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Sayyed Nasrallah: Lebanese Government Should Develop Stance on Syrian Crisis

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Nour Rida

Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah considered that the region lives a sensitive phase in a dominating atmosphere of strife and an attempt of re-dividing this region that should be fought by all its peoples.

Marking the Arbaeen of Imam Hussein (as), forty days after the Ashura battle, Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah urged the Lebanese government to take a real stance on the Syrian crisis. He also assured that the Resistance will remain strong and prevailing owing to the school of Karbala, and stressed that all takfiri terrorist attacks against the visitors of the shrines will only strengthen the faith of the pilgrims.

 Sayyed Nasrallah appeared via video-link to deliver his speech before the tens of thousands of participants who had arrived to the Ras al-Ein square in Baalbeck city to take part in the ceremony, and thanked them saying "I salute the people who came far and wide to commemorate this occasion."
Commemorating Arbaeen: Triumph over Injustice

On this day, millions of lovers commemorate the Arbaeen in the city of Karbala and in many other cities around the world, which according to Sayyed Nasrallah demonstrates victory and triumph over injustice.
The day of A
shura is a struggle between righteousness and falsehood, between faithfulness and treachery and between justice and oppression. The Arbaeen is an occasion to renew the memory of Ashura in which the household of Prophet Mohammad's grandson were massacred or taken captive.
It is an occasion in which we recall the procession of the captive women and what took place in Ashura. The long sad heartbreaking captivation procession extended from Karbala to Kufa along 2000 kilometers, while the womenfolk were in that situation and circumstances until reaching damascus and the Lebanese territories where the procession of sadness and the procession of the women captives crossed the villages of Qaa, Labweh and Maqneh until reaching the city of Baalbeck. Hence, Baalbeck holds particular significance in relation to this ceremony. From Baalbeck the procession headed to Damascus which then was the capital of Yazid (Bin Muawiyeh).

"The captive were taken in very hard and tough conditions: handcuffs and chains around feet, whips lashing backs and chests, curses and abusing words showering over them, incessant threats of killing and liquidation. Still, When we look at you and see your will, when we see the millions massing at Imam Hussein's shrine and his brother Abu Fadl al-Abbas's shrine we know who triumphed in Karbala and became eternal. Also, when we hear the name of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) during the Adhan recitation in mosques 5 times a day, we are certain that Imam Hussein triumphed in Karbala," Sayyed Nasrallah accentuated.

Takfiri Attacks Only Increase Pilgrims Faith

"Today, despite the explosions executed by the takfiri terrorists -incited by the US- that target Imam Hussein's visitors, the visitors remain to throng to Karbala where Imam Hussein and his companions rest. These takfiri bombings have not prevented the Pakistani, Iranian, Lebanese, Iraqi and other visitors from arriving to Karbala and paying homage to Imam Hussein," Sayyed Nasrallah believed, assuring that none of the attacks or the kidnappings targeting the pilgrims in Karbala will thwart them from heading to the Holy sites.

"I tell those terrorist killers committing massacres; such an erroneous attitude only strengthens the faith in visiting Imam Hussein (as)."
Further condemning the takfiri actions that extended to target Christians as well, Sayyed Nasrallah reminded that Christians have been allowed to practice their tradition ever since the beginning of Islam. He noted that takfiris preventing Christians from performing their rituals, also targeting churches during the times of holidays in several Arab and Western countries contradict the values of Islam.
His Eminence highlighted the greatest threat facing Lebanon and the region; he said "Lebanon and the region are going through a very difficult phase as there is a plan aimed at re-diving the region on sectarian, ethnic, and religious bases; a plan which threatens several Arab countries such as Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Syria and even Saudi Arabia." The Hizbullah leader underscored such a plan for partition and division is totally rejected.

Lebanon to Adhere to Unity, Take Serious Stance on Syria 

Addressing Lebanon, Sayyed Nasrallah said "We all must acknowledge that Lebanon is the country mostly affected from regional developments, especially those taking place in Syria. He confirmed the Lebanese should attach themselves to the unity of Lebanon.

Sayyed Nasrallah called for maintaining the unity of the nations in the region; and confirmed that the Lebanese should be committed to Lebanon's unity as a people, state, institutions, and land, and reject any plan to divide the country into Islamic emirates."

