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Hizbullah SG Speech on 19-01-2008

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Local Editor

The Secretary General of Hizbullah his Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, participated in the huge and massive march that roamed the streets of the southern Dahiya suburb. He then delivered a speech at the end of this tenth Ashoura day ceremony.

The following are the highlights of that speech:

"May God reward your efforts for sharing your grief and commiserations for what has befallen our Lord and Imam Hussein bin Ali (p), the loved grandson of God's prophet (Peace be Upon Him & His Household).

On this tenth day of Muharram (First month in the Islamic Hijri calendar), we give sympathy and solace to 'al-Muntazar' (the awaited for) Imam Mahdi, the grandson of the prophet and Hussein (P), to our learned and great reference clerics, in particular his Eminence Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Husseini Khamenei and to all Muslims, friends and those loyal to the Messenger of God (p).

We commiserate those sympathizing with the God's messenger (p) for what has befallen his offspring and householders on this tenth day of Muharram of the 61st Hijri year.
Dear brothers and sisters, Karbala took place on a day like today. It was a lasting lesson in history and for history when Imam Hussein (p) stood and faced the despot, to uphold righteousness, eliminate falsehood, reform the nation for the propagation of virtue and prevention of vice; their answer was to put him between two options, killing or humiliating disgrace.

Every Ashouraof each year we remember this eternal stand, when Imam Hussein (p) was put between these two options -to be humiliated by submitting to the will of a despot, and accept his corruption, tyranny and deviation- or be confronted with war and fighting, which at the time normally meant imminent martyrdom and death.

Hussein, the Grandson of the Messenger of God (P) chose confrontation willfully, in full awareness and with knowledge, from a position of love and longing to meet God Almighty, and from the knowledge that upholding justness needs his virtuous blood.
Hussein made this stance and said: "Do you not see justice being omitted, yet falsehood not refrained from, thence the believer justly goes to meet God, I see death but happiness and life with tyrants but misery..."

He took this choice for himself, his religion, his nation and all the coming generations, for them he marked the way of the right choice when Aba Abdillah (Imam Hussein) said on the tenth day: "However, The illegitimate son of an illegitimate Son, has placed me facing two choices: to draw my sword and fight or be humiliated (by allegiance to Yezid). But it is impossible for us to be humiliated" ... So the decision was martyrdom, the result of steadfastness and resistance.

Our nation faces this arrogant haughty enemy who placed us between two options, war or humiliation... George Bush, the head of this tyrannical and despotic system, on his last visit placed our nation between the following two choices:
- Give up on our land and sacred sites
- Recognize the racist Jewish state established on occupied Palestinian land
- Accept the final displacement of half of the Palestinian people from their land, without rights or homes
- Accept Bush's dominance over our nations and wealth
- Accept and approve the occupation of Iraq, the land of sanctuaries for decades to come
- Accept the division of our homelands and peoples, in addition to the peoples' collision and fighting among themselves under fictitious slogans and artificial reasons.
Bush wanted to convince our rulers and peoples of all these points in order to protect his dominance, guarantee his interests, protect his cancerous entity planted in the heart of the nation in Palestine... We have to either accept this humiliating surrender, or reject, confront and resist, hence be accused of terrorism, to be hunted everywhere... wars to be waged against us in Lebanon, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Iraq ... resistance and opposition will be threatened whether in Iran, Syria ... any resistance or reluctance is to be displaced, killed, our homes demolished, and the ugliest images of war to be used against us whether psychologically, security or militarily.

We are placed between two options-and there is nothing new about this, as the nation has been placed between these two for decades, and has only had to choose...
...We in Lebanon since 1982, when "Israel" invaded our land and country, we took in full awareness the free choice of Aba Abdillah Hussein (p) and told the armies of the Zionist invaders and later occupiers, who entered the capital Beirut, and extended their presence to Mount Lebanon, Bekaa and the South, we told them: "you entered the wrong land at the wrong time, because we will confront you with one slogan: 'Hayhaat minna-thilla' "Humiliation of us crying to the moon."

