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Fayyad: West, US Responsible for Anti-Islam Campaign

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Local Editor

"Loyalty to the Resistance" bloc MP Ali Fayyad stressed that "the insult and offense on the Messenger of Allah, Mohammad(PBUH) is interacting, accumulating, and escalating."
"The matter is no more limited to a film with its scenes and scandals but rather it extended to those who insist on insulting, exercising provocation, and inciting against the Muslim world and its communities," he added.
In his speech in the Southern town of Aita al-Shaab, Fayyad confirmed that "no person, whether Muslim or not, characterized with magnanimity, dignity and morality can remain silent on the scandalous film scenes."
"One can't also neglect the insistence of the French magazine to publish cartoons of hatred against the Holy Prophet as well as the announcement of a German magazine to publish similar cartoons," the MP mentioned.
In parallel, he blamed the West in general and the US as being responsible for this inflammatory campaign," Fayyad said and noted that" one must realize that the problem is not between Christianity and Islam."

"The real problem is with the administrations, regulations, policies, media and political lobbies directly concerned with this subject, as well as media, cultural, and intellectual institutions leading incitement and provocation, " Fayyad clarified.
Meanwhile, he announced that Hizbullah "is against any attack on Western institutions which are not related to this subject."

"The Western administrations are responsible for protecting these insults," the MP stated and pointed out that "these systems do not convince us with their excuses."
Fayyad highlighted that "the so-called Western freedom of expression has turned to a cover to attack the religions' sanctities and symbols."
"The West accuses any writer, media outlet, thinker or politician with anti-Semitism whenever he scientifically discusses the number of people who were exposed to the Holocaust," he added.

The MP wondered: "why militancy in this case and not taking into account the respect of religion, feelings, values, rituals and the sanctity of more than one thousand and four hundred million people in the world?"

Source: Hizbullah Media Relations, Translated and Edited by