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H. E. Sayyed Nasrallah Speech in Full: Ready for Confrontation, New Victory ~ Disappearance of ’’Israel’’ is Inevitabl

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H.E. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of Hizbullah, delivered a speech at the anniversary of the martyrdom of the Lord of the Islamic Resistance martyrs Sayyed Abbas Musawi, the Sheikh of its martyrs the Sheikh Ragheb Harb, also being the 'Usboo'ah' commemoration (the ceremony held a week on a person's passing away) since the martyrdom of the great jihadist leader hajj Imad Moghnieh (hajj Radwan). This event was held by Hizbullah at Lord of the Martyrs (pbuh) compound - in al-Roueis area.

The following are the highlights of that speech:

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, and Praise be to God, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds, peace and mercy be to the seal of the prophets, Prophet Muhammad, his infallible household, his chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers ...

May God's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you all.

"At the outset, on my behalf and on behalf of the family of the martyred leader Hajj Imad Moghnieh, the leadership, sisters and brothers in Hizbullah, and on behalf of every Mujahid in the Islamic Resistance, I thank all those who congratulated us and expressed their feelings towards the beloved brother and great martyr Imad Moghnieh.

... I thank our learned reference clerics, the Islamic and Christian reference figures, honorable scholars, present and former presidents, present and former ministers, members of parliament, former and current leaders of partisan, political, military, social and cultural frameworks, media and trade unions in Lebanon as well as throughout the Muslim, Arab and international communities...thanks also to all those who held congratulatory and solace gatherings in the Arab and Muslim worlds... special thanks go in particular to Ayatollah Imam Ali Khamenei for his wired message that expressed a high-level content of paternal care and through the ceremony of reading Al-Fatiha Chapter he held, to the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who dispatched to Hajj Imad Moghnieh' funeral, the Iran Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki with a high level delegation to represent leadership groups in Iran in addition to the tens of thousands who participated in the martyr's funeral, under the rain and in harsh climate conditions...

... I also wish to pay thanks and appreciation to you for your presence and participation in the anniversary of the martyrdom of our Secretary-General Sayyed Abbas Moussawi together with his wife and child, on the same anniversary of the martyrdom of the Sheikh of Islamic Resistance martyrs Sheikh Ragheb Hareb...As well as in the memory of the departure, absence and the great victory, God Almighty bestowed upon our martyred leader Hajj Imad Moghnieh...

...Your (addressing the crowd) presence today means a lot to us and to our enemy, in terms of the honesty and position taken with regards to the blood of the martyrs who gave up their blood in order for the nation to remain proud and cherished.
Today, on the commemoration of the martyred leaders, each of whom as a result of jihad, martyrdom and sacrifice, the timing of each of their individual martyrdom has become a symbol and title that ushered in a certain stage. Although the martyred leaders, celebrated on this occasion, share many qualities such as faith, honesty, loyalty, sincerity and humility, the love for delicate humane feelings, to the hard work of bloody Jihad, their sincerity and love for the people as well as unprecedented heights of consistence...

... Every one of these martyred leaders forms a title during our course, resistance, sacrifices, while being a symbol of specific phases in the confrontation against the constant Zionist aggression against Lebanon since the fall of Palestine in the hands of foreign Zionist occupation in 1948 ... Since that day, the "Israeli" attacks on Lebanon, southern Lebanon and border villages have not stopped, even if many Lebanese currently do not know that stage or choose to ignore it.

It is regrettable that some, who claim to be senior political leaders, claim to be unaware of such a stage or neglect knowledge of it...
...When I put the defense strategy on the dialogue table in the House of Representatives and talked about "Israeli" assaults and the subsequent entry of Palestinian factions, some of those present protested saying that "'Israel' did not carry out any attacks during all this time".

This is ignorance and absentmindedness...In that same meeting, some officials in the House of Reps brought archived information on large and lengthy massacres committed by the enemy in southern Lebanon and southern Lebanese villages.
In some of the cited massacres, 150 Lebanese nationals died others 180. In these attacks, Internal Security Forces stations were attacked, their staff kidnapped only to be released after soliciting and groveling.

