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Qabbani: Anti-Islam Film Seeks Islamic- Christian Strife

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The Mufti of the Lebanese Republic Sheikh Mohammad Rashid Qabbani revealed Friday that he hasn't "watched the anti-Islam film."
"I don't accept to watch it and call the people not to watch it" he said.

In an interview with "al-Manar" TV, Qabbani urged all Muslims and people to refrain from watching this insulting movie." As he didn't express surprise from this film since mocking Islam is not fresh, the Mufti highlighted that broadcasting the film attempted to instigate Christian-Islamic strife during the Pope's visit to Lebanon.
He further mentioned that "mocking our religion started 1,400 years ago when the people of Mecca criticized the Holy Prophet Mohammad(PBUH)."
Moreover, Sheikh Qabbani listed some of the current attacks against Islam among which is the claim of German organizations that Europe is threatened by Islam.
"Every Muslim must ask himself about the aim of such attack and we must acknowledge that there is an attempt to offense Islam and Muslims," Qabbani viewed.
In parallel, the Mufti announced that " it is forbidden to offend any non-Muslim citizen who has nothing to do with this matter."
"They seek to tarnish our image, why to be dragged to this point?" he wondered.
He also confirmed that "this offensive movie production was a deliberate act especially that five million dollars were donated by Jews for its accomplishment."
""We aren't against Jews but rather Zionists who occupy Palestine and al-Quds," Qabbani clarified.
Meanwhile, he stated that "in the West, they practice contradictory sectarianism under the guise of secularism."
"Some Western and European people are waging a racist war against Muslims," the Mufti stated.
In conclusion, he urged Muslims to act wisely and not to be dragged to chaos and discord."

"The US isn't civilized in such matters and its administration can't deal with it because the Zionist lobby is behind this matter, and is fueling the conflict, " he said.

Source: al-Intiqad, Translated and Edited by