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Sayyed Nasrallah: Resistance Ready to Receive Unique Armor

Sayyed Nasrallah: Resistance Ready to Receive Unique Armor
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Local Editor

I take refuge in Allah from the cursed Devil,

In the Name of the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate,
Praises be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds,

Peace and prayers be upon our master, Prophet Muhammad; his chaste, benevolent Household; on his chosen, upright companions, and on all prophets and heralds,

Brothers and sisters, Allah's peace, mercy, and blessings be upon all of you,
As I usually begin, I welcome the honorable audience to this blessed celebration, which is meant to pay tribute to a group of brothers and sisters for their work in the past 25 years.

[Sayyed Nasrallah makes a joke]: "We've been hiding out until today, but since there are many issues to cover, we decided to show up. Well, I made a speech last Tuesday, so now I shall address the 25th anniversary of "an-Nour Radio" and the media before I address Lebanon's recent developments. Well, not much has happened, but we still need to discuss Lebanon's interior issues. Another part of my speech will be dedicated to Palestine's developments and the recent "Israeli" attack against Damascus's surroundings. I guess this is very important.
"An-Nour Radio"

I salute the dear staff of "an-Nour Radio", whether they are still working or have moved to different places. I as well salute all former managers and the current manager, Haj Yusuf az-Zein.

Sayyed Nasrallah: Resistance Ready to Receive Unique Armor

I address special salutations to the late Dr. Hassan al-Qalla, whose death shocked me (May Allah the Almighty show mercy to his soul). I thank the dear staff of this resistance radio for their steadfastness, patience, hard and risk-taking work, creativity, resourcefulness, and dedication to their cause. Most importantly, I thank them for their faith and loyalty.

Brothers and sisters,

"An-Nour Radio" began as part of the Resistance; it had very little resources in hand, just like the other Resistance institutions at the time. With a little number of staff and little, growing experience, the radio began its broadcast. The staff had great hope in their future and were confident enough they could make accomplishments and achieve victory in any filed they wanted.

Like the Resistance first began as a small group of fighters got some Kalashnikovs, hand grenades, and little canisters, "an-Nour Radio" began with a single room, a microphone, a humble broadcasting station, and a manual radio recorder.
So that was the beginning: simple and unsophisticated, made with personal initiatives just like the Resistance began with personal initiatives.
I remember I was at work when the brothers called me. It was critical time then, and we didn't have posts like that of secretary general and executive officer as we have today; we had a simple and more humble structure than the one we have today.

So the brothers asked, "Do you have a radio?" And I said, "Sure, I have." Then they asked, "Can you get the FM wave on it?" And I said, "Yes." So they told me what frequency I should look for. I did, and it said, "This is "an-Nour Radio"." Now I asked the brothers who that radio belonged to, and they said it belonged to Hizbullah and the Resistance. That was how it began.

Like our Resistance's military capability developed, its media developed: It was the same purity, determination, seriousness, resourcefulness, creativity, and faithfulness.
The Resistance's media would always keep up with its actions. That's why we would always consider the media, especially the ones established first like "an-Nour Radio" as part of the Resistance rather than only media keeping up with it.

Whenever I met the brothers and sisters in those narrow places or in shelters, I would say, "You, just like the dear fighters at the topmost point of the frontline, are working at one of the Resistance's sites. Each of you has a job to do.
On the whole, "an-Nour Radio"- like the brothers speaking earlier have said- made great efforts until it reached its current advanced status. It's had a significant role to do for the sake of the Resistance since the beginning. It was there all through the years of resistance until the 2000 liberation. "An-Nour Radio" then gave its best in "the 2006 July War" and the following years. Now the staff will have to do harder work at the coming stage.

Sayyed Nasrallah: Resistance Ready to Receive Unique Armor

"An-Nour Radio" is part of the resistance media system. That's why its staff is committed to a cause and a mission; they're not after money, investment, profits, or fame. They feel happy when people are, and they feel sad when people are. They get touched just like the fighters at the topmost point at the frontline. They're just like the people hanging on in their lands or getting dislodged or massacred.

