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Berri: Syria is Lebanon’s Gate to the East

Berri: Syria is Lebanon’s Gate to the East
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Local Editor

An-Nahar newspaper, reported that the Lebanese House Speaker Nabih Berri said "the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions are still under examination," expressing his admiration "for what the Egyptian youth did in the streets of Cairo and Alexandria, and the way they presented a sublime face of revolutions."

During a meeting with the Personal Representative of the President of the French Organization of the Francophone, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Berri explained "how the Americans are trying to accommodate these revolutions, to surround them, and how they are working to delay them or to oppress them in countries that they feel comfortable to their policies," noting that "this isn't the case in Syria, for example".

"The Americans want only the picture of the reform path through their quotes about the individual's freedom and the application of democracy", Berri stressed.

According to the newspaper, Berri warned of America's investment of what is happening in Egypt especially that the citizens in this country haven't yet received the desired results of this revolution.

For his part, Raffarin asked Berri about the Syrian situation and the latter answered that his position from Syria is well known and can't be misinterpreted, pointing that " Lebanon's stand along with the Syrian regime is in Lebanon's interests before anything else, and that the alternative to the regime in Damascus is well known."

Finally, Berri warned Raffarin "Of the sectarian mosaic in Syria for if it is broken in the absence of the current system, similar to what happened in Lebanon, the situation would differ from that in the Lebanese capital that has rules and balances that save this mosaic, in contrast to Damascus, and you have to know that if France is Lebanon's Port to the west, Syria is the gateway to the East."