These attacks have not stopped since then.

We arrive at Sayyed Abbas and Hajj Imad stages...and say to the miserable people (ruling bloc) who talk about the decision of war and peace...O miserable people, the decision of war and peace is not in your hands even if you were a government, for this decision is in the hands of "Israel". We, on the other hand, reserve the moral and humanitarian right of defending our homeland and people...

...If you want to extract the decision of war and peace, you have to act as heroes to extract it from the hearts of Olmert, Barak and Washington.
The "Israelis" are the ones who waged this war; this open-war has been open since 1948. We were not even born yet, nor was Sheikh Ragheb nor Sayyed Abbas nor Hajj Imad Moghnieh...The "Israelis" are the ones who opened this war on Palestine, our Arab and Islamic nation and on Lebanon.
You choose to stand aside in this conflict, yet the enemy continually refuses to spare this country.

Since 1948, Sayyed Abdel-Hussein Sharafeddin has been making speeches holding the State responsible, but no one to listen.
After him, Imam Sayyed Musa Sadr, founder of the resistance, gave speeches and held the government and Arab States responsible, demanded that the state of Lebanon send its army to defend the homeland, but the army then was one for protection of the system and the privileges, rather than the southerners.

His words were falling on deaf ears. Imam Sadr called for people to purchase and bear arms, to train the youth all the youth of Lebanon and to fortify strongholds to defend Lebanon against any aggression, or Zionist incursions.

Today, it is both sad and funny that some leaders of the team in power -I will not call them the 'February 14' team after today, to deem the occasion on that date and martyr PM Rafik Hariri far above it - invoke Imam Musa al-Sadr, his ideas and plan as an objection against us... We accept this protest, and in turn, we say to them that since we have weakened many personalities of reference and authority, when we resort to them in conflict, and so long as you consider Imam Sadr thought is Lebanese, rather than a follower of Iran or the Faqih jurisdiction, thence let us resort to Imam Sadr thought on matters of resistance, the Arab - "Israeli" conflict and Lebanon's internal situation... Moreover, I say to you on behalf of everyone in Hizbullah and, of course, on behalf of everyone in Amal Movement that we accept every word uttered by Imam Moussa Sadr on any of the issues.

If your objection has this as its basis, we therefore accept this intellectual and political reference as a base for your objection.
In any case, the aggression continued, until the larger more dangerous invasion of 1982 on Lebanon, the goals of which were to change Lebanon's identity and political location, hence the regional equations, against a backdrop of international backing, Arab silence, internal collusion, and a deathly atmosphere of despair, filled with feelings of helplessness, vulnerability and fear, so much so that it was said we had entered the "Israeli" age with no end in sight.

It was here that the first phase began where its title was the blood of Sheikh Ragheb, which incidentally does not take away from the jihad, offerings and sacrifices of others.
From 1982 to 1985, a stage of awakening the people, breaking the fear, infusing hope and instilling a sense of ability to liberate and be victorious, to launch a popular and armed resistance, to demonstrate, throw rocks and boiled oil on occupation troops, as happened in the villages of the south, western Bekaa and Rashaya...

...Sheik Ragheb was the symbol of that stage. He had been refusing to shake hands with the occupier because it would give it recognition and legitimacy. He refused even to smile in the occupiers' faces, even if they demolished his home...he was tortured for long days in detention camps, yet with his will he defeated the occupier... He moved from house-to house - from Hussainiyat (Muslim Shiite shrine Hall named after Imam Hussain [PBUH]) to another...He awakened the people, invocating hope and self-confidence in them...Thus, it was that stage when the refined Popular Resistance inflicted defeat on the occupying powers.... And when he was martyred, his martyrdom blood gave a strong and rapid push, which in 1985 enabled both the popular and armed resistance together to achieve victory, to expel the enemy from the Mount-Lebanon, Sidon, Tyre and Nabatieh to hide its occupation troops in the mountains and hills of the occupied border strip.

