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Qaouk: Targeting Syria Today Paves the Way Before a US-“Israeli” Aggression

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Deputy Head of Hizbullah Executive Council His Eminence Sheikh Nabil Qaouk believed that targeting Syria today aims at paving the way before the US-"Israeli" aggression on the region.

In this context, he stressed that Syria is "a fort of the resistance's", saying that the aggression now targeting Syria is similar to the July 2006 aggression that targeted Lebanon, which was based on "international and Arab resolutions, inciting, arming, and funding".
Moreover, Sheikh Qaouk indicated that the difference between the 2006 aggression and today is that "the followers and tools of the US in Lebanon and the Arab world stabbed us in the back undercover, but today, they are stabbing Syria in the back in public".

During a ceremony marking Hizbullah's Martyr Day in the southern village of Sojod, Sheikh Qaouk regarded the Arab stance as "colluding with the barbaric oppression of the Bahraini people. Some Arabs also sent their forces to Bahrain in order to suppress the will of the Bahraini people".
Furthermore, he added, "What happened is that there is a US order that controls its tools in Lebanon, Syria, and the whole Arab world, and this relieves the "Israeli" enemy".

"However, no matter how hard they tried, Syria managed to foil the planned scheme. If they were betting on the experience in Libya, then Syria has cut off the road before cloning the Libyan experience again", Sheikh Qaouk went on to say.
"Therefore all the threats of sanctions and media incitements will not make them closer to achieving their aggressive scheme that targets the resistance and its strategy", His Eminence reiterated.

On another hand, Deputy Head of Hizbullah Executive Council noted, "Syria's guilt is that it supports the resistance in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq, and it is being punished as a favor for the "Israeli" enemy".
Also, he stressed that "Lebanon is that of the resistance, and there won't be a day when Lebanon will approve the punishment of Syria, politically or economically".

Source: Al Intiqad Online Newspaper, Translated and Edited by team