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Hizbullah Denounces UN Report on Zionist Attack on Freedom Flotilla, Stance on Gaza Siege

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Local Editor

Commenting on the report issued by the UN on the Zionist attack on the freedom flotilla as well as its stance on the Gaza Siege, Hizbullah issued the following statement:

The UN did not provide anything new through its report regarding the Zionist aggression on the freedom flotilla, on which nine Turkish were martyred. We were not surprised by the content of this report, which rudely justified and legitimized the siege on the Gaza Strip, as the UN had no previous actual convictions issued against the Zionist crimes.
Also, the international organization does not usually follow up any of its resolutions against "Israel", if issued any. This, assures for the thousandth time that these organizations are biased to the enemy, and does not at all intend to give any rights neither to the countries of the region, the governments of the region, nor to their peoples.

Hizbullah strongly denounces the content of the report, and sees that all states should realize that the major and actual interest is that the regional countries should take the initiative to solve their own problems, without resorting to international bodies and organizations, which have become a permanent platform that serves "Israel", and sees nothing in the region but "Israel" and its interests.

Source: Hzibullah Media Relations