Besides, "an-Nour Radio" is part of the committed Resistance media; hence, it was demanded that it maintain trust and honesty in doing the work required and communicating the right, accurate information. Originally, prophets called for honesty. The staff has shown strict commitment, which is part of our religious, cultural, ethical, human, and jihad values. Therefore, we'd always want to remind all of our media- especially now- that we are not part of competitive media. I ask them to keep away from the usual competition of media. After all, we're not looking for advertisement or competition. Sometimes, competition and the desire to pioneer news coverage drive many to lie and report fake news. I'm not speaking about their political backgrounds by the way, but about their dishonesty while doing the work. So like we've always said, we now say we are the people of honesty; we must be honest.

Media must report truths and facts to people instead of faking them. Like we've told some brothers, I have to be honest telling this to you: Yes, sometimes reporting some accurate news might be harmful in general, for that might lead to political provocation and serve the enemy. Well, we don't have to tell all accurate news all the time, but we must never lie. Whatever news, facts, or data we report must be true.

Escaping the law's judiciary system, some might think they can be safe when they tell lies, fake news, and do injustice to others. But they will not escape the judgment of Allah the Exalted in Might and Perfection on Judgment Day because this kind of lies in particular is a greater sin. After all, it incites all kinds of conflicts among communities and alters the course of critical issues.

Even when we speak about any psychological war against our enemy, we realize that our focal point of strength is honesty. By the way, "Israel" itself admits that the Lebanese Resistance is able to conduct balanced and excellent psychological war. Do you know why? It's because the psychological wars the Resistance has conducted side by side with its combat depended on honesty in reporting facts.
In contrast, those who make false claims and exaggerate are normally exposed by the enemy. After all, psychological war targets the enemy, not the friends. So once the enemy finds out that any medium is lying, what kind of psychological war does that become? It turns into nonsense! It might even make the enemy dare attack the opponents, believing that the only thing they depend on is what they say.

So in any psychological war, one has to be honest. You can conduct the best and strongest psychological war when you're honest. You don't even have to tell a single lie! Actually, the Lebanese Resistance's thirty-year-long experience proves so.

Brothers and sisters, incredibility is today's catch-22 for many Arab and international media and, sorrowfully, the Lebanese media as well. Today we can find many television channels, radios, and websites. 'Good for them', writing the reports they want and broadcasting the news they want. Today's catch-22 for many is their incredibility. They're constantly faking things, whether that's related politics, security, economy, relations, or news.

I don't think humanity has ever seen things like the ones happening in the world in the recent years. Since communications have developed greatly, so many figures, forces, peoples, nations, civilizations, cultures, and resistance movements are being fought with great propaganda. Even the great prophets like Allah's Messenger Muhammed (Peace be upon him and His Household), Prophet Essa (Jesus Christ; Pbuh), Prophet Moussa (Moses; Pbuh), and other prophets have been offended. Lies are being made, and truths are being faked.

Sayyed Nasrallah: Resistance Ready to Receive Unique Armor

It's not that those media reported wrong information because their sources had been wrong in the first place. They intend to lie, and they know they're lying. So today you have to question the credibility of the news reported by the many satellite channels and other media. You need to compare the news to that of different sources.

Sometimes you might even make a call to check the credibility of the news on bloody battles somewhere, for example. But you learn that not a single shot has been fired there! I guess you can all realize what is happening.
Today, many media outlets have begun losing their main job, which is reporting accurate news and telling the very truth. Their role has become completely different: faking the truth and damaging the reputation of many. Eventually, this results in many negative consequences.

In such confrontation, we must cling to honesty, commitment, and trust no matter how severe the campaign is. We can't tell lies about others or make any unfair accusations. We can't as well make things up. After all, our right behavior proves our credibility, allows us to attain Allah's contentment and providence, and achieves victory.

Because the Resistance media clang to the principles of honesty, trust, and accuracy, they made big accomplishments and shared the Resistance's accomplishments. They kept up with every step and every stage in an accurate and excellent manner. What they did was very important.
Hereupon, the media were able to encourage the fighters to hang on and promote the nation's willpower. Do you remember that at a certain point we said that the Resistance's aim was to promote the nation's willpower?

Our fighters' sacrifices, side by side with the resistance media, encouraged the desperate people to trust Allah and have faith in Him, to trust their abilities and minds and their men's strength and power of mind, to trust their people's patience, honesty, and love, and to trust their ability to make an achievement and thus achieve victory.

