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Heroic Sagas turned border villages into a graveyard for the Zionist invaders

Heroic Sagas turned border villages into a graveyard for the Zionist invaders
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Hilal al-Salman

Residents of the border villages, such as Hula, Markaba, Adayse and Rub Tleteen, do not forget the stories of the heroic confrontations fought by the Mujahideen against the units and soldiers of the Zionist army on the edges and within the villages adjacent to the border of occupied Palestine.

These heroic sagas, written by the Mujahideen are stored in the memory of all elders, youth, women and children, during which the "Israeli" enemy was incapable of invading these villages, even for hundreds of meters, and suffered the loss of dozens of his soldiers and Merkava tanks..

The villages' hills and valleys turned into a graveyard for the Zionist invaders, and exterminated the 82-invasion image of the Zionist army.. Everyone remembers when the Zionist army invaded dozens of villages and towns in the year 1982, in a matter of hours, as if it was a touristic excursion. This equation was shattered by sagas fought by the Mujahideen against the Zionist army during the war of July. Those militants who turned these villages, towns, fields and hills to the fortified castles protected by them.


Some of the Mujahideen who fought the enemy in Markaba, reveal to "al-Intiqad" the mechanism adopted to distribute the fighting groups of the Mujahideen to fill all the ports that might be used by the enemy soldiers and tanks to enter the village, including the groups that were responsible to monitor the movement of the enemy vehicles, at al-Abbad and al-Dawaweer sites, and those that have to submit the coordinates to the rocket-firing units in order to hit the enemy troops.

The Mujahideen say they have waited long enough to provide the enemy fighting lessons and they waited more than two weeks since the beginning of the aggression, when the vehicles of the enemy and its soldiers started to infiltrate to the eastern border of the town across al-Mashyfi region.
Heroic Sagas turned border villages into a graveyard for the Zionist invaders
They paved their way by carving an earthy road as an attempt to avoid the bombs they assumed the Mujahideen have planted on roads they might take .. The enemy units and tanks infiltrated tens of meters within the territory of the town, specifically to the public road adjacent to the border, but did not dare to approach from within the town or its edges.
When the enemy decided to enter during the night from the northeastern edge of the town, the first saga done by the Mujahideen took place there, where tens of enemy soldiers from elite units were killed and wounded.
They add that the clash with the infiltrated Zionist force happened from a distance of meters, and the Mujahideen presented a broken helmet, stained with blood , of a dead soldier who was attacked by one of the resistance fighters who threw at him a rocket-propelled grenade from a distance of few meters. The resistance lost one martyr in this confrontation.

The second confrontation between the Mujahideen in Markaba and the elite units of the enemy army took place when a Zionist force, reinforced with "Merkava" tanks, tried to intrude into the eastern district of the town across the highway.
Once the forerunners of this force reached three hundred meters west of the school town, they were stricken with the fires and mortars of the Mujahideen, destroying more than a tank, injuring and killing more than a dozen soldiers from the infantry and tank crews.

The Mujahideen stress that they ambushed close to the bodies of soldiers for more than nine hours and the enemy did not dare to the pull them out.
Yet afterwards, enemy troops used the scorched earth policy that destroys an entire neighborhood, before it could pull the bodies of its dead from the battlefield. But it withdrew with disappointment without being able to occupy the town.


Same scenario took place in the rest of the border villages such as Hula, where the Mujahideen resisted hard and shaped heroic sagas with enemy soldiers. One epic story occurred few meters away at the northeastern end of the town when a Zionist group got trapped in an advanced ambush of the Mujahideen that killed and wounded its soldiers. The enemy's television broadcasted ,after the war, interviews with some of the soldiers who were wounded in this confrontation; they spoke about its ferocity, and that they were not able to know the sources of fire, as it rained down on them from all sides. The enemy could not enter the town and occupy it all throughout the period of aggression, for the Mujahideen were steadfast, along with a number of children of the village, who preferred to cling to their land and their town.

Adaysi - Rub Tleteen - Al-Taybe

This front witnessed fierce battles between the advanced ambushes of the Islamic militants and the Zionist armored convoys that entered from more than point to the edges of these border villages.
The enemy has taken the border area of Wadi Hunin that is connected to the region located between the villages of Adaysi and Rub Tleteen, as the first crossing line to its tanks heading toward the Rub Tleteen and Mashrou' al-Taybe, and then to Qantara and Wadi al- Hujayr.

On this front, the advanced ambushes of Resistance fighters thwarted the enemy's progress using anti-tank missiles. A major confrontation at the entrance of Rub Tleteen resulted in the destruction of a number of "Merkava" tanks and the killing of its crew. Same scenario also recurred in Mashrou' al-Taybe when the Mujahideen hunted the tanks crossing the valley of Hunin that were coming out from several locations overlooking that area , caused the enemy's units heavy losses and destroyed dozens of tanks in Mashrou' al-Taybe alone.
The second location where the enemy tanks advanced from was al-Mutella, where they tried to penetrate into the town of Adayse down to the hill of Owaidah on one hand, and towards Adayse-Kfar Kila road on the other hand.

And on the two lines the Zionist units faced violent and fierce resistance by the Mujahideen, and the confrontation of the Mujahideen at al-Adayse square with a Zionist force led to the death of a large number of Zionist soldiers before killing the Mujahid Hussein Rommel Shari, who fought valiantly until martyrdom.

A Zionist armored force tried to advance towards the strategic hill of Owaidah, but the Mujahideen blocked its way, and destroyed several tanks. As they also destroyed four tanks on the main road between Adayse and Kfar Kila, a road adjacent to the border of occupied Palestine; the destruction of one of the tanks was shown on television when the tanks were filmed from within the Zionist colonies of Zionism, for the enemy wanted to film his tanks as they try to invade the South to influence in the morale of the Mujahideen, and their steadfast parents.. But the abrupt response caused the destruction of the tanks at a distance of meters from the border, to turn over the equation and confirm that the militants are fully ready to turn the border villages into a graveyard for the Zionist invaders.

Source: al-Intiqad, translated and edited by