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Hizbullah Rejects Claims of Bahraini Foreign Minister

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Local Editor

Commenting on the recent statements of Bahrain's Foreign Minister in which he accuses Hizbullah of training Bahrainis to participate in the latest protests, in addition to other accusations, Hizbullah issued the following statement:

First: WE expressed our political stance on the Bahrain events through Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. We heard many responses to that, as well as numerous accusations, but preferred not to engage in a media and political battle with Bahraini officials. Therefore, we did not comment on the false accusations they mentioned nor on the unjust judgments they issued against Hizbullah. We further considered all that as the natural price we had to pay for saying that truth that should be said.

Second: As for the accusation of training (the protestors) and the attempt of giving the events in Bahrain a military or security dimension, it is intolerable and should not be faced with silence, as it aims at harming the pacific nature of the popular movement (in Bahrain), hence it is a must that we assure the following:

a- None of our Bahraini brethrens has asked for military or security training at all, and we in our turn did not conduct any sort of training of such type to anyone in Bahrain, anything else said is only untrue and fabricated.

b- No Hizbullah officials or Lebanese personals exist in Bahrain; also Hizbullah has no cells of Bahrainis or other nationalities in Bahrain.

c- We proudly say that what we present is political and moral support to the people, just like the case is concerning the Arab revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen. This is a legitimate right and a duty that many of the countries, governments, political parties, scholars, and associations perform in numerous places around the world.

Finally, we in Hizbullah renew our condemnation to the arbitrary and repressive procedures the Bahraini government practices against its people. We call for an immediate stop of such actions, and an honest response to the natural and legitimate demands of the oppressed people.