The resistance in Lebanon was launched bearing Karbala thought, spirit, awareness, longing, determination and Karbala's martyrdom-will.
In all its martyrdom and jihad operations, in which we stormed fortified occupation posts in valleys and across the mountains, the resistance was always inspired by and invoked all its operations, bullets and fists the resistance renewed its pledge to stand by al-Hussein: 'Labaika ya Hussein' 'Here we are at your service, O Hussein.'
In his name we burst into occupation posts, in his spirit martyrs exploded their bodies to rise to God, and we were victorious against the toughest sword and strongest force in this region.

Over a period of 18 years, after the resistance proved its honesty, sincerity, steadfastness, God granted it victory.

The same thing happened in 2006, when the entire world stood behind "Israel" to destroy this resistance and the public that embraced and protected it, the "Israeli" Air Force came, along backed by the storehouses for strategic and state of the art weapons, America's storehouses supported by international backing ...
...The war was launched against the resistance ... we did not held on, we were not scared, we did not escape, surrender or accept humiliating conditions... we fought for days and days and weeks ...

we fought for over 33 days, our feet were steadfast, our hearts strong ...God sealed our endurance with victory ... every day of fighting, with every martyr falling, with every house demolished, we were evoking al-Hussein, saying to him: 'Every Ashourawe have been pledging our allegiance to you, and now in July and August of 2006 here we are making good on our allegiance to you, by fighting the enemies of the peoples and of humanity...we fought carrying his thought and resolve ... in July war our motto was also 'Hayhaat minna-thilla' "Humiliation of us crying to the moon"

Today, in the face of all the dangers and challenges, the slogan remains the same. We will not change our position, nor alter our direction. We will not disown our history or change it. We will not abandon our trust in God nor abandon the distant horizon we are waiting for as it waits for us ahead.

We continue from this point in the face of issues we face.
Today, we define our position very clearly before Bush's tour of dictations, conditions and satanic lures which he wants imposed on Palestine and the region.
We say that the entire region is invited to respond to this tour with adherence to the resistance option, to support resistance movements in every land they exist and in any form whether politically, morally, financially, materially and militarily, through every field that support can be given.

We demand that the nation's response be one of holding onto the land, and refusing displacement, therefore refusing resettlement... thus holding onto holy sites, as sanctuaries that are not up for sale, purchase or relinquishment.
That a clear response be given so that we do not fall into uncertainty, to discern between the friend and the real foe.

Bush wants to convince our leaders and our people that Iran is the enemy, and that "Israel" is the beloved friend and neighbor, to which we must extend our hand of peace...
...Is this not the greatest level of hypocrisy and falsification reached in history?!
The identity of the friend and enemy must be emphasized, hence our leaders and peoples refuse to be dragged along with Bush and his wars, which lead to the destruction of our countries and death of our people through absurd wars that are of no concern whatsoever to our issues or people.

The second issue;
The most dangerous thing we face these days is the suffering of our brothers in the Gaza Strip in particular and Palestine in general.
Every day there are raids. Yesterday, fighter jets were introduced into the scene, which is a dangerous development in the path of this confrontation...alongside closures and blocking of crossings and roads.

In this bloody confrontation Gaza Strip provides martyrs and sacrifices, stands firm despite hunger and siege. So, what is the responsibility of rulers and peoples here?
Will Gaza Strip be abandoned to face its fate alone?

During the July aggression, I stood and said to the Arabs: we do not ask anything of you. Here in Lebanon, we are confronting and fighting with the possible available means ...yet today in AshouraI ask Arab and Muslim governments and peoples to stand by Gaza Strip, the besieged from all directions, and subjected to massacres and genocide...I ask for the most basic of things and that is for the siege to be lifted.
This nation attests to its own humiliation, shame and abandonment of its humanity and Arabism if these people are left to this fate, the fate of being controlled by the tyrant who wants to retain his post through killing innocent people in the Gaza Strip.
The nation is invited to take a real and serious stand as silence and hiding behind excuses cannot be allowable.