A new phase began after 1985 when the resistance entered the domain of organized and concentrated armed resistance, a period during which the popular resistance disappeared due to the structure and presence that prevailed in the occupied strip in which severe repression and displacement campaigns were carried out by the occupation.

Back then, Sayyed Abbas Moussawi was our leader as well as great teacher. He chose to head for south Lebanon to manage operations. He used to supervise and take part in planning, be present in operation rooms, mourn martyrs, bid the Mujahideen farewell and move from town to town, just like Sheikh Ragheb did. The resistance was his whole life to which he gave ultimate priority, especially when he became Secretary General. His martyrdom also came to mark another stage in the life of the resistance which again gained more momentum and grew bigger. From the 16th of February 1992 to the 25th of 2000, victory was accomplished. We made victory thanks to the blood of martyr Sayyed Abbas and martyr Sheikh Ragheb.

The blood of Sayyed Abbas brought the resistance into every home and every heart in Lebanon and throughout the Arab and Islamic worlds, which enabled the resistance to develop and grow in quality and quantity, creating wider than before public support base, hence his blood was the founder for the third phase.
The new phase focuses on developing the resistance on the operational level and on opening new horizons. The escalation of operations has transformed the resistance's strategy, from a traditional guerrilla war to a new unprecedented fighting school; falling somewhere between guerrilla war and traditional army operations. The Islamic Resistance has become an institution where making programs, tactics and plans are not limited to an individual or a leader regardless of his stature.

During this stage, Hajj Imad Moghnieh was one of the most prominent leaders along with his brothers, counterparts and his beloved heroes of Mujahideen leaders in the resistance. It was the phase of victories and achievements, the balance of terror with the enemy.
The whole world and those unaware must know that it was Hajj Imad's destiny to be the field commander of the historic liberation of May 2000.

Yet, after the liberation he did not hold a press conference, nor announce himself to the world as 'I, Hajj Imad Moghnieh, commander and victory maker, who wants to be rewarded or thanked'...No, because he is the son of that school that gives, strives and works in service to God, who does not want remuneration or thanks ..
...Hajj Radwan is the most prominent figure of this stage along with his brothers. For those who do not know Hajj Radwan I tell you that he was the mastermind of the first capturing operation after liberation and the complicated operation of (Elhanan) Tenenbaum which led to the release of many Lebanese and Palestinian detainees from "Israeli" jails.

Since 2000, when all the people were celebrating liberation, Hajj Radwan was preparing to defend Lebanon against any possible war. After the victory of year 2000, people rejoiced and lived normal lives in border villages; but as for Hajj Radwan he worked day and night - I will stop calling him Hajj Radwan, Radwan was his name during a phase of secrecy, today Imad is before the whole world Imad Moghnieh- he worked round the clock day and night preparing for the day he knew that 'Israel' will launch an assault on Lebanon, because of its insatiable greed, because it will want to avenge its defeat of year 2000.

Hence Hajj Imad was among the senior commanders during, before and after the July war.
We triumphed in this war because we had the men, preparation, plan and senior leaders with Hajj Imad Moghnieh being at their forefront. If I wanted to give him a description and to be fair, I believe with the rest of his brothers and partners in the resistance Jihad and accomplishments, they would also share this view that it was Hajj Imad's position in Hizbullah with his endless giving, heir to Sayyed Abbas, was in fact the leader of the two victories in year 2000 and the July 2006 war.

After the war in July, he again worked night and day, because we believe that the enemy will prepare for a new war and, because if 'Israel' does not take the necessary precautions against the strategic results of the July war, 'Israel' will fall into the abyss and disappears.

