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Syrian Army Advances to Aleppo’s Neighborhoods

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Ali al-Abdullah

Syrian Army noticeably progressed when it advanced to al-Sheikh Maksoud's area in Aleppo, while al-Sheikh Saeed in Aleppo is expected to be announced safe in the next few days, a well-informed source told al-Ahed News website.

The source pointed out, "Clashes renewed in Aleppo's old neighborhoods, al-Leirmoun, and Khan Toman as well as Meng Military Airport," highlighting, "The Army took down tens of militiamen in Aleppo's Central Prison."
In Homs, al-Dabaa town in al-Qseir's countryside witnessed violent clashes, killing dozens of armed militiamen while only one Syrian soldier was wounded. This followed the Syrian Army's continual shelling of the armed men's gatherings in Eastern al-Bouayda, Arajoun, and al-Qseir city, depleting the armed groups and consequently invading the villages.

Al-Ahed also learnt that "Clashes in the early morning between a unit of the Syrian Army and armed militiamen took place in al-Waar fields when the latter targeted residential places with mortars."

As for Damascus, artilleries bombed militiamen's centers in Joubar and Barzeh, where al-Ahed learnt that "aerial weapons targeted armed men's headquarters and gatherings followed by violent clashes between Syrian Army units and armed militiamen, wounding several militiamen and damaging many of their weaponry."
Moreover, a number of armed militiamen were killed in clashes with the Syrian Army in Deir al-Zour.

In this context, al-Alam television station noted that the Syrian Army was able to take out tens of armed men and destroyed four of their vehicles in Northeast Edlib.

On a different note, conflicts among the armed groups in Aleppo's countryside escalated and turned into clashes. According to a well-informed source in Aleppo, the latest clash led to the death of a huge number of "Ghoraba Sham Battalions affiliated to Fatah when it clashed with al-Tawhid Brigade because of how they dealt with civilians following Ghoraba Sham's assault on people, robbing shops and warehouses, and fighting over spoils, robberies, and power."
Sources told our website, "Disagreements between Ghoraba Sham and other armed militias have augmented to an extent that Ghoraba Sham executed 20 armed men from the so-called Free Syrian Army as a reaction to the large number of deaths following recent clashes."

Moreover, al-Ahed was informed that Ahmad Hilal, Ghoraba Sham Battalion Commander in Aleppo is in severe disparities with the "Juristic Council" in Aleppo and militias over industrial plants.
"Ghoraba Sham Battalions do not report to the Juristic Council and do not recognize them, which intensified disagreements amongst themselves," sources reported.

Sources further mentioned that Ghoraba Sham Battalions is active in al-Intharat, al-Halakm and Hanano in Aleppo, stealing electricity cables to sell as copper as well as imposing taxes and fees on industrial institutions in al-Sheikh Najjar in Aleppo.

Source: al-Ahed News, translated and edited by


person Duncan Jones

Syrian Invasion

How many of the armed men fighting the Assad Government are foreign nationals and therefore invaders from foreign governments? This conflict does not appear to be a civil war but rather a western style proxy invasion force.One wonders if Britain, France, or the United States were invaded by armed proxy fighters to oppose their "evil" leaders what the media spin would be.