The third issue is the "Israeli" violations of Lebanon; this has almost turned into an ordinary event.

Other than Aerial violations, there is the attack on, abduction and detention of civilians, only to be eventually released after a few hours.
I want to ask, that should some of the Lebanese in border villagers abduct an "Israeli" shepherd or farmer at the border, what would happen then?
The UN Security Council will convene, and all hell will break loose... "Israel" will be given the right to wage war... As for peasants, shepherds and fishermen of Lebanon threatened in plain view of the United Nations... yet no one in the world is allowed to make any noise...

Silence cannot go on for long over this issue. I forewarn them, and I am serious about this warning.

Assaulting civilians on the Lebanese border is an assault on the entire country and population, not only on a farmer or shepherd...this matter will be confronted one day...
...As for the threat of the "Israelis" wanting to wage war on Lebanon, I do not think the "Israelis" have the military and political leadership, nor the competent army for a war of this type. However, we will remain vigilant nonetheless not to allow surprise of this kind...
On this occasion, I affirm the real readiness and commitment of the resistance.
What I said to you on August 14 to mark the anniversary of the victory, was not a moment of anger or excitement, nor was it to stir your emotions and confidence...I said it that day and I repeat it again today on Ashouraas we stand between the hands of the martyrs of Karbala: if "Israel" launched a new war on Lebanon, we promise them a war that changes the course of the battle and changes the fate of the entire region, God willing...

Every day, they find out with certainty about the credibility and seriousness of what I tell them and I threaten them...we do not want war, but we refuse anyone to wage war on our homeland, cities and villages.

The fourth issue is the issue of prisoners.
I assure our commitment to bring back all the prisoners to their families and homes. The "Israelis" are procrastinating because they are weak and insignificant, unable to provide the natural humanitarian prices... and here I do not want to enter into negotiations with the occupation through the media .... I say to the society of this enemy that their army, which was known for its credibility, after the July war it revealed its falseness through not conveying the true facts.

I would like to reiterate the last words I said in a recent interview to bring you the Zionists the facts your army did not reveal to you ...the army that used to always boast that if it enters a battlefield, it wins, and claims to never abandon the bodies of its dead and wounded in the battlefield...

...I say to them and to you now: your army abandoned remaining body parts of your soldiers in our villages and fields. Our Mujahidin who were fighting and confronting these Zionists, killed and collected their remains. I am not talking about ordinary pieces; we have heads, hands and legs of your soldiers. We have a nearly complete body from top to torso! What did the "Israeli" army tell the family of this soldier? After I spoke of the existence of remaining bodily parts on South Lebanese Land, the "Israeli" army will quickly deny their existence... then soon, they will retract their denial, because they knew we do not lie nor pretend and say nothing but the truth.

I do not raise this issue to negotiate but to point out that this army has lost the credibility it enjoyed. It was weak and gaunt in the field for a large number of its soldiers who were killed in front of your Mujahidin and your brothers in the Islamic Resistance.
In this context since we are talking about prisoners, we must always mention the issue of the prisoners Imam Moussa al-Sadr, founder and leader of the resistance in Lebanon and his two companions. I renew the appeal to everyone on the day of the victory and triumph of the oppressed and the prisoner... to the Arab summit of the Arab League, the Islamic Conference Organization and to all active forces to stand by our side in this just case to return this great Imam to the field of his charity, jihad and work.

On the internal Lebanese situation, we demand justice and equity; we refuse the monopolization of power by us or anyone else...this country is upheld by its national unity, I find it odd how some Arab officials look at us and talk to us about minority, majority, democracy, what is unacceptable and what is acceptable within a democracy, when you all know their regimes, where minority and majority do not exist.
Lebanon has a special formula; if you want a minority and a majority in this society, these are clearly set out today, but we are talking about a country that cannot stand through monopolization of power, a country whose specialty is that it can only stand by cooperation and interdependence.