It was the role of the Resistance media to reveal right and truth and to defend the Resistance since its first day against the accusations of 'being a terrorist or a follower of some regional group or state', also against the attempts to demonize it and harm its reputation. Some groups have been trying to demonize the Resistance for thirty years!

So the resistance media contributed to defending the Resistance's humanitarian, ethical course and jihad, sacrifice, firmness, loyalty, and faithfulness. The resistance media as well showed how the Resistance was defending Lebanon and the Lebanese people's dignity and sanctities.
The resistance media was also part of the Resistance's psychological war, exposing the reality of the so-called 'invincible military'. The media actually overwhelmed the enemy.

God willing, the resistance media, especially "an-Nour Radio" will continue their jihad duty. Unfortunately, the expression "jihad duty" nowadays annoys some people. The resistance media will continue to do their jihad duty side by side with the resistance, looking forward to achieving further victories with great conviction, confidence, and hope.

In this blessed occasion, it is essential that we talk about Palestine.

The Palestinian cause today faces two threats. Land and identity might be lost. When land is occupied for 20, 25, 100, or even 200 years, but no identity of the occupant is acknowledged, it means we're still at the heart of the battle. In contrast, when we acknowledge the occupant's identity, it means we that with respect to many, the battle is over, wasting the Palestinians' lives and identities, thousands of Palestinian prisoners, Muslim and Christian sanctities, and al-Quds (Jerusalem) and al-Aqsa Mosque in particular.

Brothers and sisters, the regional developments nowadays unfortunately help the enemy to exploit the available chances. We have to admit the enemy is 'good' at exploiting chances. Very unfortunately, we're a nation that wastes many chances; whereas our enemy exploits them to impose new realities in Syria, Lebanon, and the entire region.

Sayyed Nasrallah: Resistance Ready to Receive Unique Armor

When "Israel" looks around to realize that silence-keepers have even become more silent (not to say mute), also when "Israel" realizes that the groups interested in supporting Palestine are being distracted with serious challenges, it doesn't waste any chances. Why should it anyway?
The enemy realizes that today's Arab regimes have become readier to give up rights after the "Arab Spring"; yes, today, after the "Arab Spring" very unfortunately.

In contrast, during the "Arab Spring's" public uprisings, the enemy was in a state of terrible confusion and fear. The Palestinians had been really hoping that the "Arab Spring", as well as the resistance movements including ours, would establish background for states making the official Arab stance stronger: more effective, more advocating for rights, and not as ready for compromises as before.
Very unfortunately, however, a number of Arab foreign ministers- including ministers from "Arab Spring" countries, surrounding the US secretary of state appeared to make a dangerous compromise as to the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian lands. Isn't this sad enough for a friend and pleasant enough for the enemy?! Shouldn't it be so?!

I don't want to mention certain names; we've had enough trouble already. But I ask you to consider what I am saying accurately.

It is important that we realize how "Israel" reacted to the incident. The Arabs thought they had forced the Palestinian resistance into a deadlock and that they "were walking on the wrecks" now: Syria had already been dealing with a very bloody war. Lebanon was suffering something you know, too, as if it had been time for that! The Arabs also supposed that Iran was sanctioned and threatened enough. Thus, it was time for them to offer the US what they hadn't dared offer earlier- not what they "hadn't been convinced" they should offer earlier!
Very responsibly, I tell you that today the official Arab regimes are treating Palestine, the Palestinians, al-Aqsa Mosque, and Bayt al-Maqdis as if they were a long-borne burden, not a cause. They had long been convinced so and ready to get rid of that, but they had a "problem": They needed the right circumstances and the courage to do it.

This is the truth. That's why you realize that whenever any developments create new chances, the official Arab regimes make more compromises and offer more privileges to the enemy. When they realize none is there to ask what is happening, they just make compromises.

Earlier, the official Arab regimes used to say that if Qubbat as-Sakhra [also known as the "Dome of the Rock"] or even a single stone of al-Aqsa Mosque was removed, then the Arab World would retaliate severely.
It is sad to say that Islamic-movement leaders are today lecturing in some mosques, repeating former US President Bill Clinton's words after the late PA President Yasser Arafat held the "Wye Plantation" negotiations with then "Israeli" Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

I remember that Clinton then said, "I don't know how people in the Middle East think! They're in disagreement because of an old mosque. We can you give you land to build the best mosque in the world!"