The Resistance leader explained that Lebanon, the most vulnerable to events happening in its vicinity, is being affected by the war in Syria, pointing out that "Each side in Lebanon is entitled to their own views on the Syrian conflict, yet we must all agree to thwart the spread of unrest in Lebanon." He also marked that some sides are eager to bring the Syrian conflict to Lebanon, assuring it is a wrong approach.

Sayyed Nasrallah further considered that some sides employed sectarian tensions in order to create Syrian-lined strife in Lebanon, emphasizing that all sides including political figures and clerics are required to strengthen ties with each other and remain adamant to national unity in order to foil strife.
Sayyed Nasrallah stressed it is the responsibility of every Lebanese to safeguard national unity and security in Lebanon, adding "We abide by this position and it is a sign of strength not weakness."

Syrian Refugees Issue Strictly Humanitarian

Regarding the issue of the displaced from Syria, Sayyed Nasrallah urged for dealing with the case from a merely humanitarian point of view, declaring rejection to politicizing the issue. "The displaced families should enjoy our support whether they are supporters or opponents of the regime in their country. As Lebanese, we cannot close the borders with Syria and we should acknowledge this is a humanitarian crisis that should be tackled along with its repercussions."
He called on the Lebanese to take in the Syrian refugees despite the harsh economic situation in the country, adding that the real solution to this crisis is to tackle the route of the problem by finding a political solution and stopping the continuing war which seems to prolong.

The Hizbullah leader called on the Lebanese government to develop its political stance without contradicting the policy of disassociation, saying "Lebanon should address the international community and the US to explain that Lebanon can no longer carry the burden of the Syrian crisis."

Direct Negotiations with Pilgrims' Abductors
Moving on to the case of the abducted pilgrims in Syria, Sayyed Nasrallah noted "Ostensible it is that the issue is being exploited for political purposes. We had told the relatives of the abductees to refrain from protesting and blocking roads and let the state carry its responsibility, still the government is not doing enough. The families do not need to resort to street action if they sense the government is putting enough efforts to resolve the matter." He called on the Lebanese government to hold direct negotiations with the abductors, further noting that major foreign powers such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar are able to exert pressure to resolve the issue especially as they arm and support groups inside Syria.

According to Sayyed Nasrallah, the government should not stop at the anger of the abductees' relatives, who have the right to voice their anger over the government's failure to end the abduction; in fact it should exert serious effort and pressure these countries to reach a solution.
Defense Strategy to Defend Oil and Gas File

Discussing the oil and gas exploration file, Sayyed Nasrallah hoped the natural riches would positively affect Lebanon and help the current poor economic situation which is the result of previous governments.

"Some analysts say the core cause of current events in the region is the oil resources; we hope this supposed blessing would not turn into a curse. The current government has made fundamental achievements regarding this file."
"This file is not linked to any sectarian, regional or partisan basis and belongs to the whole of Lebanon. It is a national historic opportunity to get out of the current situation in Lebanon," adding that these natural riches might invite hostilities from other countries to make Lebanon abandon it. Hence, a defense strategy to defend the oil and gas riches should be developed," His Eminence explained.
According to Sayyed Nasrallah, "Israel" had modified its military forces to protect its resources and its exploration activities, and will start to export oil in three months, questioning "What have we done in Lebanon to protect our resources?"
Furthermore, he assured that the Resistance is ready to meet any requirements this national strategy might impose on it, as the Resistance is concerned with Lebanon's interests and awaits no rewards.

"At the time "Israel" deploys its arsenal and holds drills to protect its offshore oil resources, the Resistance faces "Israeli"-US attempts of including it on terrorism lists worldwide, and calls from within Lebanon do disarm Hizbullah," Sayyed Nasrallah stated adding "Yet, we tell the US and "Israel" despite everything you do, you will not be able to put us down as our real strength lies in our faith and culture and not the number of weapons we possess."

"I tell all the friends and enemies, do not fear for the Resistance as we derive our strength from Karbala," Sayyed Nasrallah concluded his speech.


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The 40th Day. . . Arba\'aeen.

Imam Hussein and his companions are the shining light for Muslims around the world. May Allah send blessings upon the Ahl al-Bayt and those who have sojourned to the Holy city of Karabala for Arba'aeen. (In my opinion) In the same veign as Imam Hussein and his companions, Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah and Hezbollah are the shining light and hope for the Middle East. There is no greater sacrifice in life as demonstated by Hezbollah.