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Al-Mawlawi Confessed, Terrorist Cell Arrested

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Zeinab Essa

Here is Tripoli: the Lebanese city that bombed some of the political foolishness.

Here's the Northern capital : the city that uncovered some of the unlimited lies.

The blue Party's alleged pen turned to be a Kalashnikov and B7, not to be used against the "Israeli" enemy but against Lebanese citizens and a national Army.

In Tripoli, the party raised the flag of defending the Syrian rebels, and the internal political maliciousness was translated in 8 dead people and more than 50 wounded.

Three days on the continuous clashes, the bullets didn't calm and the streets were empty only from militia men whose death game overturned on their leadership.

However, the Lebanese Army (LA) said its final words: It's the period of decisiveness.

LA Heavily Deployed

Lebanese newspapers reported Tuesday that Tripoli's gun battles subsided after the LA's troops deployed heavily in the city.
Hundreds of LA soldiers raced into Tripoli's streets and particularly to the Syria street that separates the area of clashes i.e. the Bab al-Tabbaneh region from Jabal Mohsen.
Military sources informed "as-Safir" Lebanese daily that " the LA decided to move after being granted the comprehensive and explicit political coverage."
"It will defend its people's security and stability, rejecting the attempts to turn them into bags of sand or into the fuel in a game of political investment," the sources added.
For his part, the LA's commander Jean Qahwaji stressed to "al-Akhbar" newspaper that "the army began its deployment in Jabal Mohsen to continue at Tuesday's dawn towards Bab al-Tabbaneh."

In response to a question on the Islamists' sit in, Qahwaji replied: "All things will be addressed and the situation will gradually return to normal."
The LA's commander denied all Future Movement accusations that the LA's move is late.
"The army entered the areas of clashes since the first moment. However, the soldiers were attacked," he clarified.

He also stressed: "We want to protect the military soldiers and not to have them killed," pointing out that the LA's leadership "wanted to wait until everyone understands the seriousness of the situation."
"When we are sure that all parties are demanding the army and the military would be safe to enter the areas of tension, we took the decision to move," Qahwaji confirmed.

LA: Stop Bidding

Similarly, a military source confirmed to "an-Nahar" that "the political forces covering the gunmen must call them to withdraw from the streets and implement a cease-fire,also to lift the lid on any security breach, instead of bidding on the LA."
"The group belonging to this Northern MP or that are behind the armed militia men in the streets and neighborhoods," the source said.

It wondered: "Do they want the LA to enter in a battle with these gunmen that results in a number of civilian casualties, instead of giving orders to their gunmen to vacate the streets?"

"Are there attempts to implicate the army? Do they want to erase all legitimate forms in the city? Will they confess, after today, that arms are in all hands?" it added.
The source further accused political sides of financially covering the gunmen, stressing that "the time of agitating conflict between the army and its people ended."
In parallel, Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati's sources stated that "the official political cover is available for the LA army through the decisions of the Council of Ministers and the Supreme Council of Defense."
The sources urged those inciting on the LA "not to adopt two languages, ...and to stop instigating and inciting the people against the military institution."

Future Hypocrisy...

Earlier Monday, Future Movement MP Mohammed Kabbara accused the political authority and the Higher Defense Council of conspiring against Tripoli.
In a blatant sectarian rhetoric, Kabbara said: "They want to spread chaos in the city because it is predominantly Sunni. They want to break and destroy it."
He also called PM Mikati to assume his responsibilities or resign because Tripoli can no longer withstand more violence.

Kabbara's fellow MP, Moeen al-Merebi withdrew from the meeting considering that it would not yield any results.

The MP accused the LA command of failing to implement the decisions of the Higher Defense Council, holding it responsible for any bloodshed in the city because it does not want to get involved in the clashes.
Al-Mawlawi Confessed

In a parallel context, "as-Safir" daily revealed that "the General Security Department arrested Shadi al-Mawlawi based on evidences against him."
"There was a great plot prepared against Lebanon, which we can't reveal, but we can say that God protected Lebanon from a large thing," sources told the daily.

The sources also mentioned that "the suspect confessed to be linked to a terrorist organization as soon as he was arrested," pointing out that "investigations with al-Mawlawi showed that the department was right in its move as he confessed to the charges against him."
They also unveiled that a European power contributed information on al-Mawlawi's terrorist activity outside Lebanon.
"It is not unlikely that there will be the names of persons associated with this file, and are still out of sight," the sources added.

Military Tribunal Judge Saqr Saqr charged Monday al-Mawlawi and five other cell members with forming an armed terrorist group and undermining the authority of the state, as well as having links to al-Qaida.
Meanwhile, "al-Joumhoria" daily revealed that "the Lebanese security agencies succeeded in the past few days in uncovering a terrorist network linked with local, Arab, and European sides."

"The confessions of one of the cell's detainees, called Hamza Mahmoud Tarbai, led to the arrest of al-Mawlawi, a development which sparked armed clashes in the northern city of Tripoli over the weekend.
According to the daily, the six-member cell includes three Lebanese, a Qatari, a Palestinian, and a Jordanian.

Extra-Spending...No Solution

On another level, the extra-budgetary spending moves towards being postponed from Wednesday's governmental session.

In this context, al-Akhbar paper reported Tuesday that "a meeting was held in the Grand Serail between MP Mikati, Minister of Administrative Affairs Mohammed Fneish, Public Health Minister Ali Hassan Khalil, and the political aide of the Secretary General of Hizbullah [His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah], Hussein Khalil."
"The conferees discussed the issue of the legalization of LL 4900 billion until next July," the daily added.

According to "al-Akhbar", Mikati reiterated during the meeting that the spending is covered with article 29 of the Public Accounting as well as the law of the 2005 budget in 2005."
"All that remains is to find a legal solution for the remaining amount, i.e. 900 billion LL," Mikati said, noting that "[National Struggle Front] Leader MP Walid Jumblatt supports the relevant draft law."

Source: Lebanese newspapers, Translated and Edited by