Hajj Imad was working with his brothers and we finished our assessment of the war before he enemy did theirs. We determined our strengths and weaknesses. Hajj Imad began treatment of elements of weaknesses and imbalances early, and what I said at the funeral I say again today: Hajj Imad passed away a martyr with his mission accomplished.
There is nothing left to be accomplished since Hajj Imad in his humble spirit, his specialties and brilliant mind, has become a title and a symbol of the very advanced stage of the resistance, in its advanced development and ability to confront assault and aggression.

Here, I draw your attention to the strategic difference between a resistance fighting a regular army occupying the land, through launching attacks from inside its land, and a resistance that confronted an assaulting Army, repelled it and inflicted it with defeat; there is a difference between the two schools.
The resistance has transformed itself from a popular resistance fighting on its land to a resistance that repels the occupation...I believe this is unprecedented in military history. The resistance usually liberates territory but a resistance that repels aggression against a country is something new!

On the commemoration of the martyr leaders and the loss of this dear leader, I want to refer to some points associated with the occasion of the martyr commander:
First: The assassination came after 25 years of follow-up, pursuit alongside 'Israeli'-American intelligence and cooperation in an attempt to kidnap or kill Hajj Imad. After 25 years, they reached him, but what is the difference between Hajj Imad and others who are wanted.

It was possible for Hajj Imad to hide in a place, establish a set of security proceedings and stay away from people. Thus, they could never get him, and he could have lived the normal life people perceive, and then he would die a natural death.
They consider that killing Hajj Imad was their accomplishment, while we see that Hajj Imad's remaining alive fighting them for 25-years, without hiding in a cave, while to the contrary he was always present, especially in the past ten years in different arenas, working night and day in constant movement, constant presence on battlefield front lines, where Zionist soldiers could not know whether Hajj Imad Moghnieh was amongst this group of young men on this or that hill... He was active, present and moving... for him to endure and stay alive for 25 years is itself the achievement attributed to Hizbullah security school, so to speak!

Second: The investigation into the assassination in Damascus is continuing and it is certainly Syria's responsibility in full and all that was said in the media about a joint investigation committee Iranian - Syria is incorrect. We are cooperating in the Syrian investigation with the information we have, but they are taking responsibility for the investigation.
Through my daily follow up of the investigation, I bear witness to the high degree of seriousness our Syrian brothers are taking in this area apart from all the rumors published in the media that are trying to derail the investigation from its right track. Also, all the available data derived from the investigation has made us more convinced of 'Israel's' responsibility for this assassination.

Third: We believe that "Israel" is the enemy and that it is responsible for the assassination. We were firm and clear on this issue but there are those who want to derail the path of responsibility in another direction. This we categorically and definitely reject...we have the right to show surprise at the conduct of some Western countries by closing their cultural centers in some areas of the south, and also the warning issued by some Arab countries to their nationals against traveling to Lebanon.
If the intention is to take caution from us, 'Israel' is our adversary and enemy against whom our retaliation is directed...and if what is intended is to take caution and be wary from infiltrators, then let them clarify that and not leave matters ambiguous.
We all must take guard against infiltrators whose interest lies in creating security problems and raise tension in Lebanon.

It is their responsibility to explain this matter. We call these states to act responsibly and naturally, unless if there is also an exploitation of this opportunity to push things towards further chaos and tension to topple the Arab initiative towards internationalization and to say that Lebanon is on the brink of civil war, destruction and complete collapse in order to go to the Security Council to assumes responsibility in Lebanon.
Fourth: The strategy of Resistance in Lebanon has been and still is the liberation of the remaining occupied territory and prisoners of war in prisons, to protect Lebanon and to defend it in the face of "Israeli" assaults.

Despite our great anguish over Hajj Imad's martyrdom, we continue to support any Lebanese dialogue that leads to a defensive strategy, in which the state and all of the Lebanese assume responsibility for the defense of Lebanon. We believe that it is to our interest as a resistance, to the Lebanese and to Lebanon's interest as a whole.
As for the elimination of 'Israel' from existence, thus I say to 'Israel's' beloved enemies, and not to those beloved who are 'Israel's' friends, who gamble on its existence, hear this: the demise of "Israel" from existence is an absolute fact, an inescapable divine historic law; this is a categorically preemptive and forcible.
We are talking about a regional historic path, and I think that this historic path will arrive at its end in a few years.

