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Months before Assassination, Jordanian Intelligence Warned Al-Hassan: "Israel" Wants Your Head

Months before Assassination, Jordanian Intelligence Warned Al-Hassan:
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Local Editor
Under the title, "Wissam al-Hassan: They want my head,", "al-Akhbar" Lebanese newspaper revealed information that reflect the possibility of "Israel's" involvement in Achrafieyh blast; thus, the assassination of Lebanese Information Branch head.

According to "al-Akhbar" Tuesday's editorial, the victim informed people close to him, that Jordanian officials warned him he is at the center of "Israeli" targets.

In details, months before his murder, al-Hassan told a number of his close associates about two meetings he held with the head of Jordanian intelligence [in Germany] and a minister in a direct connection with the Jordanian intelligence. "The two men reported information from meetings with "Israeli" Intelligence officials," al-Hassan said.
Al-Hassan further revealed the content of the Jordanian officials talks with the "Israelis", which tackled the situation in Lebanon and its consequences.
According to "al-Akhbar" sources, the Jordanians addressed al-Hassan by saying: The "Israelis" aren't satisfied with your performance and you have to be cautious."
In parallel, one of the two men warned al-Hassan: "You have to be careful, even in Europe ."

"Al-Hassan was aware of the fact that the "Israelis" wanted his head and said more than once that he is no longer safe during his visits to Europe," the daily mentioned.

It also noted: "The victim knew the size of "Israeli" wrath resulting from the fall of their espionage cells in Lebanon since 2008."

Moreover, other sources unveiled to "al-Akhbar" that "The beginning of this year carried another alert to al-Hassan."
"He received a letter, in January 2012, from United Arab Emirates Intelligence based on reliable information that a senior officer in the Lebanese Internal Security Unit will be a target of an assassination attempt," they said.
Al-Akhbar quoted these sources as saying: "The officer will be the target of a car bomb in the Achrafieyh, on the road between the ISF building and the ISF official's residence."

"Al-Hassan was surprised for until that moment , his secret office was unknown," the newspaper added.

In this context, it also highlighted: "An Emirati official told al-Hassan that available information reflected that "al-Qaeda", particularly a group in ain al-Helwe camp, is preparing for an assassination attempt."

Source: al-Akhbar daily, Translated and Edited by