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Qassem: US Accusation against Iran to Distort Its Image, Gov’t to Vote Controversial Topics

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The Deputy Secretary General of Hizbullah His Eminence Sheikh Naim Qassem viewed that "Mikati's government was formed through a popular will, without any foreign settlements or pressure."

"Since the government was formed of a parliamentary majority which includes parties of different views and convictions, it is natural that its ministers do not agree on all issues," his eminence explained.

Criticizing rival politicians for jumping to conclusions as soon as differences in opinions occur between lawmakers, he also announced that "the government's fraction agreed that we would discuss everything freely inside the government and
every party has its own opinion."

"But in terms of complicated, difficult matters, if we do not reach a consensus, then voting should take place," Qassem added.

Stressing the importance of the equation "the army, people, and resistance" equation which was stipulated in the policy statement, he also explained that "this equation was announced with the government of former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora and continued with Saad Hariri's government, which means that it is a point of consensus for all the Lebanese people."

On the US false claims against Iran, his eminence pointed out that "the US accusation that Iran planned to assassinate the Saudi envoy in Washington aims to distort Iran's image in the Arab and Muslim world."

"The US is accusing Iran because it represents an obstacle to US schemes in the region," Qassem acknowledged.

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