Very unfortunately, today certain people say: "Al-Aqsa Mosque is not our priority. What is it in the first place? It's just a bunch of walls and pillars." There might be a day when other critical questions might be posed!
So the "priority" goes to something else: how to kill each other in Syria, Iraq, and Pakistan, and how to get Lebanon into a stalemate... This is the "priority". Even al-Aqsa Mosque, which is one of Muslims' greatest sanctities in history, is no longer a "priority"!

What about ruthless official Arab regimes? How do their leaders think? What do they believe in?

What was "Israel's" response? A minister in the "Israeli" President Netanyahu's government reported Netanyahu's statement that the issue of exchanging lands included many details and had to be addressed in negotiations.

Originally, this is not the "problem". The "problem" with the Palestinians and Arabs is acknowledging that Palestine is "Jewish". In return for their bad compromises, they got nothing. "Israel" then spoke out louder. It was not a matter of some piece of land. It was required that an official Arab acknowledgement- not only a Palestinian one- be made regarding Palestine's "Judaism". Actually, the US initiative that US Senator John Kerry now brings to the region is asking the Arabs to acknowledge Palestine's Judaism.

We don't have enough time to go into details... But I ask the scholars, preachers, thinkers, writers, and dialogue hosts to explain to our peoples and to the public opinion what acknowledging Palestine's "Judaism" would mean!
What dangers would that cause to the Palestinian refugees, to sanctities, even to the 1948 Palestinians and the struggles of the Palestinian people for decades?!
Tomorrow they'll say "the land is Jewish and that the Palestinian people have ravished it, so the Arabs are supposed to pay compensations for that." Anyway, the Arabs are ready to pay compensations!

They're not ready to pay some of their hundreds of milliards of dollars to buy bread and flour for hundreds of thousands of starving Somali Sunni Muslims! They're not ready to offer real help to the Syrian migrants in Syria and other countries. This way the Syrians will have to live a harsh life, and the Lebanese and Jordanian governments will have to beg for the world's money!

Likewise, they're not ready to offer real help to the people of al-Quds so that they could remain in their land. They're not ready to pay as much as a single sports city for the "Olympic Games" or the "World Cup" competitions costs, but they're ready to pay compensation for the Jews!

It will turn out "it's our fault, also the fault of our ancestors, the second caliph, the Muslim Army, and the people living before and after the "Islamic Conquest". So we'll have to pay compensations, admitting that land belongs to them, not the Palestinians!"

Anyway, many great dangers exist: Culture, security, demography, humans, economy, and others are in danger, and this must be explained. Some people ask, "So what's the problem? It's already there; it's a Jewish state." They "only" want to hear this. Every time they "only" want "a little bit"... Now that over 50 years of the "Israeli" entity's establishment, you can realize what is happening...

One of the ways the enemy exploits chances, unfortunately, is the thing they're doing to al-Aqsa Mosque now. Al-Quds (Jerusalem) is being Judaized. You can see how groups of "Israeli" settlers yesterday attacked the Palestinians of al-Quds and arrested His Eminence the Mufti of al-Quds and Palestinian Home for hours.
So where's this taking us?! Great fear exists they might break into al-Aqsa Mosque and make that sound as if it were very normal! This hasn't happened yet, anyway.
The Palestinian people have made sacrifices. Since East al-Quds was occupied in 1967, unarmed Palestinian men and women and children have been defending al-Aqsa Mosque. But eventually there's no Arab World or a Muslim World. Once you try to warn them about what's happening to al-Quds, they shift their attention to Syria... Once you try to mention Palestine, they act like they'd never known anything about it!

Now is the enemy's right chance. It 'can break into al-Aqsa Mosque and establish a forced presence there, just like the thing happening earlier at the "Cave of Abraham" [also known as the "Cave of the Patriarchs"]. And the serious catastrophe gets born, so it's time for compromise: Muslims can have half of the mosque to pray; whereas the other half belongs to the Jews. The solution gets accepted!"

Fear exists now they might seize al-Aqsa Mosque, and they might ruin it to build a synagogue instead! So how should we and how can we face this?! This actually demands that a major stance be made. I intend to address that before I finish my speech anyway.

