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CIA in the Trap

CIA in the Trap
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By Mariam Ali 

By definition, Diplomacy is the art and practice of conducting negotiations CIA in the Trapbetween representatives of groups or states. However, the US embassy in Lebanon violated customs and altered the definition to turn its job towards a more interesting Intelligence performance.

This time the scene was different, the American "intelligent "intelligence fell into the trap of the Islamic Resistance Security System.

Revealing the resistance's achievement in uncovering the CIA's recruitment, the Secretary General of Hizbullah, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah highlighted that the US intelligence officials have been wandering throughout Lebanon under the title of US diplomats, which sheds light that the US Embassy in Awkar is indeed a warren for recruitment and espionage.

As expected, the US embassy denied.

US Afraid

"The U.S. Embassy denial of the Islamic resistance's revelation of a spy network working for the CIA is a traditional fact. There is no state in the world that admits espionage." Coordinator of the Safety net for Research and Strategic Studies Anis Nakash said.
In an exclusive interview with, Nakash explained that this denial has both political and security dimensions. "US is afraid of the feedbacks of this incident. It also foreshadows the future fearing a certain clash link after Sayyed Nasrallah described the US embassy in Lebanon as a spy nest."

Espionage Secret Faces

It is not secret that all people working in politics know that Lebanon forms a catchy intelligence base.
"However, some members publicly introduce themselves as official representatives of CIA or the French or UK's Intelligence when meeting politicians, businessmen, bank managers, and security officials in sake of information." Nakash stressed.CIA in the Trap

Exposing that there are other nets than the CIA and FBI that carry espionage acts under the title of gathering information, the strategic coordinator uncovered that US Development Agencies, US NGOs (public diplomacy) that are related to US foreign embassy are seeking to attract various affecting young men and women, journalists, and intellectuals who affect the mass community.

"US intelligence establishes relations under the title of workshops, training sessions, and cultural visits to US. This is a new type of intelligence recruitment that is done in public. Hundreds of Lebanese citizens and activists have fallen in the trap of establishing relations in this way." Nakash confirms.

Giving the example of Egyptian marine's journalists who work under the guidelines of US NGOs, Nakash told our web site that there is also a public recruitment of whole parties in Egypt that were asked to visit the US to get political and financial support. "The intelligence recruitment doesn't stop at the point of collecting the security or military information but extends to collect economic, cultural, and political information."

US Embassy Intersecting Roles

Commenting on the US embassy's diplomatic -spying intersecting role, Nakash reminded of Wikileaks Cables that revealed how Lebanese politicians, journalists, and traders meet with US security members to provide them with information and advices concerning the resistance.
CIA in the Trap"During May 2008 incidents, the intersection between the diplomatic and intelligence actions of US embassy is so clear," Nakash emphasized pointing out that "when security information falls in the hands of Lebanese politicians who quickly leak it in certain Arab states and inform the US of it, they get the green light to take a decision and act against the resistance. Therefore, three major points intersect: security information, political decisions, and foreign interference."
He added: "small spies are also spread to apply intelligence services in this village or site. US Intelligence is even after senior security officials whom they train and spread in every cycle. They even try to recruit certain military and security officers for their sake."
Brigadier General Mustapha Hamdan has announced recently that in the period of heading the presidency's security, a military attaché in the US embassy tried to contact and recruit him.

US: Enemy or Friend?

"As a state, we have to determine whether the US is a friend or enemy. In addition to its political alliance and strategic security coordination with "Israel", there is American intelligence coordination with Tel Aviv. How can the US be a friend to us and our enemy at the same time?" Nakash asked.

Warning that the US has appointed certain Lebanese parties as well as "Israeli" forces to do direct actions on the ground including assassinations, Nakash advised the Lebanese society to perform the reversed security. "As we succeeded in uncovering the last espionage net, we have to monitor the US embassy actions parallel to spreading the security knowledge among our people so that the citizens become armed against appeals. Moreover, when punishment is performed it turns into a lesson for the whole nation."


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Praise be. . .

Praise be to the Resistance for their efforts in protecting Lebanon. Your efforts are truly sincere in helping the Lebanese people. The Resistance is the BEST!!!