have boycotted the elections. However, you did not allow this opportunity to take place because they have information and data which I will tackle later. They have information that the Syrians will turn out to any place where the voting ballots would be open, and their turn out would be massive.

This information was provided by the international intelligence agencies. That's why they were seeking to prevent this entitlement from taking place. If in fact the elections enjoyed no popularity or incubation, and the people did not want to turn out, they must not have worried to this extent. They must not have fought it as such, and they must not have sought to cripple them to the extent of issuing fatwas of Takfirism against anyone who partakes in the elections, even if he did not vote for President Bashar al-Assad. They accused everyone who would partake in the elections as being a disbeliever and an apostate whose blood is permissible. On the eve of the elections, they threatened to turn all the regions to bloody scenes. They also threatened of what is worse, and this is a proof of weakness.

They claimed that a so-called coalition opposition Syrian president would address the Syrian people and recommend them to stay home on the day of the elections because their information as a Syrian opposition was that the regime would dispatch booby-trapped cars to the voting ballots. Thus, they recommended them to stay at home to save their lives. How great they are! Isn't this ridiculous? Isn't this a proof of failure and weakness?

So, instead of telling them not to share in the elections because the elections are so and so, they threatened them with their lives. Then, they accused the regime of dispatching booby-trapped cars to the voting ballots. There is nothing more ridiculous than this, whether in psychological war or political war!
Well, it's for the interest of the regime that the people turn out at voting ballots, and that people wait in queues, and that the elections be massive and popular. Then, you come to accuse the regime of planning to dispatch booby-trapped cars.

Anyway, the elections took place despite all of these obstacles, impediments, efforts, threats, fatwas of Takfirism, and pressures. We saw what took place during the elections. It is not that things took place in a closed hall so that we would need to present information about. All the people saw. Now, whoever wants to insist stubbornly on the opposite is free to do so. Whoever wants to say that this is a farce is free to do so. After all, I want to say that depicting the truth in an untruthful way does not change this truth.

There was a scene which was seen by all people, starting from Lebanon. It was the scene in front of the Syrian embassy on the first and second days of the elections. However, the scene in the first day took the world by surprise. Here, I would like to talk frankly. It is not only that the March 14 Bloc was taken by surprise. Syria's friends in Lebanon were also surprised. We were surprised.
Indeed, they tried to dwarf facts, saying that parties - meaning Hizbullah - pressured people, contacted people, offered logistic support, and provided transportation. Well, this is all untrue.

Nothing of this took place. The Syrians themselves came from all regions and provinces to the embassy to vote. No one talked with anyone or practiced pressure on them or offered logistic support and activated an electorate machine. In fact, this mind which is confronting you is itself making you more certain that your stance is correct, your strength is factual, and your optimism is equitable. When you see the other party resorting to lies and falsifications, that provides evidence that it is bankrupt. This is how they acted besides some saying that those who elected in the Syrian Embassy are Hizbullah members! Well, today, the Interior Ministry is yours. The state and its main ministries are yours! You have the recordings. Let's see who the Hizbullah members who voted in the Syrian embassy are. This is mere absurdity.

Anyway, we watched the elections in Lebanon and in many world capitals. What is more important is what took place in Syria. There was such a massive turnout that can't be denied by anyone. Perhaps they may discuss the percentage. They may say the turnout was more or less than so and so. However, no one can argue that people in millions turned out in various provinces and cities - except in cities and provinces outside the control of the state. They stood in queues for long hours to vote. This can't be denied by anyone. Well, the elections took place, and we heard the reactions that followed. Some described the elections as a "zero," and this is "his own zero." In fact, people turned out in millions. Others issued statements full of insults. I told one of the brethrens that I imagine that they got a dictionary of insults to write their statements. That was not in fact a political statement. He did not spare a single insult in his statement.

This is not by any means a political statement. However, anyway, this expresses their failure and feeling of defeat and despair. They expected ballots to remain empty and that no one would go to the embassy, not in any place around the world nor even in Syria. They thought there would be a broad popular boycott for the elections. They were expecting a day of scandal for the regime. Yet, tables were turned, and the elections took place.

Practically, what are the political results which the Syrian people affirmed in these elections and through the massive turnout?
I will be brief to wrap up the Syrian affair as I do not want to talk any further on the Syrian elections.

First: The unity of Syria. For all those who were planning to divide Syria on sectarian or factional or racial bases, these elections came to prove that Syria is united and will remain united.

Second: The integrity of the state. The elections proved that there is still a state which is cohesive and capable of running elections inside Syria and abroad. It is able to manage the turnout of millions of voters at a time we watched schemes in more than one country aiming at blowing out the state and state institutions. That took place in more than one country.

Third: The Syrian people's determination to remain steadfast, to make their political future, and to not be desperate or frustrated or to give up their future for other world states that call themselves "Syria's friends" to make it.

Through the elections, the Syrians clearly said that they are the ones who make their country's future- neither the US nor Geneva I and Geneva II nor any world capital, whether international or regional.
The Syrians are the ones who make their future, build their country, build their nation, build their political regime or carry reform in their political regime and the like.

Fourth: Millions have said that the battle isn't between the people and the regime, as you have claimed all through these years in your media outlets. The battle is not between the regime and the people. Had the battle been between the regime and the people, we would have found that only hundreds or thousands turn out to the voting ballots. However, when thousands turn out, that at least means that this leadership and this regime enjoy a great incubating environment which expressed itself in the massive participation in the elections.