Sayyed Nasrallah: Resistance Ready to Receive Unique Armor

But the question every Palestinian brother and sister still has after 65 years is: What exactly are we expecting? Those patient, fighting, greatly sacrificing, honorable people have borne the unbearable though they've been left out for decades. Even compromises have been made on their own expense!
So they ask whether they can expect anything from the official Arab regimes just because certain names or figures have changed. They ask whether they should expect anything or reconsider the whole situation. Like I've always said, we need to ignore details and stand there, on the mountain top. We need to forget all bias, grudge, and divisions... We need to stand on the mountain and think about what is going to happen to Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and the entire region? We must make a firm stance.

Certainly, as these saddening, sorrowing conditions prevail in the Arab World, I have to highly commend the resolution issued by the Parliament of Jordan. The Jordanian government has responded. In hard times like these, the Parliament of Jordan's step is very strong and expressive.

Another way the enemy is exploiting chances is obvious through Syria's crisis. So I'll have to address the recent "Israeli" aggression against Syria. You've already listened to many analytical statements and stances, but I need I still need to make you consider the struggle, challenges, and conditions prevailing in the region.
The "Israeli" enemy conducted a series of air strikes against the surroundings of Damascus, which has been reported by media. Sure enough, all must consider this.

Very unfortunately, the enemy then said something about the enemy of an enemy and the friend of a friend. In contrast, what should we say? We can only cling to the protocol of behavior. Mustn't we do so? Isn't this the very right thing to do? Anyway, these are general questions to ask, but I shall now speak in details.
Of course "Israel" had aims beyond the air strikes against Syria; it has always tried to achieve its aims amid incidents like the current ones.
Let me analyze what actually happened so that I can tell what the reaction is like. Preventing Syria from being part of the front struggling against "Israel" has been among the aims of the enemy and other groups, especially in the recent couple of years. After all, Syria has made no peace treaty with "Israel" like the other Arab states have done.

A truce has been made instead. Everybody, however, knows what Syria has offered to the resistance movements in decades, particularly to the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance movements in the recent years. Maybe the enemy knows this better than friends do.

There might be a day when the dear Palestinian resistance fighters will appear on stage to declare what they used to say during closed meetings.
In that case, they'll say: Never in the history of the Arab regimes has any Arab regime offered us the support President Bashar al-Assad's regime has offered us. This is what they say in their closed meetings. I ask them to pardon me as some of them may be thinking that I am exposing something they don't want to reveal now. But I guess it is time for right to show.

"Israel" realizes that Syria- certainly side by side with the Islamic Republic of Iran- represents one of the most important sources of power for the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance movements. That's why the enemy wants Syria out of the struggling front. The enemy as well wants to besiege the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance movements. You know the developments as to the Palestinian resistance, so I won't address them now. Moving to the Lebanese resistance, I ask: How does the enemy intend to besiege it?
According to the enemy, any moral support, funding, or armament from any groups supporting the resistance must stop.

Let me tell you as well what "Israel" said concerning Syria's crisis and the Lebanese Resistance. "Israel" said it wouldn't allow the Lebanese Resistance to attain arms that might eventually change the balance of power. More recently, the enemy said it would prevent the Lebanese Resistance from gaining more power by gaining any more arms.

So the enemy bombarded Damascus and its surroundings to communicate a message to Syria. I hope you very carefully consider what I am going to say so that we understand what kind of response Syria made and how important and strategic its response was.

I am not going to mention the Syrian targets that "Israel" bombarded. It's up to the Syrian command and government to speak about that. So the enemy's message was: If Syria kept supporting the Resistance or allowing it to get provisions, then that would mean war on Syria to topple the regime. Thus, what "Israel" actually wanted from the recent air strikes was to make Syria kneel down, overwhelm its command, military, and people, and make it no longer part of the struggle against the enemy.

In other words, "Israel" was not concerned whether Syrian groups fought against each other. What it actually wanted was to get Syria completely out of the struggle against "Israel".

By the way, all that the media reported concerning 200, 300, or even 400 martyrs is only lies! Very unfortunately, the satellite channels went joyous because the "Israeli" air fighters bombarded Syrian bases, and institutions. This is very sad! But in fact only four or five Syrian militants guarding these bases and institutions were martyred.