Some waste time, Lebanese people's time, what benefit comes from accusing the opposition or the pro-government of disrupting the Arab initiative?
We are all wasting time; it is best that the Arab initiative attempts to accomplish a real settlement based on participation, not on the basis of pressuring one team in order to surrender and yield governing the country to the other...

...we welcomed mediation and the Arab initiative; I also salute the meetings that occur between representatives of both sides, and confirm our big and full confidence in our nominated representative to these negotiations and dialogues.
But in any case, I tell all who waste time, should you be banking on the opposition slackening, declining or abandoning its demands, you would be deluded and mistaken. It is also useless to gamble on internationalization of the issue.

The whole world cannot impose a decision on a people or on a real independence movement, if it is prepared for confrontation.
I say to all those who think they can subjugate us through internationalization, then listen to these calling with one voice: 'Hayhaat minna-thilla' humiliation of us crying to the moon.

As I said earlier, should initiatives fail, we will not idly stand at the impasse; the opposition will bear its responsibility. We will not hide behind demands caused by harsh living conditions, or the screams behind the rising cost of bread, its shrunken size hardly makes it resemble a loaf of bread anymore, nor will we hide behind cries caused by electricity blackouts and discrimination in electricity rationing between regions.
We will leave such matters to trade unions to take that responsibility. The opposition has the courage to act under its clear political title and objective. We will not hide behind the people's hunger and thirst, while we know that addressing people's hunger and deprivation begins in the establishment of a fair authority, one of national partnership, which assumes responsibility for all communities and regions. The entrance to addressing each of these crises is in the composition of such an authority.

The Authority that thinks of the homeland as it does a private company or private bank cannot address any of the current issues, apart from being able to preserve this country to help face the turbulences and adversity moving across its skies.
Since the opposition's demand is one aimed at establishing fairness and justice, we will only confront with the political heading and demands. We will not surrender Lebanon to the American project and the American administration nor allow its monopolization by anyone at the expense of anyone else.

As at the end of Ashouraof each year, we stand with al-Hussein to renew our pledge of allegiance and support to all the oppressed, the persecuted and the suffering in this world...

...From the land of the resistance and the southern 'Dahiya' suburb, which was witnessed across the entire world being bombed and destroyed for 33-days, yet that did not destroy its will...we confirm our support for the resistance in Palestine, in Iraq, in every land, and affirm our commitment to Hussein (p) to say to him we were with you (Hussein [p]) when they destroyed our homes, and we are as we will stay with you...

Even if they killed our children, women and elderly, as they have over 25 years, especially in the July war, we were with you, we are with you and we will remain with you forever.
On Ashouraday, we, men and women, young and old, promise you Aba Abdillah, that we will follow your footsteps and way, answering your call, where we stand the despot has placed us between two options, draw our sword and fight or be humiliated, we have no other option, and we O Messenger of God's son will reiterate your words: 'The illegitimate son of an illegitimate Son, today manifesting in George Bush and Olmert who claim lineage to the prophets of the 'children of Israel', have placed us facing two choices: to fight or be humiliated (by allegiance to the despot). Hence, what do you say to al-Hussein on Aba Abdillah al-Hussein Day: Humiliation of us crying to the moon!

(for) God, his Messenger, the believers ... never accept this for us'...
God, his Messenger, the believers ... never accept this for us, thereby the Martyrdom of Sayyed Abbas, with his wife Um-Yasser and their two children, the death of Sheikh Ragheb Harb, and still we never opted to obeying the villainous...
On your day O Aba Abdillah we swear to you we will confront every unjust and despot, never will we accept servile obedience, living fearfully or always looking back, but instead our eyes will remain focused forward ...

...As at the end of each and every Muharram and Ashouraand from the bottom of our hearts, minds, senses, souls and to eternity we call out to you: 'Here we are at your service, O Hussein'

O most honorable, generous and pure of people...Peace be with you

Source: Al-Ahed News


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