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Hizbullah Lashes Out Bellemare’s Statement: Bellemare Could Not Deny any of the Solid Facts

Hizbullah Lashes Out Bellemare’s Statement: Bellemare Could Not Deny any of the Solid Facts
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Local Editor

Commenting on the statement issued by the STL Prosecutor Daniel Bellemare (which came in response to the televised speech of Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on June 2), Hizbullah issued the following statement:

We were not surprised by the prosecutor's response to the compelling evidences submitted by his eminence Sayyed Nasrallah about the major gaps affect the credibility of this Court and its staff.

This reply comes as Bellemare's statement has been generally formulated, without touching any of the presented evidences, where the STL prosecutor couldn't deny any of the solid facts cited by his eminence Hizbullah Secretary General.

The following is a quick review to several points of failure committed by Bellemare in clarifying the STL stance:

- Working personally to resolve the false witnesses issue and Mohammad Zoheir al-Siddiq's situation with the Interpol.

- Refusing to investigate the subject of a possible "Israeli" involvement in the assassination.

- Bellemare ignored the four officers' imprisonment and the injustice they have suffered for years without getting the necessary moral compensation.

- Bellemare didn't deny the computers which had been transferred through the occupied Palestine, which raises big questions.

- Bellemare ignored the collaborators who fled away, and who were present at the assassination theatre, of whom Ghassan al-Jedd at least was identified.

- Bellemare omitted mentioning the CIA agent Robert Baer along with his role in the investigation and in Court; as well as other investigators of the intelligence services, who are waging hostility openly to the Resistance.

Bellemare's silence on these issues reveals the size of the erosion affecting the credibility of Court, and the weakness that hits its moral basis.

As for speaking on the full commitment to the highest international standards, we believe it does not fool a sane; only if the international standards that Bellemare is talking about are those that legitimate the logic of jungle, and shade the justice by the right of force, not by the force of right.