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REPORT--Sayyed Nasrallah Confirms: 3 Spying Cases Within Hizbullah

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Nour Rida

Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah appeared through al-Manar TV on Friday night to tackle four major issues, the newly formed government which has been dubbed by many as "Hizbullah government", the espionage rings uncovered in the Resistance body of which the media has been speaking, the "Israeli" maneuvers "Turning Point 5" that reached its peak on Wednesday, finally the situation in the Arab world, particularly Syria.

"I will speak about a number of topics I deem as important given their impact on our local and regional situations: The new government, the alleged "Israeli" spy network among Hizbullah's ranks, "Israel's" drill Turning Point 5 and the Arab situations, particularly the Syrian situation," His Eminence said.

The Government is 100% Pure Lebanese, Opposition Acting Out of Spite  

Hizbullah Secretary General assured, as said earlier Lebanese officials and as reiterated the Lebanese President Michel Suleiman that the Lebanese government that was formed by Prime Minister Najib Mikati is 100% Lebanese and that there has been no foreign intervention.
"I stress that PM Miqati's government was purely made in Lebanon and foreign pressures were impeding its formation," Sayyed Nasrallah said, explaining "The delay that happened was caused by domestic and foreign complications, which can be overcome if there is a will."

Sayyed Nasrallah said that those criticizing the formation of the cabinet are acting spitefully, given that the brothers in Syria had an interest in forming a new cabinet since the very beginning and they were not behind any delay or obstruction, and the same can be said about the brothers in Iran.

Also, among the wrong bets made by the March 14 camp, Sayyed Nasrallah said is "the belief that the new majority was incapable of forming a cabinet and that PM Miqati would apologize." His Eminence added that the other issue is March 14's remarks that are addressed to the international community which believes it is Hizbullah's government. "I want to tell them that we're not annoyed, we're proud that this government is being called like that, but the truth is different," Hizbullah leader assured.
His Eminence clarified "Hizbullah has two ministers in this cabinet and the rest are our friends whom we respect." He stressed that this cabinet is a broad national coalition cabinet, reiterating that the resistance is keen to work with the rest "as one team".

"Insistence on labeling it as Hizbullah's government is aimed at inciting domestic and sectarian tensions to give the impression that Shiite Hizbullah is dominating it, and this is an attempt to provoke the other parties, but the other camp has failed in its bid," Sayyed Nasrallah assured.
Sayyed Nasrallah, addressing the March 14 Camp said, "You are harming Lebanon and its people when you incite the international community and stir political tensions. Inciting the world against Lebanon harms the country and its people, not Hizbullah, because we don't have any companies abroad, and even in Lebanon we don't have any invested in any projects and we don't have any bank accounts." He further explained that the other team has been bidding on foreign wagers, the "Israeli" war on Lebanon, the international developments, and today on the toppling of the Syrian Regime. But Sayyed Nasrallah assured that all their bids and wagers are doomed to failure.

Ministerial Statement to Be Concluded Without Obstacles

As for the ministerial statement, Sayyed Nasrallah said it will be accomplished soon hopefully and it will overpass all obstacles. "The ministerial Policy Statement will be finalized, the cabinet will gain the parliament's confidence and there won't be any problems," His Eminence pointed out.
Sayyed Nasrallah commenting on Speaker Nabih Berri's compromise when he gave up a portfolio for the sake of forming a government said that "Berri's step is appreciated and it had totally facilitated the formation of the cabinet."
The Resistance leader then called on the different officials to join efforts in order to solve people's woes and improve their life. "I call on everyone to cooperate and close ranks in the service of our country, also let us not be dragged into debates they want to exhaust us with."

3 Hizbullah Members Recruited: "Israel" failed to infiltrate Hizbullah, Recruited CIA Still Failed

Reports about the presence of an "Israeli' spy network inside Hizbullah prevailed over news sources, and rumors have been circulating among people. On this matter, Sayyed Nasrallah said that this topic is very sensitive, adding "We are keen on our transparency and credibility, and worried for the supporters of the Resistance and for all those who built their hopes on it in Lebanon and the Arab world." He added that "out of respect to people, and care for the Resistance's credibility, it is normal for us to provide them with all the facts, especially amid the many rumors.

Sayyed Nasrallah in a flashback to Last year's speeches, reminded "Last year, I had said on more than one occasion that we are immune against "Israeli" infiltration and that we have an anti-espionage unit, and several of the brothers who were accused of espionage last year turned out to be totally innocent. But the new case is different."

His Eminence gave details on the three Hizbullah members who have been identified as contacting foreign sides. Identifying them with their initial out of respect for the privacy of their families , A.B., M.H. and A.H. respectively, Hizbullah SG said "Two Hizbullah members have confessed to working for the CIA and a third is still under interrogation. When the "Israeli" enemy failed to infiltrate Hizbullah, it turned to the most powerful intelligence agency."
He continued "Our investigation has found that intelligence officers (in the CIA) have recruited two of our members separately."