Sayyed Nasrallah: Resistance Ready to Receive Unique Armor

So what can we do to counter the enemy's aim?

First, the enemy's aims must be foiled through resistance, uncompromising, and steadfastness. This is the least that must be done. Tricking "Israel" back would even be better, and that's what the Syrian command has done.

How? Of course there are enthusiasts as well as haters who want Syria to bombard occupied Palestine. The enthusiasts actually want Syria to do so for principled reasons; whereas the haters wish Syria would be engaged in combat against "Israel" and get completely ruined. Well, in contrast with this nonsense, Syria made a rational, strategic response. Listen to what Syria said:
As long as "Israel" says its aim is to prevent the Resistance from growing stronger, then the first response is that Syria will continue to allow the passing of arms to the Resistance. This is a really significant strategic decision!
Syria goes further, saying if the enemy thinks it can prevent the Resistance from growing stronger, then it will give the Resistance unique armor that the Resistance hasn't owned so far. The armor is so strong that the balance of power will be changed.

What kind of command and regime are these?

Is there any other Arab regime that dares give a rifle- not a unique missile- to the Palestinian resistance?! Is there any "Arab Spring" or non-"Arab Spring" regime, kingdom, emirate, or governorate that dares give a single bullet- not a rifle- to the Palestinian resistance?!

It had only been a couple of days after getting its bases and institutions bombarded, however, when the Syrian command declared it would give the Lebanese Resistance armor that the Resistance hasn't ever owned!
So this is the strategic Syrian response! Yes, this is it. It is much greater than launching a missile back or conducting an air strike against occupied Palestine.
Second: As "Israel" intends to get Syria out of the struggle against it, Syria makes another very significant strategic response: opening the door to the public resistance to fight along the Golan frontline. This makes sense.

Earlier, we would say there was a difference between Lebanon and the Golan when it came to criticizing the Syrian command for the way it tackled the Golan issue. We would say that in Lebanon, the resistance was on its own as the world saw that the actual state was weak. Thus, the state did not have to pay for what the resistance did. In contrast, Syria was considered a strong state, so it couldn't make way for resistance in the Golan. But since war on Syria has been imposed, Syria has turned the threat into a chance. Isn't this what experts in administration say?

War has been imposed on Syria to weaken it; therefore, Syria now has all the potential to make way for public resistance in the Golan. That's another big strategic response.

Third: The Syrian forces have installed missile arsenals and headed the missiles against occupied Palestine. And the Syrian forces are ready to strike any moment they decide they should. Of course I won't discuss the details as that is something the Syrian forces decide. Yet, I need to say this scared the "Israelis". They made certain procedures, but they were still scared. They began communicating messages of "turning quiet and peaceful", etc....
What do you think "Syria's" response politically and essentially suggests? It means that while the enemy is trying to push Syria to withdraw out of the struggle and to attack again, Syria maintains its forces can counterattack the enemy without having to refer to the command. Who in the Arab World today dares do this?!
Usually, after I finish my speech, I hear some comments saying I have been uneasy, but actually it won't be true. It's just that sometimes the incidents I address require some enthusiasm. I shall make another note in this regard after a while.

The Lebanese Resistance as well intends to respond to the "Israeli" message. We declare we are ready to receive any armor even if it will change the balance of power, and we're ready to own it and keep it. We deserve to own this armor, and we'll use it to defend our people, country, and sanctities.
Second: Just like Syria stood side by side with the Lebanese people, providing essential support and funding to their public resistance until the latter freed southern Lebanon, the Lebanese resistance now declares it stands side by side with the Syrian public resistance and offers funding, essential support, cooperation, and coordination until the Syrian Golan is freed. I am still saving a very important note until later.

Brothers and sisters, I am not speaking out of enthusiasm or emotions; I am carefully assessing things. Anyone who observes what is going on in the region can understand that what has happened to the Syrian command recently and the responses and stances it has made prove it is strong enough. I am speaking out of experience. All of us know what war is like and what acting in war is like: the entire place is getting bombarded, and buildings are collapsing, etc.... Well, clearly the Syrian command is strong enough and very wise, strategically- not uneasily or angrily-conducting the battle against the "Israeli" enemy. This is what I have realized in the recent days. I confirm that this entire uncompromising, resistant front has been making accomplishments and achieving victories since the 90s. This front has as well foiled many plots of occupation, colonization, and great hegemony over our region.