This matter is imperative and unavoidable for subjective and objective reasons:
Firstly: because 'Israel' is an extrinsic existence unable to be sustained in the region. Secondly: because 'Israel's' existence is not self-sustained, but is sustained by the international will that will also change over a few years.
Thirdly: because of the Palestinian people's steadfastness over sixty years, which was and still is bearing the brunt of killings, starvation and siege, still refuses to give in and surrender al-Quds (Jerusalem), nor abandon the land, nor be displaced to be settled in a land other than the blessed and holy land of Palestine.

To stand up for sixty years in all these cruel and bitter circumstances, alongside the world's betrayal is itself one of the factors contributing to the demise of "Israel". Fourth: the demographic reality in Palestine, whether in the 1967 territory or in 1948. I said that the "Israelis" are afraid for their existence, even if the Palestinians did not use weapons but (cynically) resorted to the strategy of marriage and procreation.

Fifth: The Arab States' reluctance; some countries that are still showing reluctance, particularly Syria and that of the people in both the Arab and Islamic worlds. Some rulers may normalize relations with 'Israel', but our sincere, loyal and faithful people would never extend forgiveness to the attack on al-Quds and Palestine, and will not tolerate those Zionists who committed these massacres neither at Deir Yassin nor in Qana.
Sixth: The loss of 'Israeli' political leaders; I said earlier that Sharon was the last of the kings of the Sons of 'Israel'. They are all insignificant; when the Winograd report came out, everyone said that Olmert succeeded in that he managed to stay in power, and I ask: is it better to bring in an intelligent, strong and brave "Israeli" official or a stupid, foolish and cowardly one?!

We said this is better, and I thank Mr. Winograd for not making him bear responsibility for the failures of Ehud Olmert's personal war..
Benjamin Netanyahu said years ago that the Zionist thought is a relic of the past and, unfortunately, that the Arabs do not follow up.

Let them see the level of social, humanitarian and cultural underdevelopment within the Zionist community and their refusal to join the army.
Seventh: The fall of the "Israeli" army together with its prestige and deterrent ability, the loss of confidence in generals by the officers and by some of the Zionist people, just read opinion polls within the usurping Zionist entity...

All of this is the result of the effects of the victory in year 2000, the escalation of resistance operations in Palestine, and the July war. I quote, what their expert and founder Ben Gurion said: that "when 'Israel' loses its first war, it will fall and end." I am talking about this matter for the nation so that it has a horizon and hope.
In past wars, there was a discussion in "Israel" whether they were defeated or not, but in the July war there was no discussion in "Israel", but such discussion was taking place here in Lebanon, because there are people grieving here for "Israel's" defeat.
Must we incur defeat in order to show sympathy and solace!!

There is unanimity in 'Israel' on their defeat, and if we wanted to apply Ben Gurion's words it would mean that "Israel" has started its phase of collapse; before and after the July war, Hajj Imad Moghnieh's presence cannot be ignore; this is what I meant by saying that with the blood of the martyr Imad Moghnieh we will mark in history the beginning of the fall of 'Israel'.

This banner that was carried by Fathi Shakaki and Ahmed Yassin, and there are mujahidin in Lebanon and Palestine who will not allow this banner to fall.
Now the 'Israelis' are threatening with war. They have been threatening with war before and after the assassination of Hajj Imad. We see the assassination as a prelude to that which "Israel" is preparing for Lebanon and the region.