It's a mere claim to say that the battle is between the regime and the people. Now, if someone took a political stance with the regime - or even more than a political stance, as in our case - no one can say that you are fighting the Syrian people to defend the Syrian regime. You are rather fighting and defending the millions who turned out on the day of elections and voted. No one may detach this attribute. This can be done in Lebanon. In Lebanon, they can detach the attribute of an emigrant from the Syrian citizen. However, they can't detach the attribute of a Syrian citizen who has the right to elect and choose. No one can do that. Neither America, nor the West, nor the regional states can do that. This was a message delivered by the Syrians.

Fifth: The military and destructive war against Syria flopped. The elections proved to be a political and popular declaration that the war on Syria had failed.
Sixth: This is the outcome and great fruit of the elections. It is as follows:
To those who want a political solution in Syria or want assistance in finding a political solution, I say: Anyone who wants to reach a political solution in Syria cannot ignore the presidential elections that took place. What do the voting that led to the election of President Bashar al-Assad for a new presidential term in Syria say - politically speaking?

Facts and logic say that it is untrue that the political solution depends on Geneva I and Geneva II. It is not true that the political solution depends on the formula that backs the resignation of President al-Assad and giving in power as the Opposition says. This is not true after the people re-elected President al-Assad. It is not true also to say what some of those who call themselves "moderate" in the Opposition say- that negotiations must be held leading to the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad.

You can't put any preconditions anymore. You can't set the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad as a precondition. You can't even set as a precondition negotiations or a political solution that would lead to the resignation of the president. The elections are saying to the Opposition, to the world and regional states, and to the national portion of the Syrian Opposition - the Takfiris are outside consideration: The political solution starts and ends with Bashar al-Assad. This is what the elections say.

There is a president who was elected for another seven-year term. He was elected by millions, and whoever wants a solution must hold talks with him, negotiate with him, discuss with him, and reach a solution with him. Now, what is the solution, and how is it reached? This is the concern of the Syrians. As friends - we also consider ourselves part of this battle - we may present ideas and suggestions far from the media. Also, all the friends who care for Syria may help. However, after all, the solution is a Syrian concern, a Syrian decision, and a Syrian will.
These facts lead to this result. The political solution now is founded on two pillars - meaning two conditions based on two main preludes:

The first prelude: Taking the outcome of the elections into consideration and dealing with President al-Assad as a side in the political solution.
The Second prelude: Stopping the support to the Takfiri groups in Syria is what helps in stopping the war and fighting in Syria.

Allow me to say also that it is not enough that some regional and international states put the Takfiri groups on the list of terrorism. It is not enough to put "the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" and "al-Nusra Front" on the list of terrorism. This is not enough because there are states in the region which may put the Takfiri groups on the list of terrorism, while at the same time, they would still be offering them with funds, arms, and logistics...

Whoever wants a political solution in Syria must stop this support so that this war would stop consequently. Since the very first hours of the events in Syria, we called for a political solution as we believe in the political solution. We call on everyone to work to reach such a political solution. We call on all militant groups fighting in Syria - as what took place in Homs and other places - that there is no horizon to your fight. There is no horizon other than more bloodshed and more destruction of the country. I am telling them this based on ground facts in Syria and national, regional, and international facts and indications and based on a comprehensive reading that takes all elements and factors into consideration.

Everyone must take for granted, believe, and acknowledge that a military war on Syria has no horizons and it will not lead to occupying Syria or to controlling it by others. Everyone must also acknowledge that to preserve Syria or what still remains of Syria - of its construction, fields, agriculture, industry, and welfare, and of who still remains in Syria, of its good and resisting people who refuse to yield - must go to reconciliation, dialogue, and to searching for political ways-out and to stop bloodshed and the continuous fighting which in fact does not serve any Syrian national and internal goals anymore.

On this occasion, it is our duty to felicitate the Syrian people. As usual, we in Lebanon disagree. Every group has its own view of the elections. We are talking about our viewpoint based on our evaluation. We felicitate the Syrian people for this fateful political achievement. We felicitate President al-Assad for this renewed trust in his leadership for Syria towards peace, reconstruction, national unity, and the special national status. We ask Allah Al-Mighty to grant all the Syrians success to meet, reconcile, make peace, co-exist, and work together to endorse reforms or to carry reforms which were endorsed, to rebuild Syria, and to return Syria to its special national and regional post which it used to enjoy in the past, enjoys now, and must remain so in the future.

I tell some of the Lebanese who are really troubled with what took place in Syria what I used to tell them in the past occasions. It's because we are before a new victory. The elections are the fruit of the military victories, the blood of the martyrs, and the sacrifices. I tell them that we are before a new victory. I tell them not to worry if Syria wins; don't worry if Syria is not defeated; don't worry if it is not divided. Rather, worry if it is divided, defeated, and controlled by armed groups. In such cases, you must feel worried. Do not worry if Syria wins and regained its integrity for the blessings of its victory would be bestowed on Lebanon and the entire region as well.

I go back again to His Eminence Sheikh Mustafa Kassir to pledge his chaste soul and tell our dear beloved senior brother and ideal example: We are your brethrens. O brother! We will move forward on your path and track. God-willing, we will guard your achievements, efforts, institution, and sacrifices.

We will move forward on this path. We will carry the very intellect you used to carry. We will offer sacrifices for the same targets you lived for, for what your beard turned white for, for what your body fell sick for, and for what you spent the night and got tired for until Allah Al-Mighty seals our lives and grants us a good ending as He granted you.

May Allah have mercy on our dear great late Sheikh. May Allah have mercy on his father Sheikh Ahmad Kassir, on his late relatives, on the deceased relatives of the audience, and on all the martyrs. We offer their souls the reward of reciting the blessed Surah (chapter) of Al-Fatiha coupled with praying on Prophet Mohammad and his Household. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.