The Syrian regime has been able to do so due to quietness, well-planning, reflection, perseverance, courage, seriousness, and discipline. This shall lead to victory in the future, God willing.

All in all, whoever wishes to keep al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestine's Islamic and Christian sanctities for the Palestinians, whoever wants to bring al-Quds back to the Palestinians and to the Ummah, and whoever wants to make Palestinians' hopes come true and fulfill their rights must realize this will never be done through the Arab League, the United Nations, the UN Security Council, the Islamic Cooperation Organization, or through any other organization!
Like I said earlier, since the beginning resistance has been the way to reclaim rights.

O Palestinians and regional peoples,

O you that refuse to let "Israel" seize hegemony over your countries,
You will find none to stand by your side other than the front that has done so for decades. You won't. Apparently, things are only becoming worse. Therefore, you must help keep the front that has always stood by your side. Come maintain the power bases of your front, on which you can depend.

Hereupon, we support every serious pursuit of a political solution or settlement in Syria and of preventing Syria's fall into the grip of the US, "Israel", and the Takfiris.
Obviously, this is the battle for Palestine, al-Quds, and al-Aqsa Mosque. Stop conspiracies. Let the many honorable and free people of the Arab and Muslim Worlds move to reach this settlement.

In this regard, it is a shame to picture the US that has conspired against Syria look like it could come up with a political solution eventually saving Syria! It is a shame, too, to make it look like the LA and the ICO were beyond ruining Syria! It is such a horrible shame!
The Arab and Muslim states must do something to fix this before receiving "instructions from their great instructor". They must not disgrace themselves, and they must show repentance to Allah the Exalted in Might and Perfection. Things must be settled because there's more bloodshed, demolition, and losses as time goes by! Who does that eventually benefit? It benefits the "Israeli" enemy.
Yes, very clearly and frankly, this is our stance. And this is our assessment regarding the recent and current incidents.

Finally, I'll make brief comments concerning the Lebanese developments lest it be said I ignored this part.

Concerning the local developments, sorrowfully everyone is trying to do something, but everyone is accusing the other side of trying to spoil things.
We, brothers and sisters, want a government formed as fast as possible. We want the parliament to acknowledge an electoral law. We want to have the elections on time. After all, the election postponement is technical, and it's normal.

We want so. Actually, we're in very good circumstances, too. Though some groups are telling something different when they make it on TV than when in closed meetings, we know what they're trying to hide. We also know many who are disappointed because they analyzed things wrong and were shocked to see things changing unexpectedly in the region, etc....

Let them know we are ready for the elections, whether they want them now or later. We never try to delay them. We support the elections because we want a government formed.

Well, so that none says I'm only making generalizations, I have to say this: After Mr. Najib Mikati was named caretaker, we dealt differently with the government formation than the "March 14 Alliance" did.

Well, our alliance named Mr. Najib Mikati, but their alliance didn't. Whereas he suggested a national-unity government, they didn't vote for him. Our team, in contrast, agreed on a national-unity government. It didn't even reach ministries, representation, and portfolios. Then they declared an outrageous war and asked the world to boycott Mr. Mikati. They said it was a Hizbullah government!
For two years, they kept provoking people and spreading harsh propaganda against us. They didn't even give us one chance. Tires were burned, roads were blocked, and angry protests and clashes took place. They did it all to overthrow the government.

Well, I won't go into further details regarding those incidents. Mr. Mikati resigned; the "March 14 Alliance" named His Excellency Tammam Salam caretaker. But who are we kidding?! It was the other political team that named the caretaker. At the end of the day, His Excellency Tammam Salam is part of the "March 14 Alliance".

Still, our team agreed and treated things positively because we figured out that His Excellency Tammam Salam was of a rational and quiet character that we could work with. That, in fact, opened the door to a national unity, rescue, and welfare government- not to a challenge government. After all, people wanted to participate, to be there. So while the other team thought that government was only going to be in charge of elections, we considered it had a bigger role. If His Excellency or whoever is taking part in government formation thinks the government is only meant to hold elections, then what's the difference between 8, 9, and 10?! That's what we call stubbornness! With respect to us, it is different when we request that our team participate depending on parliamentary representations- not on real representations; they do know that parliamentary representations do not express real ones. And the problem with the electoral law is this: Everyone is trying to come up with something of his/her own, hoping that the new law will eventually get his/her team the majority of the votes! That's why this law and the elections don't actually express the real representation in Lebanon.