Sayyed Nasrallah assured that the number of members recruited by the intelligence is only three, reiterating "Hereupon, the number is three, and if it were more we would have said as we have the courage to say the truth." On this note, Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out that rumors in Arab media outlets have been speaking about more than 100 spies, which is nothing but rumors. His Eminence also noted that the three cases do not include any of the frontline leaders or religious scholars, contrary to the rumors spread. He also reiterated that none of these are close to him or to the sensitive security centers, nor do they posses sensitive data that can harm the resistance or are related to the assassination of Martyr Imad Moghnieh or the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

Hizbullah SG reiterated that the Resistance is before a real achievement as the CIA for the first time faces such failure, which makes the Resistance only more confident and immune. His Eminence highlighted that the US intelligence officials have been wandering throughout Lebanon as under the title of US diplomats, which sheds light that the US Embassy in Awkar is indeed a warren for recruitment and espionage.

Hizbullah leader warned from falling into the trap of psychological warfare, "As our enemies aim at nailing the Resistance and its people. We must know that we have entered a new phase as we assumed we are in a new security confrontation with the "Israeli" enemy, but we did not miss the US intelligence." He reiterated that "We are now before a new phase of security intelligence war, and that we should be aware the resistance is a target to US intelligence as well as to some Arab countries' intelligence, just like it is targeted by the Mossad."

Sayyed Nasrallah appeased people, noting "We will fortify our immunity more than any other time; we will abort any US se
curity attempt, and the resistance will remain to be immune, steely, and capable of achieving victories."

Turning Points 1 to 5: A Result of "Israeli" 2006 Defeat

Turning Point 5, as it implies, is the fifth military drill the "Israeli" enemy executes since its defeat against the Resistance in 2006. Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Nasrallah assured that the ‘Israeli" maneuvers dubbed ‘Turning Point 5' is a result to a change in the security and military creed of the "Israelis", noting it included all the Occupied Palestine this year.

"All the ‘Israeli' maneuvers are a result of its defeat and the Resistance's victory in 2006," Sayyed Nasrallah said explaining "Israel has taken a decisive decision that the internal front has become part of any coming war. Before the July war, the internal front was always protected, but now the Resistance has urged "Israel" to think a thousand times before deciding to go to war." His Eminence pointed out that "the maneuvers are an acknowledgment from ‘Israel" that it has totally become threatened and exposed to missiles and operations on land. The enemy has lost the ability to militarily protect its internal front." The Resistance leader added that the overall maneuvers are addressed to 4 sides they see as threat: Iran, Syria, the Resistance in Lebanon and the Resistance in Palestine.

His Eminence considered that "the maneuvers' aim is defense and protection, particularly because a real resistance exists in the region today." But Sayyed Nasrallah assured that we should always be aware that "Israel" constantly plans to launch wars in the region, as historically proven, it was the one to start wars every time it needed a change in the region. "We should not forget "Israel's" aggressive nature," His Eminence reiterated.

Syria: A Regime  of Resistance, Defiance
Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah noted that "many of the Arab and Muslim peoples are sympathetic with the resistance and support it, but what happens in our Arab and Islamic world sometimes negative and bad, as there are those who conspire against the resistance in the Gaza Strip and besieges it whether financially or politically." His Eminence added "Same is the case to the Resistance movement in Lebanon, as hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent to tarnish its image."

Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out that "Iran constitutes a real threat to "Israel", while some in the Arab and Islamic worlds aim at picturing it as ‘devilish' in order to serve "Israel" and defend its interests."

Hizbullah Leader said that despite differences in opinion on Syria, as others have the right to differ with Hizbullah's opinion, he noted "The Syrian regime is the only regime of resistance and defiance in the region and since the very beginning until now the alliances of this regime and its strategy, which harmonizes with the aspirations of people in this nation, enabled it of defeating all the anti-Resistance schemes. The Syrian regime, by allying with Iran and other resistance movements in the region has been able to foil one of the most dangerous US-"Israeli" schemes that aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause and totally control our country."

Sayyed Nasrallah went on to say "President Assad decreed two general amnesties and launched reforms despite the armed rebellion and still they (the West) were not satisfied. This while hundreds of wounded and martyrs fell in Bahrain and thousands were detained, opposition leaders sentence to life-time terms yet not even one of them held a single knife."
Hizbullah Secretary General said that no matter what President Assad does, he will not be accepted whether by Syrian opposition or on the international level. Sayyed Nasrallah concluded reiterating that the government is serious, and that the Resistance will only present more victories, to the people and the Ummah.