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Sayyed Nasrallah Calls for Widest Protests on Anti-Islam Film: US Provides New Witness to Its Double Standards

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Nour Rida 

Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah appeared on Sunday on al-Manar TV, condemning the anti-Islamic film ‘Innocence of Islam' which led millions of Muslims to pour into the streets protesting the desecration to the person of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). 
Sayyed Nasrallah assured that the first goal behind such a film, which constitutes a very severe insult, is sowing bloody strife among Muslims and Christians, calling on people to enjoy highest levels of awareness. 
"Today we will discuss the events of the past few days which took place on the backdrop of broadcasting the film which constitutes an unprecedented sacrilege to the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), His chaste progeny, and to Islam as a religion," His Eminence said.
Describing this assault as "immeasurably the worst and most dangerous", Sayyed Nasrallah said worse is the insistence of certain websites to air and disseminate the 13 minute trailer of the film. 

Hizbullah Secretary General assured this is a war against Islam, and requires a major and united stance from the Islamic Ummah. "This assault is even worse that the 1969 burning of the Holy al-Aqsa mosque, and worst is remaining silent over such an assail against the Prophet of God," Sayyed Nasrallah noted, stressing that silence against such a crime sends a wrong message to the "Israelis" that they can burn al-Aqsa mosque while the Muslim Ummah remains dormant. 

Explaining how to confront the development, Hizbullah leader stated that in any aggression, one must know the target and prevent it and then must avert its reoccurrence. He also assured that one of the main and fixed objectives of this act sowing strife among the Muslims and Christians.
"Those who stand behind such offenses are the Zionists, yet these are being attributed to Muslim or Christian apostates, such as the Christian pastor Terry Jones who had burned the Holy Quran, or the Coptic Priest who is said to be behind the anti-Islam film," His Eminence stated. Further explaining this attempt of sowing sedition, Sayyed Nasrallah went on to say "Those who made the movie knew that Muslims would be enraged by it, therefore attributing it to the Christians to cause conflict between Muslims and Christians. "Israel" wants to see Muslims attack Christians, kill them and burn their churches."

Fortunately, Hizbullah leader said that the Muslims enragement was released on the US, "Israel" and their policies, which is an excellent sign on the awareness of Muslims and Christians. Also, Sayyed Nasrallah praised the condemnation of Priests and Patriarchs to the movie, which had a decisive role in putting off the vicious goal of this offense. He also stressed that Muslims demand the US government to withdraw the video and refrain from broadcasting the whole film, and that those behind the offense insulting the dignity of Muslims and Islam, particularly the US and "Israel" should be punished. 

Hizbullah leader pointed out that the US administration, with this offense, presents a new witness to its double standards and hypocrisy. 
"Our aim is to work on preventing similar acts in the future, protesting and returning home is not enough," His Eminence stated, reassuring that a historical responsibility awaits the Islamic Ummah, also awaits every Christians who believes in coexistence: issuing an international resolution that criminalizes attacks against monotheistic religions and Prophets Moussa (Moses), Ibrahim, Mohammad and Issa (Jesus). 

"The US Congress had issued a law that criminalizes so-called anti-Semitism; why doesn't it issue a law that criminalizes offenses against other religions? The US elections are approaching, and it is the responsibility of Muslim expatriates in the US to work for the issuance of such a law," Sayyed Nasrallah suggested. 
The Hizbullah Secretary General reiterated the importance of preventing the repetition of such antagonism, which the US committed under the pretext of freedom of speech. He called on the European parliaments to work on criminalizing those who attack monotheist religions.

Also, Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that "This event deserves an urgent call for an Islamic Conference, because what happened is more dangerous than the events in Syria. It is surprising that many Arab leaders did not do anything regarding this movie. I swear had the movie been against the personality of one of the Arab kings, they would have been more enraged than they were after the spread of this movie." 
"The least the Muslim Ummah can do is demand their rulers to act against this offense," he assured. 

Concerning Lebanon, Sayyed Nasrallah highlighted "Thank God Lebanon has proved to be fortified and has demonstrated, during the past three days, a high level of awareness and civility in face of the aggression through coexistence and common-living between Muslims and Christians. This is what we witnessed also during the visit of Pope Benedict XVI. 

Addressing Lebanese Premier Najb Mikati and House Speaker Nabih Berri, also the March 8 and 14 camps, Sayyed Nasrallah said that "Lebanon can play a role by calling for a summit of the Arab Foreign Ministers Council." 
"Lebanon can call for holding an Islamic Summit to criminalize the insult against the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). Thank God that we witnessed an example and a high level of civility in the face of aggression, through coexistence between Muslims and Christians. This is what we witnessed during the visit of Pope Benedict XVI," the Resistance leader underscored. 
"We should continue with the popular protests to stop the movie and prevent it from being spread and punish those who are responsible for it. Also, media outlets must play their role in this cause," Hizbullah leader iterated. 
Sayyed Nasrallah said a protest should have been organized earlier, yet there were special circumstances in Lebanon delaying it a few days to prevent the use of protests for other purposes.

"Monday will be the first day for our protest, which will be held in [Beirut's Southern Suburb] Dahiyeh at 5 p.m. This will be part of the movement that will include all cities in the country," Sayyed Nasrallah declared. 
I also call for holding protests on Wednesday in Tyr, on Friday in Baalbek, on Saturday in Bent Jbeil (South Lebanon) and on Sunday in the Bekaa in the Hermel. 



person A concerned American Christian

A more practical & effective way to shut down the YouTube Video

It is simple, effective, costs nothing, practical, peaceful and non-violent. a. Given that there are significant numbers of Muslims working for YouTube, many in mission essential positions. b. Given that there are even more Muslims woring for the YouTube parent, Google. c. Organize a Muslim employeee protest: could be a simple "sick-out", couple with demonstrations in front of the company HQ. d. This will not only get significant media coverage, but will get YouTube/Google corporate attention in a way that protests to the US Government cannot. It will hit their bottom line.