We did not demand that we participate in the government depending on our real representation, but on our parliamentary representation. We consider this government is not only responsible for elections, even if it's only going to remain there for no more than a month, two, or three. We see it is a government responsible for administering the affairs of the state, security, peace, stability, economy, and society, even if it is only there for a single week!

Therefore, all must feel they are real partners in this government. Well, when it comes to the constitution, there's no such thing. But is there something else? It's "an open thing": They can form a national unity government the way "they want", whether depending on parliamentary representation or real one. They can "just ignore the world". Yes, they can do that by "simply finding it political jurisdiction"! So let them not call that "reference to constitution"! We're with His Excellency; we want a national unity government to deal with the current local and regional developments, especially after "Israel's" aggression against Syria and continuous aggressions against Lebanon.

As the whole region is subject to unrest, national welfare demands that a real national partnership be formed, unobstructed by 1, 2, and 3. Yes, as long as this can provide national partnership, let's not waste time. Our team insists on getting represented the right way and to feel as real partner. That way we can share responsibility together.

Days are passing by, and time is being wasted. I am not exactly putting an end to the trick some are playing. I am telling the very truth because some people are saying that some groups are obstructing the formation of a new government and that they want the caretaker government to stay. That's not true, however.
Here is the chance for them to form a real-representation government and make people confident enough there's nothing to be worried about. Let the government get formed tomorrow. Who has a problem with that?!

I still need to make a couple of notes very briefly. Concerning the electoral law, May 15 is coming closer. His Excellency House Speaker Nabih Berri declared several debates would be held, starting May 15. Anyway, the multilateral committees have already come up with the "Orthodox law" draft. I'd like to confirm that with respect to us today, we will vote for this bill in case it is cast for ballot. But I don't want to explain any details again; we've said much about theme earlier, and we've even had some debate with our allies regarding this issue.
Anyway, we're committed to voting whether other teams do it or not. At the end of the day, we've made a promise and explained all details clearly. Neither have we been trying to play any tricks, nor have we been trying to waste time. We're honest and clear dealing with this commitment.

In case the parliament votes for this bill, it will then have to undergo the constitutional and legal procedures. We'll see what happens later. After all, the president and the Constitutional Council will still have to make their declarations on the issue.

Supposing things in the parliament don't go like I've said, I very frankly say as well that our team hasn't so far agreed on an alternative.
So let's wait for May 15 and see if the "Orthodox-law" draft gets voted for. So that will do it. If not, we'll have to get back to debate- like we always do. We'll make consultations and look for the alternative. That will be determined as committees hold debates on May 15. Apparently, the electoral law is heading that way.
Yet none can tell whether another bill will gain the majority of the parliamentarians' votes in case the "Orthodox-law" draft does not. That'll depend on the nature of the debates and the time remaining.

Do you know what we, the Lebanese, do? All of us keep delaying things until we're almost out of time! So let's see whether we'll reach a result when we get almost out of time! Surely enough, however, Hizbullah do not agree on reaching no result. We're ready to discuss any options that might take us somewhere.
Two more things: Regarding the case of the Lebanese abductees in Aazaz, I can say everybody should be confident we did what we had to do. God willing, things will turn positive, and the government will have to do the rest. That's it. We want the case to be solved, but we don't want it turning political or becoming the talk of the media.

Today ash-Shawagheer and Hermel were bombarded, just like the other Lebanese regions getting bombarded every now and then. So I say to the people of Hermel, al-Qasr, ash-Shawagheer, Hawsh as-Sayyed Ali, Sahlet el-Mhay, and all other towns being shelled, you are being acting patiently and you are enduring this because today all Syrians and part of the Lebanese are enduring this consequence. We must endure what is going on. Of course we have to work on putting an end to it in the meantime, and I think that will happen, God willing.

Again, I congratulate the dear staff of "an-Nour Radio" and all media staff working for the Resistance or supporting it anywhere. I offer you my best regards.
May Allah's mercy, peace, and blessings be upon all of you!

Source: al-Ahed News