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’Israel’s’ Spy Eye on the Internet

’Israel’s’ Spy Eye on the Internet
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Latifa Husseini

Can anyone believe that "Israel" may one day stop spying on us? He who perceives well "Israel's" intentions towards Lebanon, realizes that its danger is ever-lastingly stalking.

’Israel’s’ Spy Eye on the Internet

It does not miss any minute, any movement, to sneak into the Lebanese depth.
In line with the permanent military confrontation with "Israel", the Mossad applies itself to recruiting agents for them on the Lebanese soil.

But the defeat of the Zionist enemy in 2000 and 2006 has imposed a new reality in the technology and espionage war, especially amid the wide ramification of fields the enemy may resort to.
Nonetheless, "Israel" will no more sigh in relief; its spying innovations are soon foiled.

The fresh talk of House Speaker, Nabih Berri, about a spying system along the Lebanese-Palestinian borders was no surprise. Yet it draws heed to the very dangerous "Israeli" activities, whether underhanded or public, aimed directly against Lebanon.

Animals do spy too!

Less than a month ago, Tel Aviv University sent an eagle equipped with an antenna perfectly hidden on its back. The bird flew lengthily before hunters in the Kesserwan region of Ashqout caught it.

"Israelis" also take advantage of fish. For instance, Egypt has witnessed an attack of sharks on a number of tourists in the Red Sea. It turned out later that it was the Mossad that had sent the fierce fish to the Egyptian shores to harm tourism.
And because results are not fully guaranteed with animals, Zionists adopt more effective ways, on top of which the advanced technology. They actually work on spying on any devise that can be seized by satellites especially if carrying the UHF, VHF, and 1MHz signals.

In fact, the Intelligence services' devises are able to catch those signals and send them to satellites then return them to the key center.
Therefore, each person using the phone, the Internet, messages, fax, or any video linked to the web. As a result, absolutely no one is safe from the "Israeli" cyber violations.

Cyber violations and recruitment

To the "Israelis," the Internet is indeed a fertile land for them to carry out their violations, especially in Lebanon. Therefore, they try to trap the Lebanese who are unaware they are being lured into collaboration with the Mossad or any other enemy service.

Unit 8200 of the Zionist army is tasked with the electronic hacking. The unit was established in 1996, and comprises soldiers trained on watching countries and infiltrating into the Internet and telecom networks therein.
It has an espionage base in west Negev (al-Naqab), where it transfers phone calls to their central office in Herzliya for translation then distribution among the army and Mossad, UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), and the US National Security center.

Mossad's electronic officers are exerting dauntless efforts to access to secrets related to the Resistance. The Stop910 site is just a proof. As you browse the site, where admins keep tabs on visitors, you soon discover that it was created to assume coordination between intelligence services against Hizbullah.
It is devoted to glean information-names and photos of people claimed to be affiliated to Hizbullah or the Resistance in Lebanon-under the pretense of fighting terrorism. As to its operation mode, the site provides a series of advices, titled "we care about your personal safety," to guarantee the required details are sent in a secure way.

It is a public recruitment of agents in order to uncover names for tempting amounts of money. The site does heed the payment and even devotes a rubric titled "if you know the identity of this given person, your information is worth gold!"

Moreover, the site directly and publically thanks its browsers and reminds them of their pseudo names. It is a thorough spying process administrated by the Mossad.

Suspicious sites and ads

The fishy sites affiliated with the "Israeli" intelligence services are proliferating, most recent of which a website on "the Shiite substitute," which promotes for refusing the presence of Hizbullah by spreading the motto, "We will not accept to live like ostriches that hide their head beneath the sand so they don't see the oppression because our governors abuse the name of God to prevent opposition."

Browsers and visitors are asked to cooperate through communicating with the admins and have to abide by their instructions: "do not contact us from your house. Instead, go to an Internet café not so close to where you live and where others can't recognize you. Sign up for a new Hotmail or Gmail account and contact us via it. We will certainly answer you. Therefore, remember to check your email twice a week." And of course, the email is listed within the "contact us" rubric.

This site shares many ads to lure people into collaboration, by offering huge money amounts in counterpart of a simple favor or through promoting for how to obtain the US green card. These are means that have become much unearthed to the experts of electronic frauds and that are administrated by "Israelis" and Americans.

Free chat programs

The wide spread of free chat programs and applications, like Watsapp and Viber, encouraged "Israel" to sneak into administrations running these apps, in order to control the biggest number possible of users in Lebanon. Viber turned out to be operating by a company, whose owner is "Israeli"-American, Talmon Marco, based in Cyprus, considered as a strategic spot to administrate "Israel's" espionage.

One must also be aware of the following: Viber is a non-profit company. It offers a totally ads-free service. Such description casts doubt on the company's target, especially if we come to think of the cost of serving 100 million users worldwide. There must be then a funder for the company, who is ready to pay all these expenses to get what he wants!

In fact, the history of Viber clarifies the ambiguity of it all: Talmon Marco, "Israeli," had previous projects like iMesh, a program to share files on the Internet and which allows downloading spying tools and software, in addition to Bandoo program, also devoted to espionage.

Talmon Marco, Tel Aviv University graduate with distinction, is not just an ordinary guy to found a critical company like Viber. He had served in the Zionist army for four years and assumed a key senior post at the Intelligence central command.
As to Whatsapp, informatics experts agree that it is one of the easiest programs for "Israelis" to reach. It is totally lacking any security backup. It even discloses pictures and names to telecom and Internet companies suspected of connection with the enemy.

For its part, Tango program is also free of any protective security measure.
Moreover, the Lebanese are sometimes victims of short messages and phone calls they receive from time to time, as they are lured into giving personal information and phone numbers as they believe they are only marketing for products and goods. Even worse, some of them get seriously involved with enemy intelligence sides.

Psychology...the mechanism of Mossad

Zionist Intelligence services have been scheming espionage on the Lebanese building chiefly upon psychological givens, before venturing into recruiting. They notice weak points and carefully examine someone's personality before approaching them.

These givens are as follows:

-The need for money
-Emotion: whether for revenge or ideology
-Ethics: the Mossad mainly attracts those who couldn't care less about laws and ethics.

Besides, security reports indicate a wide-ranging variety or spying means, on top of which:

-Obtaining information in all possible means through recruiting employees of night clubs, hotel clients, prostitutes, drivers and others
-Zionist Intelligence services are camouflaged under the guise of tourism agencies, airlines companies, navigation offices, contracting and industrial companies, and international trade organizations.
-Money use and coordination with European countries under the guise of intelligence organizations, for recruitment in the Arab world, with the help and support of the Jewish Agency, which is the executive arm of the Zionist movement in the world. In fact, it is the staff of international bodies working in Arab countries that are recruited, alongside some Arab students living abroad, foreign diplomats, foreign reporters, and air, sea, and land smuggling rings.

In conclusion, no one is spying-proof. Yet caution is required, for Zionists keep detecting our cellphones!

Source: Al-Ahed news