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Clashes between Syrian Armed Groups Expose Serious Rifts, Many Surrender

Clashes between Syrian Armed Groups Expose Serious Rifts, Many Surrender
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Local Editor

Armed groups in Syria continue at each other's throats in battles for territory, manifesting the wide and incoherent rifts between these groups. Battles that led to many deaths and injuries begin to show that fighting isn't directed at the Syrian Army anymore.

Violent clashes took place between two armed groups in Idlib Province's Ariha city when some gunmen were determined to turn themselves in to the Syrian Arab Army's checkpoints in the city's outskirts.

Iranian Fars News Agency reported on this note that fierce clashes took place in Idlib between the so-called "David Brigades" and the so-called "Ahl Al-Sunnah" Brigades, which led to at least two deaths among the gunmen and injury of others.
Clashes between Syrian Armed Groups Expose Serious Rifts, Many Surrender
Moreover, Fars Agency mentioned that the cause of the clashes was due to some militiamen's intention to surrender to the Army's checkpoints in the city's outskirts.

In al-Hasakeh, clashes between the Kurds and al-Nusra Front's armed men carried on in two areas adjacent to Ras al-Ain city, while the Army targeted militiamen in al-Shadadi and Tall Hamis.

Meanwhile, the Kurdish Popular Protection Units and al-Nusra Front militiamen continued their clashes near Asfar Najjar and Tall Halaf near Ras al-Ain in al-Hasakeh.

According to Fars News Agency, al-Nusra Front gunmen in Ras al-Ain city fired several mortar shells, hitting Iben Khaldoun School, al-Abra neighborhood, and the city's cemetery. The attack was only limited to physical damage.

Furthermore, violent and broad clashes between a number of armed groups in al-Raqqah over territory took place near Abyad street, which claimed lives and injured many. Meanwhile, the Army targeted many nests for the armed men, while residents of al-Raqqah took to the streets in protest to the armed men's presence.

It is noteworthy to mention that al-Nusra Front assassinated a so-called Free Syrian Army military leader a week ago.

Source: al-Ahed News, translated by website team