They are now openly saying that there are several heads of Jihad in the resistance that must be liquidated. They talk of the strategy of removing these heads. They believe there is a group of Jihad leaders, headed by Hajj Imad, that formed the major force in the July war, and that these symbols of leaders must be doing so, they believe they are weakening the ability of the resistance to confront and achieve victory.
Hajj Imad was killed in the context of an open war, an operation carried out in advance by "Israel" for Lebanon and the region, and I want to warn and awaken others.
I regret that some Lebanese parties have returned to the tone of reassuring their cadres and leaders that another war is on its way that will overthrow Hizbullah. Hence, they do not show readiness for any internal solution regardless of how much the national opposition waives of its demands.

Their American master spoke openly about this matter.
Should, what Satterfield said, have been spoken by the Syrian FM al-Moallem or the Iranian FM Mottaki, all hell would have broken loose then! Just as some, in the government group said that 'the pre-February 14 is different to post February 14', why?!
Because they claim there are a million and a half million who went under the winter to Martyrs Square, and they (the government group) considered that a referendum proving they are 'the majority'...

If this is the measure and the standard of who has majority, as they have been talking for the past week, if they claim to be a Christian majority and the real majority, that they are the Lebanese people, we therefore must submit new citizenship applications!
There are two proposals, to take two weeks notice during which you call for a demonstration without the martyr Rafik Hariri and we call for a demonstration without one of our martyrs, we then count who number more.
If you agree to this measure, we would too.

If you fear that, another suggestion exists, and I do not know if the rest of the opposition accepts what I'm about to propose.
You spent a month of media campaigns and millions of dollars to bring in what you brought of people, whom we respect but we do not respect those using platforms to make insults...

The other suggestion is by going back to a previous event.
On the last Ashoura event, we and Amal movement had demonstrations.
I agree for an independent body and films of that event to be brought in, and for the participants to be counted one by one. If you, at Martyrs Square, were more than those in the Dahiya on the Ashoura Tenth Day, I would then admit to you that you are the majority.

All this talk is for debate, but they refuse to listen.
I say to you that they have taken the February 14 celebration as an excuse to disrupt all forms of dialogue and negotiation, and to say that they are the majority of the Lebanese people.

The diplomatic tours and visits they are making to capitals of the world only spring from this rule and this vision. Should they truly want a settlement, they would not need all these tours, since a settlement takes place in the House of Representatives where the pro-government and opposition meet in the presence of the Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa.

They are telling their cadres as they were told by the American: 'we must remain firm for a few months more in order to win the battle, because there is a war on its way which will destroy Hizbullah and the opposition'.

The 'Israelis' are talking about this and are drawing plans for multiple scenarios, and I say this to warn, alert and to determine the position.
O great people of Lebanon, the strong and proud, to all the loving admirers in the Arab and Muslim worlds, to you who look at us and at our arena as being threatened with a war of this kind, I say to you: was the July war but an attempt to eliminate and destroy us, to cause a significant demographic change in Lebanon? That war failed and they took a lesson.

There is an 'Israeli' consensus that the flaw in July war was the failure to initiate a rapid land invasion all the way to the Awali River (Just north of Sidon city), and not to the Litani River; should a new war break out, they know that their Air Force is unable to resolve the battle, which failed to achieve anything after using all its capability. Therefore, their gamble is on a broad and large land invasion of much of Lebanon.
Conversely, as far as we are concerned, we, with all pride, strength, and faith in the sacrifices made by our brothers, particularly Hajj Imad Moghnieh, we are ready to confront, defend and make a new victory, God willing.
Neither Zionists nor collaborators can protect their frontline and their entire interior against our rockets.

As for the land invasion, and I say to you from a position of knowledge, responsibility and experience, your brothers, the brothers and colleagues of Hajj Imad Moghnieh whose resolve has become sharper and stronger, their blood purer by his martyrdom blood, these mujahedin heroes will fight the Zionist army should it think of entering southern Lebanon. They will fight them at every valley, hill and road...
I swear to you ('Israeli' Zionists), you will carry your tanks, soldiers and equipment, and your army will collapse at Imad Moghnieh's feet...

