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Ashura 2021


Eye on the Enemy: Army’s Reserve System on Verge of Crisis

Eye on the Enemy: Army’s Reserve System on Verge of Crisis
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Local Editor

Army's reserve system on verge of crisis


Chief "IDF" Reserve Officer, Brig.-Gen. Shuki Ben Anat, warned that army's reserve system is on the verge of crisis. The reason is: the government shows no regard for the economic needs of the recruits. "Solutions must be provided for army reserve soldiers, so they can continue making a living during their service, otherwise, within a generation, there won't be anyone left to defend the country" , Anat said.

Yesterday, at the Knesset Sub-Committee for small and medium businesses, the issue of independent reserve independent soldiers, who were forced to leave their businesses to join the military service's trainings and operations, was raised.

Brigadier - General Ben Anat noted that less than half of the demobilized soldiers from the "Israeli" army continue to serve in the reserves. "The Reserve system is shrinking, and this is the only reserve system in the army," he said. "Given the situation in Egypt we have to increase our troops."

"Women Singing" Storms the Army


In the wake of "women singing" storm, around 100 religious Zionist men in the "Israeli" army signed a petition vowing not to enlist in the army, and noting that the orders issued by the Creator are above those issued by any man.

Yeshiva students addressed a letter to the Chief of Staff asking him to reconsider the orders that religious soldiers shall not be excused from viewing women's singing at military events. "We, youths aged 15 and up who believe in G-d and His Torah, see it as a right and a duty to fulfill the commandments of conquest of the Land of "Israel", and to defend the Nation of "Israel" and the Land of "Israel"," the petition begins.

"We are sorry to say that especially lately, processes are taking place in which there are attempts to force soldiers to disobey the orders of the Torah through orders (as in the case of listening to women's singing). This matter worries us very much and we declare that as long as these attempts do not cease, we will no longer be able to enlist to the army."

Meridor: Sanctions on Iran are Effective

"Israel" Radio

Deputy Prime Minister, Dan Meridor, said that the sanctions against Iran are very effective and should be toughened. In an interview with the "Israeli" radio, Meridor noted that Iran is willing to possess a nuclear weapon, but at the same time it is being watched and surveyed by American and "Israeli" Intelligence and others. We claim that they haven't possessed it yet, for they are facing many obstacles, one of them is the sanction; they fear the sanctions and the world's reaction, that's why it is very important to increase the number of sanctions.

The Iranians are concerned by the sanctions, so we have to keep pushing. The Americans have already imposed sanctions with the collaboration of the UN, EU and other countries, and recently the Europeans decided to impose even more. I hope this procedure will always be strict, so it would distress the Iranians and lead them to abandon their program and the possession of a nuclear power.

"Israel" surrounded by dangers, Ben-Eliezer says

Channel 7

Industry, Labor and Trade Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer said that "we have to stay awake 24 hours per day so we can succeed in defeating the challenges and those who threaten the stability of the free world." ""Israel" is a small state, and to survive, it has to be vigilant and make sure it can respond effectively to the evolving threat from home and abroad," he added. Ben Eliezer statements were announced during an opening of a Mall in Tel Aviv, as he added that ""Israel" must prepare for the future war and combat terrorism, and we have to continue developing advanced technologies, in order to defeat those who pose a threat to the free world."

Marrying a Palestinian, Existential threat?

Ynet- Dov Weissglas

The judgment of the incoming President of the Supreme Court Asher Grunis to ban Palestinians who marry "Israelis" from gaining "Israeli" Citizenship is based upon the saying that "Human rights do not prescribe national suicide". Indeed the sanctity of life and maintaining it is one absolute undeniable principle. The difficulty arises from the following words: "revoking the law will bring to the country thousands of Palestinians."The next president believes that the legal entry of a few thousands of Palestinians to "Israel" would lead to the loss of the State, i.e. to suicide."

If Grunis knows something we do not know with respect to the weakness of the state, i.e. it is enough for a few thousands of Palestinian brides or grooms to destroy "Israel" - then this is very scary. If the brides and grooms pose an existential threat, then how are we going to handle missiles, bombs or an Iranian nuclear bomb? If "Israel" was not too weak - because everyone knows that it is strong on land, sea, air and space - then why the judge is speaking of suicide? Can't the "Israeli" security forces handle a few pair of couples? This analysis as a justification has touched a very basic human right, which refers to a severe illness as estimated by those who have settled their minds on this.

Thousands of Palestinians are illegal residents in "Israel", they come and go as they want, and they are not registered and have no identity, no residence and there is no control on them. They have never been introduced as a suicidal problem; it is certain that a few thousand Palestinian couples who enter "Israel" by virtue of the law and with permits, are not an existential threat to "Israel".
There is no need to speak a lot about the right to marry and bring home the spouse, which is really an essential humanitarian right.

As far as I know, there is no country in the world that does not grant residency - and citizenship - to a foreigner who marries a citizen and asks to reside in this country. It is appropriate if "Israel" took this course: Palestinian Spouses who are suspected to terrorize or commit a criminal offense should be turned over to the intelligence and police, should be subjected to an acceptable investigation, and then prevented from entering "Israel", and those who do enter, get arrested or expelled.

But banning the entry of a group of human beings in a comprehensive manner because of their ethnic - religious affiliation should be rejected.

Among thousands of Palestinians who legally entered "Israel", only few of them were suspected or convicted of acts of terrorism. This numerical ratio does not justify the extreme violation of a fundamental human right. It is worth mentioning that the idea of banning the entry law had appeared during the second intifada. Since then, the country calmed down and terrorism was almost halted. Currently, there is no genuine security need that can severely damage people who want to achieve their right to a family in "Israel". And if the will to maintain the Jewish majority is the cause of the verdict - the government has the right to determine the rate of immigration into its lands (a reasonable and logical rate of course.) This is how enlightened nations behave.

The image of "Israel" as a democratic state keen on human rights has been sabotaged since the beginning of the current government's term and the current Knesset: The treatment of refugees, foreign workers, women, minorities, immigrant Jews from Ethiopia or those who did not prove their Jewishness yet, has brought "Israel" a global disgrace and has weakened its position as the "Island" of western Life amid the reckless and retarded Middle East. And the verdict will damage us more.

All what is left is to hope that the Interior Ministry - which has gained in recent years, a considerable experience in catching the "foreigners" and expelling them - will spare us from seeing mothers or fathers being separated from their spouses and their children and driven out from their homes; the scenes are difficult to watch even when it comes to Arabs.
Kadima's primaries, next March

"Israel" Hayom

Kadima party leader Tzipi Livni hasn't yet announced a date for the party primaries, but Livni has been holding intensive talks with her fellow party members over the past several days. In case no changes occurred at the last moment, the primaries will likely be held in 25-29 March.

"I will set a date for the primaries very shortly and introduce a timetable for the race that is as condensed as possible," she said. Party members also say Livni is fully confident of her re-election prospects.

The party was abuzz with rumors on Monday that Livni is trying to split the party by declaring a newly formed Kadima faction that would comprise only a select 15 party members, the threshold needed to maintain the party's official name and institutions. This rumor surfaced one week after Livni tentatively agreed to hold primaries but did not communicate a date. 

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