I swear to you that in any new warm we will fight you on land and in the battlefield in a way you never witnessed before in your entire history, and your army will be destroyed...
What I meant by Imad Moghnieh's blood that will remove 'Israel' from existence, with what is left of your deterrence and strength destroyed in the south, 'Israel' will be without an army, for 'Israel' without an army will cease to exist.
Eight: When we speak of the resistance strategy to defend Lebanon we usually mean one thing, but there is something else which is our legitimate right to self-defense.
When we are killed, especially outside the borders of the homeland, we cannot tolerate our loved and dear ones being killed here and there. We cannot allow the enemy to kill our loved ones and our leaders, makers of victory and liberation, protectors of the homeland.
These Mujahedin whom you do not know and see their pictures only after their martyrdom.

We are told 'why not resort to the Security Council?'!
How can we resort to this Council, which refuses to condemn the killing of children in Qana, when they were killed in broad daylight?
Will the Security Council condemn the killing of Imad Moghnieh?
They also say: 'take your issue to the International Tribunal (IT)'!
Which IT?

Is it the IT whose prosecutor is in Me'eraab (the residence for the Head of Lebanese Forces Militia Samir Geagea), who claims to know who is the accused and who is not?!
Or the IT whose judge is in Clemenceau (Jumblatt's residence- Head of the Progressive Socialist Party) who has already set up the "gallows" (in one of his recent speeches), issued the execution orders and gloated over the grief of the children and daughters of those he wants executed!

Or do we resort to the Lebanese authorities?! An authority that ignored the maker and leader of the Liberation of year 2000 while at the same time living on the smithereens of the tables provided by Imad Moghnieh; an authority that feels ashamed by our victory and colludes against us1?
This is not possible.

As for the entire international community, it gave 'Israel' in July the right to attack and destroy Lebanon, because the resistance captured two of 'Israel's' soldiers at the border to exchange for prisoners, but gives us no right to defend ourselves even if we are killed by assassinations!
Do we resort to those?!

Do you O' beloved accept that we resort to those in order to squander the blood of our children and martyrs, hence our destiny and future?
Dear brothers and sisters; from the outset we have been thus and remain so; we have no work in the Security Council or the international community, nor with anyone who wants us to turn away from our right, not to mention those who conspire against us.
From the early beginnings until now, we have God to rely on as helper, protector and sustainer, whom we have tried over many long years of resistance and during the July war, only to find him a guide, helper, advocator and strengthener.

After God, we have our hero Mujahidin, the courageous lions by day and monks by night.
We also have our community your love and others like yourselves throughout the Lebanese arena, with all the dear unshakable and loyal Lebanese communities and confessions, which events, risks and challenges have proven, day after day, that they are truly the most honourable, purest and generous of people.

Therefore, because God is with us, in whom we believe and trust, because tens of thousands of Imad Moghniehs exist in the arena along with our folks, at this level of steadfastness, honor and honesty, we will reject shame and humiliation for we come from the school that says 'humiliation of us crying to the moon' i.e. 'humiliate us, how remote'.
We, therefore, shall defend ourselves the way we choose, at the time and place we ourselves choose, by our own independent nationalistic decision, according to our own will, resolve and courage, we will defend ourselves and our blood.
O Imad, or 'backbone of the resistance' as your deserved title, for you were that during your life and will remain so in your martyrdom, where you are now between the hands of the leader Sayyed Abbas the martyr Secretary-General, and in the hands of Sheikh Ragheb, the Sheikh of martyrs, on your Usbou'h I say one word to sum up the situation: O Hajj Imad I swear by God to you that your blood will not go in vain.
{And soon will the unjust assailants know what vicissitudes their affairs will take!} [Ayat 227 Surat THE STORY/STORIES],

{And the end is (best) for the righteous.} [Ayat 28 Surat THE HEIGHTS]
May God secure our steps along with yours on the path of these martyr leaders, to grant us success in continuing on their way and securing their victories, to walk in the path to which they dedicated their lives.

May God's Peace, mercy and blessings be upon you all.